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Monday 23.3.20 Primary 1


Good Morning Primary 1

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I hope that you had a lovely weekend – if you have time you could tell me about it in the comments.  This weekend I went for some very quiet walks with my dogs.  They were very well behaved and found lots of sticks!  If you would like to, you could tell me about them in the comments below!

Here are some tasks for you today:


  • Try to log onto BugClub (Pearson ActiveLearn) online (please see information in your learning pack) and choose a book.
  • Work through the tasks on the first and last pages with someone (if possible)  and try to read the book.  Remember that you can listen to the story independently too!
  • In your home learning jotter draw a picture of your favourite part of the book or something that you have learned and write a sentence (Blue/Yellow- independently, Purple/Green – ask an adult if possible!)

Numeracy and Mathematics

  • Choose a numeracy activity from you pack to complete independently.
  • Use loose parts (bottle tops/buttons/counters/etc)  to make numbers and subitize to 10 (triangles) and numbers to 20 (circles)

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This morning I received a very special email:   Image result for dragon silhouette

Email from Smokey

Here are some sequencing pictures and a powerpoint of the story to help you tell the story (or you could use your own if you want).

Blue and yellow literacy groups – try to write sentences to go with the pictures.


If you would like to help remember to take some pictures and put them in your home learning jotters.

Have fun Primary 1 – it is very strange here without you.

Take care and keep safe x

Ms Payne and Mrs Walkingshaw




  1. Hi Ms Payne & Mrs Walkingshaw,

    Thank you for your message, I am looking forward to doing some of these tasks.

    I had a nice weekend and collected some sticks on a walk too.

    I am glad you are looking after baby bear and sparky Ms Payne.

    Love from Emma xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Ms Payne, today we did PE with Joe this morning and my mum was very tired! We have sat down and done some sumdog, word purse an activity out of the activity book and at the moment I am doing a word search then I will pick a book. I miss you very much.X



  3. Hi Emma – I love a stick walk! I wonder what you could use them for! I’m glad that you are looking forward to these tasks – I can’t wait to see what you do.

    Hi Laura – Your poor mum – I hope that she’s not too tired now! I miss you all very much too but we’ll keep in touch here!

  4. Hi Ms Payne and Mrs Walkingshaw
    Sounds like you had a good weekend and we were excited to see your message.

    We were outside yesterday and planted some vegetable seeds- we did tomatoes, lettuce and peppers and planted some sunflowers and sweet pea seeds. We got lots of exercise in the morning going to the reservoir and having a family bike ride. It was good fun and we got to have our snack outside and Adam and I threw stones and sticks in the water.

    We have done our reading book this morning for ‘milk and story’ time, took the register to practice our writing and did Joe Wicks for our exercise instead of Go Noodle!

    We will now look at our numeracy task while Adam sleeps.

    Grace x

  5. Hi Miss Payne and Mrs Walkingshaw!

    I have a temporary school in my house and I have named it “Roma Primary School”.

    Over the weekend we went for long walks and I took my scooter, we had lots of fun in the fresh air!

    Today we have completed some literacy challenges, written a story called “Scratchy and Sharpie”, had some fun on Sumdog, and I will pick a book soon to read.

    Miss you both lots!

    Struan xxx

  6. Hi Grace

    I cannot wait to see all the plants that you will grow – Sunflowers are my (and my mum’s) favourite flowers! I’m glad that you took part in the Joe Wicks workouts – its really good to keep active. I miss you too but will see you soon x

    Hi Struan

    Your new school “Roma Primary School” sounds fantastic and I cannot wait to hear more about it! Your story has a wonderful title – perhaps you could tell me more about it soon x

  7. Hi Ms Payne & Mrs Walkingshaw,

    It is really nice to see your message today as I am missing school and my friends.

    This morning mummy and I did PE with Joe Wicks, I got tired so had a rest half way through. I also read ‘A Big Win’ which was fun. When I was writing ‘g’ I made a mistake and got upset, mummy told me it was okay, so you will see it has two tails as mummy tried to fix it.

    It’s mummy’s birthday today so I helped her open her presents and we are going to have some birthday cake, mummy said she is going to have prosecco 🙂

  8. Hello Ms Payne and Mrs Walkingshaw, I walked our dog Charlie this weekend and talked to my family on a computer screen – even Auntie Em in London!

    I miss you both, love Lizzie

  9. Hi Ms Payne and Mrs Walkingshaw

    I had a fun weekend sleeping in a tent in the house with my sisters!

    This morning, I did PE with Joe Wicks – I did the hard exercises and my mum did the easy parts! Then I did the Fairtrade wordsearch and some maths from the home pack. I’m going to choose a story now.

    Missing you.

    Love Martha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Hi Ms Payne & Mrs Walkinshaw,

    I have enjoyed doing Bug Club and have a full library of 10 books! Today we also did the Joe Wicks exercise class, made a banana cake, did one of the numeracy exercises and did some drawing with my daddy.

    I hope you enjoyed your walk with you dogs. I miss you both.

    Speak soon,

  11. Dear Ms Payne,
    My weekend was great! We has lots of fun on Mother’s Day and we spent our time planting some soil in my fairy garden. We played dressing up and I dressed up as a dancer. It was great fun.
    Me and mum are going to build a tower for rupunzel so we will send you a picture of it. I hope smokey is not too lonely without us in class.
    Talk to you soon on the school blog.
    Love lily

  12. Hi Ms Payne and Mrs Walkingshaw

    I had a fun weekend sleeping in a tent in the house with my sisters!

    I did the Joe Wicks workout this morning and read a book on Bug Club. I enjoyed my mum reading the Rapunzel story to me.

    I liked getting a message from you today because I am missing school already!

    Love from Martha xxxxxxx

  13. Hi Martha
    Sleeping in a tent! That sounds very exciting – did you get a good sleep?
    Good for you doing your Joe Wicks workout and keeping active! I’m glad that you liked reading Rapunzel – have you heard the story before? Is it the same or different?
    I miss you all very much as well!

  14. Hi Lily
    I would love to see some pictures of your fairy garden – did you put your beanstalk in it? I cannot wait to see your tower and I’m glad that you are keeping yourself busy. Don’t worry about Smokey – he has been visiting Baby Bear and Sparky. See you soon.

  15. Hi Charlotte
    Banana cake – that sounds delicious! Have you got a recipe that you could share? I’m glad that you are enjoying the tasks that I have set but also taking some free play time to do some drawing. I’m sure that you have done some wonderful pictures with your daddy! We miss you too but will see you soon.

  16. Hi Lizzie
    I’m glad that you have managed to take your dog out – its important for them and us to keep active! I am so glad that you got to talk to your family on the computer. My family, friends and I all joined together on the phone to celebrate my friend Dhruv’s birthday (he is 3!) and we sang “Happy Birthday” to him. Speak to you soon.

  17. Hello Myla (I did reply to your message but I’m not sure that it worked so I’ll send it again!)

    Mrs Walkingshaw and I have been missing you all too. I’m glad you like “A Big Win”. Don’t worry about making mistakes – Just remember how many mistakes I have made when forming my letters. Making mistakes helps us to learn!
    I hope that your mummy enjoyed her birthday and that your cake (and mummy’s prosecco )was delicious!

  18. Hi Ms Payne

    I hope you’re well.
    My sister, brother and me have been enjoying home school tasks and doing lots of art. We designed a timetable To keep us busy.
    Later on we will go on a woodland walk.
    It’s my birthday tomorrow so mummy will help me bake a cake!
    Miss school and all my friends, hope we are back soon!
    Love Anabelle xxxx

  19. Hello Anabelle
    I hope you had a happy birthday – You have been talking about it for weeks! How old are you – 26? 🙂 I’m sure that your cake was delicious – perhaps you could put a picture of it in your home learning book. I’m glad that your family are enjoying the home school tasks but still taking time to play – that is really important! See you soon.

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