Kirknewton Primary School

Friday 29.5.20 – Primary 1


Good morning Primary 1

Thank you for all the fantastic spiders, webs, drawings and fact files that I have received.  I have learned so many fascinating facts from you. Here are a few pictures of some of this wonderful work!

Here are your learning tasks for today:

Literacy:    Today is Free Writing Friday!

  • Remember to do some free writing in the back of your home learning jotter.
  1. Find a quiet space to sit and write comfortably and safely.
  2. Set a timer or music to listen to (15 minutes can often be too long for Primary 1 – I would recommend 8 – 10 minutes).
  3. Sit quietly – Listen to the music and draw what you would like.  It could be a picture of how you are feeling, something that you have learned about or that you are looking forward to.  Try to write some words or sentences about the picture that you have drawn.  Perhaps you could use this clip of a spider spinning her web as a timer!

Or if you would like to try something different:

  • Watch the clip below about a famous Scottish King- Robert the Bruce.  This is a very famous story called “Robert and the spider” and it teaches a very valuable lesson.

We have learned about “perseverance” in class – can you tell an adult or older sibling what you think it means?

It is very important to keep trying, even if we find things difficult!  Can you think of a time when you found something tricky but kept on trying and managed to do it?  Draw a picture in your jotter and write a sentence to tell me all about it!

Ms Payne – I found it quite tricky to learn to drive but I kept going to my lessons.  Eventually I managed and passed my test and I am so glad that I did!

Mathematics:  2D shape revision

A few weeks ago we learned about 2D shape and I noticed that Mrs Brockbank set your a 2D shape task this week too!  Let’s see if we can remember them all:

Here are some 2D spider shape activities:

  • Activity 1 – Make a 2D shape spider – Find 2D shapes around your house e.g circle – tin, rubber) and draw around them to make a spider.

OR print and count out the 2D shape spider task from Monday t-tp-1170-2d-shape-spider-picture-activity-sheets


  • This game is not linked to 2D shapes but I thought it was great.  It is very like the game Battleships so I have included a copy if would like to download and play it

Catch a spider game – grid references

Health and Wellbeing:

This story was sent to me by someone who is a bit sad that they can’t greet people with a hug at the moment.  I thought that I would share it with you:

I know that it’s a bit hard when you meet friends and people from school when out for a walk – maybe you could use some of the different ideas from the story the next time you meet someone you know.  I know that some of you have already sent letters and pictures to your friends.  Mrs Walkingshaw and I even got a picture sent through email that made us both very happy!

Have a lovely weekend and I hope to see you soon

Ms Payne



  1. Hi Ms Payne,

    I hope that you have a sunny day. I am really missing my friends and school and all the teachers. I miss you very much.
    I enjoyed doing my perseverance page.

    Love Lily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Lily
    I am enjoying playing in the garden with my dogs but it’s a bit too hot for them so we need to be in the shade. Well done for doing your perseverance page – It’s a very important skill to learn. I miss you very much too but will hopefully see you soon. It’s still great that we can talk through the blog and emails! I hope you have a lovely weekend – Ms Payne

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