Kirknewton Primary School

Tuesday,19th May 2020 P3


Good morning everyone. Here is your morning dance song, it has good actions ,so get into your dance space !


Sharing Some Learning

Here are some photos showing some work from some of you, how lovely!


Making bundles ,bunches, groups of ten or friendly numbers to add

I would like you to use any materials you can find to show your sums. The challenge is to show how to make friendly numbers to add using these concrete objects . You can use small stones , cereal grains ,small sticks. I have photos of how I have used concrete objects I found in my house to show some sums.The sum  is 21 + 19 . I showed it using my pebbles, then moved the 1 over from 21 to 19 to make 20 and also remain with 20 on the other, as you can see in my next photo , my new and easier sum is now 20 + 20. Can you do this practical work today, making friendly numbers to add!

20 +20


Can you do these sums using concrete objects as I did, take photos and show us how you get along. Be creative!

22 +  38                                                                   12  +    28


144 + 66                                                                  76  + 14



Can you today measure the length or height of as many things as you can in your house. Make an estimate first ,then measure. Today I want you to work out how many centimetres off your answer was ,by how many cm or metres did you miss the correct answer.  You can draw out a table like this.

Object                                Estimate                                          Measure                         Miss

length  of my phone        14 cm                                           16cm                                 2cm                                                    l

height kitchen table           1 m                                           1 m 10cm                            1ocm



Continue reading your books on Active Learn.  I have set out some Competitions for you this week on Sumdog, in Spelling and Grammar, so start off today.


I would like to hear about any knew things or activities you have learnt to do these past weeks. If it is something you are okay to share with us, please do, so we can see your Growth mindset in action and how your Life Long Learning is going!

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