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Thursday 4th June, Good Morning P2 – From Mrs Brockbank

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Primary 2

Mrs Brockbank here again. I am really enjoying being your teacher and I hope you are enjoying the learning activities. Let me know what you think so let’s get going with today’s learning activities.

Activity 1- Maths.

Can you remember away back on the 14th of May I asked you to collect 20 daisies. You then used them to make addition and subtraction sums. Can you pick another 20. Now we are going to think about some special numbers. “Odd” and  “Even” numbers. Let’s start with 0 and add 2 the answer is 2 now add 2 more making 4, now add 2 more making 6. Keep adding 2 until you get to 20. These numbers are all even numbers-2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18, and finally 20. So what numbers are odd numbers. Yes, well done! 1,3,5,7,……… Can you carry on up to 21.

Now write the even numbers in red up to 20 and the odd numbers in blue up to 21(you can go higher if you want) Make a pattern on your page with the numbers.


Activity 2-Language.

Have you been out for a walk recently? What have you noticed. List 8 things you have noticed and list them ,can you think of 4 nice things and 4 things which are spoiling you environment. Choose 1 of the nasty things and draw a picture and write a bit about how you think this could be made better. It is okay to get someone to help you. You might want to go on another walk to look again before you start.


Activity 3-Outdoor Learning.Using natural objects, can you make different 2D-shapes?  Can you use stones to make a circle and make a triangle with twigs. What could you use to make a square and a rectangle. Can you think of another shape you could make with natural objects.


Activity 4- Health and Well being.

Well let’s make use of the good weather. If you can, go outside and take 5 objects that you could use as markers and spread them out. First of all run 5 times from a starting position in and out of the markers. Now repeat that, this time skipping, then hopping and lastly jumping but I like to call it bouncing because I am a big Winnie the Pooh fan.  (What character in Winnie the Pooh bounces?). Now if you have a ball put it between your legs and travel round the markers 5 times, then put the ball at your feet and dribble it in and out of the markers. Repeat that 5 times. If you like you can get someone to time you but it does not matter if you can’t you could always count yourself.

Well that is all from me today. Go and have a wee drink and a snack. See you soon from Mrs Brockbank

One Comment

  1. Hi Mrs Brockbank! Rhys really enjoyed the odd and even number task. We found a game which he really enjoyed and helped him practice.

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