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A Good morning P3! 30/04/2020


A very good morning everyone! I hope you are having a good and calm week so far. Here is our morning song to get you stretching out and ready for your learning.


Number Talks

We will continue with using Friendly /Benchmark numbers to Add and Subtract. The idea is to make one of the numbers a Friendly number and then go on to take away or add in tens or hundreds . I hope we can all add and subtract tens easily and some of you can also subtract hundreds and even thousands. You must be able to count in tens,hundreds and thousands. Here are videos to  help you.

Here are today’s sums

Addition              28  + 9                                                         56  +  67                                                           567   +   83


For Subtraction 96  –  48     make  48  a Friendly number

add 2 to both numbers

96 + 2  –  48 +2  now we have   98  –   50  ,

then we can count down in tens from 98, We need to count down 5 tens because 50 is 5 tens

which  88 , 78 , 68 , 58, 48 , so the answer 48

We can also use an open Number line which you can draw or even  visualise it in your head! Watch this video

Now do these

67  – 9                                                           74   –   45                                               708  –   506  ( you can use different strategies for this one

54   –   6                                                         96  –  78                                                 895 –  793  share/ talk about  your strategies



There is still a few of you do the Assessment on Sumdog. I hope you are all able to do it today


Thank you to all who have sent their First Minister’s Reading Challenge Reports to me.

This  is your final day of learning your Spelling words. Tomorrow you will ask someone in your family to help by calling out the words to you and write you them down. This will help you to see if you have learnt them correctly.

You have a Grammar Competition I have set out for you on Sumdog. I can see those who leading right now,well done!

I hope you are reading the books assigned to you on Active Learn. Make sure you complete reading them up to the end and do the exercises you are given.


Food Journeys

Yesterday we watched videos on A Virtual Farm Visit. Did you enjoy the visit? What interesting facts did you learn?  I am sure you have completed your Food flow chart showing all the steps of one food you chose to write about. I would be happy to see your flow chart.


Here is a link  to Make A Difference Assembly and also a story for you  to watch  separately.

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