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Thursday 23.4.20 – Primary 1


Good morning Primary 1!

Thank you again for all your lovely emails, pictures and messages.  I have really enjoyed seeing  and hearing about your Easter and Gingerbread man activities.  It really brightens up my day – please keep them coming if you are able to!

Here are your learning activities for today:

Numeracy – Doubles Plus One:

We have been learning about doubles to 10.  You can practice this below and if you would like a challenge, you could try your doubles to 10 (you might need an extra set of hands!)

Knowing your doubles will help you to add and subtract, count and recognise numbers.  Here are some tasks that you can try at home.

  • Ask an adult to ask you some doubles and near double questions.  For example

Put your hands on your head. Show me double 2 on your fingers. What does 2 and 2 make? Put up one more finger on one hand. What do you have now? What does 2 and 3 make?

Now show me double 3. What does 3 and 3 make? Put up one more finger. What do you have now? What does 3 and 4 make?

Try this for different questions – can double any bigger numbers e.g. 100 + 100?  Do you notice anything?

Here are some suggestions for activities for you to try at home – Please remember that you do not need to do all activities:

  • Make another set of hands to help you with doubles larger than 10.  All you need is an old set of gloves (preferably plastic) and something to fill them with – sand, water, playdough.  You can also then use these for counting or finger patterns.

  • Try one of these printable worksheets or (if you are unable to print at home) write some doubles and near doubles sums in your home learning jotter.

doubles + 1

  • Try these online double games:

– also good for counting in 2’s

  • Make your own doubles board game.  Use the template provided or  create your own in your jotter.


Literacy:  This week we are learning about the sounds sh, ch and th words

Suggested Activities – Please do not try to do all these tasks!  I have tried to provide a variety of written and active tasks – just do what you can!

Here are some th words that you could use (or can you think of your own):

th-e     th-i-n     th-i-ck     b-a-th     w-i-th     th-a-t     

th-i-nk     th-e-m     th-e-n     m-o-th     t-ee-th     th-i-s

  • Th hunt – can you find any th words in your house?
  • Complete an activity from your spelling/phonics wall (in your learning pack)
  • Look, Cover, Write, Check – Select some words – look at it,cover it up, write it, then check to see if you are right!
  • Dictation – Please see activities below relating to your child’s literacy group:

Blue/Yellow groups – Ask an adult to tell you a th sentence:

e.g. I think I will go with them.

Can you write the sentence, remembering your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops?

Green Group – Ask an adult to say some th words – can you write them down by yourself?

Purple Group – Ask an adult to say a sound that we have learned – can you write the sound?  Use your sound cards to build some simple words together (h-a-t, p-a-t, s-a-t)

Health and Wellbeing – PE:

Have a dance to one of our favourite GoNoodle songs – Cookie Boogie:

I know that you have been learning about Yoga with Miss Hocking.  Here are some Gingerbread men trying out the Yoga poses.

Could you try out some of these poses?

Extra task:  Read or listen to the story of the Gingerbread Man and see where you think these poses might fit it to help to tell the story.


I have loved seeing your Gingerbread men and some of the expressions that you have put on their faces.

Since I have been away from school I have been experiencing lots of different emotions – I know that some of you will have to!  A good way to deal with these emotions is to talk about them and express how you are feeling.

Here is an activity where you can choose an emotion for your gingerbread man:

  1.  You can print off the template provided (Gingerbread-man-Emotions) Or draw a picture of a gingerbread man in your jotter and use loose parts to create how your gingerbread man feels.
  2. Write a sentence to tell me about your Gingerbread man and why he/she feels like that?

I also have a link to a message sent from Mrs Bird our literacy co-coordinator.  Please read with an adult.

Pupil Literacy Journey – Mrs Bird

And finally here is a link to our whole school assembly with Mrs Murphy:

Have fun and keep safe

See you soon

Ms Payne

A message in reply for Lizzie – I am glad that you are able keep in touch with your friends in fairy form.  Although I am a grown up I also have a fairy form but I have not been to the Kirknewton woods in my fairy form yet as it is quite far away from my house.  However if you we both go to the edges of our woods we could wave to each other from there!  I will hopefully see you soon!



  1. Hi Ms Payne

    Hope you are well today and enjoying the sunshine. I was doing some GoNoodle and Joe Wicks this morning to get my body moving and Adam joined in too which was funny.

    I’ve been hunting for “th” words around the house and it’s quite tricky but I’ve found a few.

    Mummy is struggling to get sound on the bug club assessments but she says she’ll keep trying but that’s why we’ve not done it yet.

    Hope your dogs and Brian are enjoying having you at home lots.

    Miss you, love Grace x

  2. Hi Grace
    I’m so glad that you are enjoying the sunshine – I have been out in my garden with the dogs and even Brian has been out for a bit. She loves eating the grass and dandelion leaves!
    Well done for finding some “th” words – it is a tricky sound to find! Don’t worry about completing all the bug club tasks – I can see that you have been learning in lots of different ways and love seeing the pictures that you send me and reading your emails (your gingerbread men look so tasty!).
    Well done for doing the Joe Wicks activity – if you would like a wee change I will be putting one of our very active GoNoodle songs on tomorrows blog – You could teach Adam and your parents how to do it!
    See you soon!

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