Kirknewton Primary School

September 23, 2016
by Ms Anderson


Every week there will be a Class of the Week. Every time we come in from the playground we will get line points. The class with the highest total will be Class of the Week. When the weather is bad we will get points for how well we behave during indoor breaks.

w/e 2nd December – Primary 1

w/e 23rd November – Primary 4

w/e 9th November – Primary 5

w/e 4th November – Primary 3

w/e 14th October -Primary 2

w/e 30th September – Primary 7

w/e 23rd September – Primary 6


December 8, 2016
by Mrs Olsson
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Global Citizenship

On Thursday 1st December the Global Citizenship pupil group ran 4km to raise money for pandas. We are fundraising and will donate money to WWF to support these beautiful animals. Have a look the photos of our 4km run. Well done everyone inpc010276 pc010280 pc010284 pc010286 the Global Citizenship group!

December 7, 2016
by Ms Anderson
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Primary 6

It’s been a few weeks since we last blogged but we have definitely been working hard. We are enjoying learning about life in the Victorian times (this morning we have experienced what a Victorian prison was like – we definitely didn’t like it!). We have also started working on our samplers – sewing is much harder than it looks!

We are delighted to have been asked by Skoolbo to become ambassadors for the World Cup. We really enjoy using Skoolbo and are busy collecting points for Team GB (and Team SCO).

We have started a class Sway to document our learning journey. Everyone in the class is able to sign into Glow and add to our Sway. At the moment we only have a few images and pieces of text but we are working on adding more and more. We can use school devices (laptops/netbooks and iPads) to add to the Sway every day in school. If we have our own devices we can add to the Sway at home or in school.

In Maths we have been working on developing our Number Talks skills. This means that we are talking about calculations and different strategies that we can use to find an answer. We finds lots of different ways but agree that we are really looking for the most efficient way.

December 4, 2016
by Ms Payne

Nursery WB: 28.11.16


This week we have had a very exciting week.  On Monday we had a visit from Calum from Cool Creatures.  We learned lots of interesting facts and got to touch and/or hold a meerkat, an armadillo, a bearded dragon and a royal python.  Have a look at our SWAY to see all the pictures (password on the nursery wall).

We are coming to the end of our animal topic and have been very busy in the nursery.


Making animal patterns


Painting our favourite animals


Drawing animals on the smartboard


Making zoo’s and safari parks with the construction toys


Looking at the prints animals make in different materials


Adding different materials to the water tray to make it more like the animal homes – this week – ice

We have also been very busy outside.  We have been playing with the blocks this week making houses, towers and obstacle courses.

img_0383 img_0382 img_0386 img_0350 img_0353

We were very good at co-operating to build the obstacles and also showed how good we were at sharing resources and taking turns.

Christmas time has arrived and on Thursday we arrived at Nursery to find a very special advent calendar outside the Nursery.  Each day a class will open one of the hats to find out what is inside- we are really looking forward to seeing all the lovely knitted items.


Finally we were very excited when a parcel was delivered to the nursery on Thursday.


When we opened the box we saw it had a book, letter and an Elf inside it.

img_0359 img_0395


The letter told us that the Elf had come to visit us from the north pole.  We had to choose an name and decided on the name Toodles.  He has come to see all the good learning and behavior in our nursery.  The letter warned us that he can be a bit naughty so we need to keep an eye on him!

December 2, 2016
by wladele.cowie@glow

P4 2nd Dec

December is upon us and so the Christmas count down begins! Primary 4 have enjoyed more ukulele lessons and are beginning to remember the three different chords they have learned. This week we also wrote a letter of thanks to the Primary 2 class for their wonderful assembly and we have been finishing off some art and technology work. Next week we are going to investigate the water cycle and will take part in an experiment as part of this.

image7 image8 image6 image3 image4 image5 image2 image1 image

December 2, 2016
by Mrs Kedslie

Primary 7 – A Busy Week

Ben – We have been learning about rationing during WW2. We were given 60 clothing coupons to buy clothes to last us for a year. My clothing list:

1 raincoat – 11 coupons
1 blazer – 8 coupons
2 pairs of dungarees – 8 coupons
1 pair of gloves – 2 coupons
3 pairs of socks – 3 coupons
2 pairs of boots – 6 coupons
2 pairs of pants – 4 coupons
1 pair of slippers – 2 coupons
2 pairs of trousers – 10 coupons
1 woolen shirt – 6 coupons
Total = 60 coupons

Kyle – We went to East Calder Library om Monday to renew our books. This helps with our reading challenge.

Clara – We played a maths game called Scoot to help us learn about perimeter.

December 2, 2016
by Miss Welsh

Primary 3 w.b. 28th November

This week in our Ancient Egyptian Topic we were learning more about Gods and Goddesses.  We drew one of the Gods or Goddesses trying really hard to get the head, arms, body and legs the right side.  We used paint to add colour to our drawings and tried really hard to paint in the same direction to make it smooth and neatly inside the lines.

img_0146 img_0147 img_0148

Thoth                                                     Ra                                                 Anubis

img_0149 img_0150 img_0151

Nut & Geb                                          Sekhemet                                                Isis

We continued to practice sharing our strategies in Number Talks.  Mrs Brown and Ms Anderson joined us this week while we spoke about different ways we could answer an adding question.  Primary 3 enjoy talking about numbers.  Here are a few comments made by the class:
Alastair – I really like Number Talks because it is fun to share ideas with others.
Luke – I quite like working together to get the answer.
Lewis S – I like thinking about which strategies to use to get the right number.

In P.E. with Mrs Smith this Week we continued to do Scottish Country Dancing.  We have been learning how to do the Square Dance, Royal Scotsman and Grand Old Duke of York.  We are nearly ready to do them at our party!

We have done lots of nativity practices and can’t wait to show you our hard work next week.

December 1, 2016
by Miss Hocking

Outdoor learning Pupil Group.


img_20161128_130123275_hdrThe PSA delivered 20 tyres for our loose play project.

“The tyres are amazing. You can roll them and they curve” Alistair P3

“They are fun and messy” Faith P2

“They are fun you could jump through them” Kyle P6

“You get to roll them down the hill” Danny P4

“They are fun, you can jump over them and sit in them” Nathan P6

“You can get loads of tyres and get inside them and roll around” TJ P6

“We can roll them and pile them up with your friends” Kaylenne P1

“We roll them down the steps” Jakub P3

“I saw lots of sharing and laughter. Children from all classes were exploring different ways to use the tyres.” Mrs Cockburn

“I saw problem solving and cooperation. The children are learning whilst having fun” Miss Hocking

The group voted for more tyres so that more children can play with them.


November 28, 2016
by Ms Payne
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Nursery WB: 21.11.16


This week we have continued our animal theme.

We thought of different ways to make animals in the nursery.



pb210283 pb210285

Junk Modelling

pb210286 pb210282


pb220318 pb220320


Please feel free come in the the nursery to see our gallery of models and pictures.

We also worked in our colour groups to sort animals.


Some of us then went back into the nursery and sorted animals on our own.


We were also very excited by the frosty weather.


We really enjoyed making marks on the frosty objects and exploring the different resources in the nursery garden and wooded area.

img_0122   img_0143


We found icicles and frozen spiders webs and frozen leaves all over the garden.


Some of the morning children found ice and decided to do an experiment.  They gathered lots of different containers, filled them with water and then hid them all over the garden.  They left them overnight and when we checked in the morning we had lots of different shaped ice cubes.


We also got to talk about our Nursery Rhyme learning.  We gave our ideas and made a SWAY of our learning.  You can view this by:

  1.  Looking the laptop in the nursery cloakroom              or
  2. Clicking on the link below and typing in the password (password on the nursery parents board)

November 25, 2016
by wlnaomi.handley@glow

P5 blog 25/11/2016

In primary 5 this week we finished our political campaigns which included posters and great speeches. The rest of the class voted and the winner was the Green Party with Maya Thomson as the candidate.  We came up with great policies including creating more jobs for local people, offering  more support in schools and helping the environment by encouraging the public to use bikes or scooters.

Our  Country Dancing is improving  and  we have learned some dances including the flying scotsman, the Canadian barn dance and the square dance. We are really enjoying it and all had big smiles on our faces.

We also enjoyed creating self-portraits for our school calendar.

We are continuing with our algebra topic and we have been working on learning about input, output and process from a function machine. One group even moved onto solving equations and finding the value of a letter within this.

Finally, were very lucky enough to have a visit from a parent who came in to class and did some science experiments with us. Have a look at our pictures. It was great fun and we learned lots about transforming solids, liquids and gases. We made our very own sherbet. It ended up being very messy but it was very fun!



img_00261 img_00251 img_00281 img_00351

November 25, 2016
by Miss Welsh

Primary 3 w.b. 21st November

Another very busy week in Primary 3 learning about Ancient Egypt.  We continued to practice some dance moves to Egyptian music and started to build up a dance routine.
We learned a little bit more about canopic jars by making our own 3D version.  We had to use our measuring skills, carefully draw the shape of the front and back, use neat colouring, cut out our shapes carefully and glue them to make a standing object.  We tried our best.  Here are a couple of pictures of canopic jars made by Sophie, Evan, Ruairidh, Sean, Brogan, Eve, Erin & Chloe E-R:

img_01441  img_01451

We also learned a little about Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.  Here are the names of some of the gods we remember:

  • Ra – god of the sun
  • Nut and Geb – gods of the sky and earth
  • Horus – god of the sky
  • Thoth
  • Osiris

We found the story of earthquakes happening because Geb was laughing quite funny.  We thought that it didn’t sound real!

The whole class have started to learn more about how to tell the time.  We have been using clock faces to make and read times.  We will keep practising this as it has been a tricky but important skill.

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