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Tuesday 12.5.20 – Primary 1


/Good morning Primary 1. 

Thank you for all your messages, pictures and emails – it’s lovely to see all the wonderful things happening in our class.

Here are some of the wonderful drawing from our reading task yesterday:

Here are your learning tasks for today:


This week we will continue to learn the sound ee but focus on the words using “ea

This is a long sound and last week we learned about words using ee  – can you remember any words with this sound?

This week we will focus on words using “ea”.

  • Online – I have set up a phonics task for you on  Active Learn (BugClub).  This will allow you to learn the sound and practice making words.
  • Independent tasks – All – In your jotter write 5 ea words and draw pictures

Blue/Yellow – Try writing some sentences independently using your words.

Green – Try writing a sentence with some support from an adult.

– remember you capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Extension tasks –

  • How many rhyming words can you find for:

sea      real      teach

Online games

  • Print out these cards and match the pictures and words.  If you are unable to print you could make your own.

ea word and picture match

  • Use paper or stones to make your own ee/ea words – can you sort them into the correct group?

  • Here are some activities that you could print off or copy into your jotter.

ea worksheets

ea make and break

Numeracy:  Counting forward and numbers more than.

We are going to start with a warm up song – it goes a bit higher than we usually go but give it a try.

  • Starter activity:  count and clap
  1. Get a beat going – knees, clap, knees, clap.
  2. When you have a steady beat going, begin counting forward – knees, clap (0), knees, clap (1) – How high can you count?
  3. Challenge – can you count backwards – start at 10, then try 20.  Can you count back from 30 or more?
  • Main activity:  You will need a set of number digit cards.  Your could use the template provided  0 – 50 cards or make your own from paper or stones.

Circles – Numbers to 30.  If your child needs more challenge then try to 50 or 100.

Triangles – Numbers to 10.  If your child needs more challenge then try to 20.

  • Game 1 –   Making a number line

  1.  Mix the cards up and lay them out on the floor.
  2. Turn one card over – where do you think that number should on our number line?  Put it in the space.
  3. Repeat until you have put all the numbers in order from the smallest to the largest – did you put them in the correct space?
  4. Mix them up and try again but time yourself – what was your fastest time?  Can you beat your parent/carer/sibling?

  • Game 2 – Numbers 1, 2 and 3 more.
  1. Look at the number line – what number is one more than 5?  Encourage your child to locate and find on number line.
  2. What number is 2 or 3 more than 7?  Find and locate it.
  3. Can your child do this without looking at the number line?  Ask them to try and then let them check on the numberline.
  4. Challenge – Mix the cards up and lay them out face down.  Take turns turning a number over – ask your child what is 1,2 or 3 more than *?  Can they do this without the numberline support?

If your child is able focus on bridging 10s e.g. 3 more than 28, 2 more than 29.

  • Here are some online games to help you practice counting one or two more:


As Fairyland is nearly fixed I would really like to go and visit it!  Unfortunately we are not able to at this time so I thought it would be fun to pretend.  Here is picture of me “visiting Fairyland”.

Your task today:

If you could visit Fairyland what would happen?           What would you do? 

What would you wear?                 Who would you go and see?

For today’s task I would like you to answer the questions above and show me/tell me about your trip to Fairyland.  This could through a drawing a picture or a story or by dressing up and taking a photograph like me.  Here is some more inspiration below:


Finally, I was sent this story and thought it was fantastic.  I love the story and all the illustrations.  It’s all about feeling worried especially with all the different things happening just now.

It is available on OxfordOwl but here is a link if you would like to read the book yourself:

Or if you would like someone to read it to you:

I hope that you enjoyed it as much as me!  Have a lovely day.

Remember that tomorrow is Sports Day and Mrs Simpson has put lots of information on a separate blog post.  I will still check in tomorrow to see how you are getting on. See you soon x

Ms Payne


  1. i have been dooing lots of gams on sumdog. i am makeing strawberryglitterjelly

  2. Hi Charlotte
    I have seen that you are really busy on Sumdog. I have never had glittery jelly – I hope it tastes lovely.
    See you soon

  3. Hi Ms Payne,
    I have been really busy today making my own fairyland. I have my princess castle out and I’m wearing my Princess dress. If I went to fairyland I would have a picnic and visit smokey. What would you do?
    Love Lily
    PS I hope you are doing ok xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Lily
    I was also wearing my Princess dress in my picture – did you spot me? If I was in Fairyland I would go to visit the 3 pigs in their houses and ask a fairy if they could teach me to fly. I like the idea of having a picnic – I’m sure that Fairyland would have some delicious food!
    See you soon.

  5. Hello Ms. Payne and Primary 1, what wonderful learning you are all doing ! If I went to Fairyland I would have a barbecue and ask Smokey to light it for me ! I would then like to visit the 3 Billy goats gruff because I love goats.

  6. I love your Fairyland picture Ms Payne- magical! 🙂 If I went to Fairyland i’d like to live in a Gingerbread house- although Bruno the dog would eat it!!

  7. That sounds like a wonderful day Miss Hocking – Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hi Mrs Fairley
    I’m pretty sure that Bruno would too!

  9. I wish I could go to Fairly Land right now.

    I would wear a really sparkly dress and maybe glittery wellies.
    I would visit the palace and try to wake Sleeping Beauty, then we could be friends and go looking for Hansel and Gretel’s house. I would love to have a sleepover in there, imagine living in a house made from sweets!

    I love seeing all of P1’s wonderful Fairyland creations, keep up the magic P1!

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