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Tuesday 2.6.20 – Primary 1


Good morning Primary 1 – I hope that you enjoyed the good weather yesterday and had lots of time outdoors!

Here are your learning tasks for today:

Literacy:   Writing – The Snail and the Whale

Here is a story that we have read lots of times in our class.  If you have a copy of the book you could follow along with the words and pictures.  If not, please watch the clip and complete one of the tasks below.

Writing task 1 – Snail adventures

The snail and whale visited lots of exciting places and saw some wonderful things – icebergs, caves under waves and storms.  At the end of the story lots of snails climbed onto the whale’s tail – where do you think they went next?  What adventures did they have?

Your tasks is to write a new adventure for the snails.  Where did they go?  Who did they meet?  What happened next?  Draw a picture and write some sentences in your home learning jotter.

Writing task 2 – Snail trail Writing

The snail saved the day by writing a message to the class.  If a snail wrote a message on our chalkboard what do you think it would write?  Would he also leave a picture?  Draw a picture and write the message in your home learning jotter.

Challenge – Write your own snail message.  You will need dark paper and glue in a squeezy bottle.  Write the message that the snail would leave for our class – remember to wait for the glue to dry!



We are going to continue to learn about comparing numbers – finding numbers bigger, smaller or the same.  Here is song to remind you:

Today’s tasks:   Below is the number range for you child to work within:

Triangles – Numbers to 0 – 10 (Challenge- to 15, then 20)

Circles – Numbers to 0 – 30 (Challenge – to 50 or beyond)

REMEMBER –       greater = bigger           lesser = smaller           equal = the same

Games to try – To play these games you will need a set of number cards or you could print these cards  0 – 50 cards

  • Comparing  – Lay out your number cards face down and take turns turning 2 over.  Which number is smaller/larger?  Do you know how much smaller/larger it is?  How do you know this?  This could also be done with sets of small loose parts if you prefer.
  • Guess the number – Ask you child to choose one card but not tell you the number.  Ask questions to find out the number “Is it smaller than 10?  Is it larger than 5”.   If you child needs more of a challenge you could ask other questions such “Is it an even number?”.  Try swapping roles to see if your child can guess the number.
  • Number line – ask your child to lay out the numbers in order and ask the following questions:

Find me a number smaller than…

Find me a number larger than…

Find me a number smaller than … but larger than  …

  • Equal to – make a set using loose parts, lego or cubes.  Lay the number cards face up and your child – “find me the number card equal to/the same as …”.  Can your child identify the correct numeral?

Written tasks

  • If you are able to print – download and try one of these worksheets




Or write 2 – 5 numbers in your child’s jotter and ask them to circle/colour the numbers smaller/larger


Interdisciplinary:  Continuing with the “Snail and the Whale” activities

Here is a drama activity all about the “Snail and the Whale” (parents/carers – it is about 20 minutes long and the children will need a small space to move).  Listen to the story and act out the movements:

Optional task: Can you act out the adventure that you wrote about the Snail and the Whale?

There is also a song about the “Snail and the Whale” that you can watch.  The people singing is the author of the story Julia Donaldson and her husband.

I hope you have a great day

Ms Payne


  1. Hi Ms Payne

    Hope you are well too and have been enjoying the sunshine. Yesterday I played in the paddling pool with Adam and got to have an ice-cream which was yummy. I’ve been spotting lots of spiders in my house since we’ve been learning about them but I’m less scared of them now, so we try to rescue them and put them outside.

    I love the Snail and the Whale story and have it at my house. I’m enjoying learning about snails now. Mummy is going to send you a picture of what my snail got up to on his adventure this morning! I’m going to do some reading now with mummy.

    This afternoon, I’m going to play with one of my friends that I’ve not seen in a while at Calderwood as it will hopefully be sunny again. We might take our bikes and a football.

    Hope you have a lovely day.

    Love Grace xx

  2. Hi Grace
    I am glad that you are enjoying the weather spending lots of time outside! Lucky you and Adam getting ice cream!
    I’m glad that you are not as scared of them – sometimes knowing how they help us makes them less scary! I loved seeing your adventure for your snail – I hope that it enjoyed Edinburgh Castle!
    See you soon

  3. Hi Ms Payne,

    I enjoyed doing the snail fact file yesterday and did it outside beside my snail friend Honey. She was in her plant pot and kept trying to slither on our table! I love snails and really like the silvery trail they make. I love picking them up in the garden and taking them to my snail hotel that I’ve made. Me and mum had fun making our snail glue message today and doing our snail story and doing all our numeracy tasks.
    I’m off to read a book to mum.

    Love Lily xxxxxxxxx💕

  4. Hi Lily
    I love snails too and have been collecting lots of empty snail shells on my walks with the dogs. I’m glad that you are enjoying learning about them and I’m going to suggest your snail hotel as one of our tasks for tomorrow! I can’t wait to see your snail glue message and snail story.
    See you soon.

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