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May 21, 2017
by Ms Payne

Nursery WB: 15.5.17

This week we were very interested in what is inside our bodies:

Primary 4 let us borrow their model of the body.  We learned about our organs and how they help us:

Oliver – Our heart keeps us alive.

Luke – This is a lung, it helps you to breathe.

We talked about people who help us to keep healthy and Ailsa from the morning session suggested that we have a dentist role play area.  The children did a great job checking each others teeth and all made sure that they brushed their teeth carefully after snack!

We are also still very interesting in our faces and learned some French words.  Some of us also decided to make faces with our snacks.

We learned more about 2D shapes.  We talked about the different shapes that we could find in Nursery and about the properties of these shapes.

Some of us chose to paint around the shapes and made our own pictures using these shapes.

In our group time we learned about sorting and matching.  We used the compare bears to sort by colour and size.


We then tried sorting some tiny sequence into piles of our choice.

Sorting by colour

Sorting by shape “I like the love hearts”

The afternoon children have also been preparing for our Sports Day with Mrs Smith.  This week we were practising for the races.

Running race

Hopping with beanbag race

Pre-School sack race

Quoit balancing

We did a super job and the Nursery staff are looking forward to practising this with the morning children next week.

Finally we had a very interesting parcel delivered to the Nursery – inside it was some caterpillars

We are going to look after them and watch to see how they change.  We are hoping that if we take good care of them that we can see them turn into butterflies!

May 20, 2017
by Ms Anderson
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Primary 6 create digital art

This week we have been incredibly busy creating digital art. We have learned more about taking and editing images and how filters can be used to create art. We have also discussed the importance of photos and how they can help you to remember happy memories.

Owen’s tape

Luke’s rainforest

Ella’s yellow brick road

Faye’s photo of Eilidh summoning her broomstick

Faye’s photo of Mia flying

We have shared all our digital art on a whole school sway – which will be finished by the end of next week. We can’t wait to share it with you. Most of the hard work has and will be done by Alyssa, Cameron M, Beth and Emily! Beth has already uploaded 24 pieces of art (and earned herself 24 dojos!).

We have been busy with other learning too! We have finished writing stories for our buddies (shhhhh… Don’t tell them. We want it to be a surprise next week). We have also learned more about the rainforest, consolidating our knowledge of the rainforest layers and writing a story about a rainforest adventure. We solved an algebra alphabet – Nathan thought this was the best maths ever!

On Thursday we went outside for P.E. as part of outdoor classroom day. Unfortunately it started to rain just after we got started. Even though it is great fun playing in the rain, sometimes it can be too dangerous. We were happy to continue play but unfortunately the grass became very slippery, very quickly, and we had to come in. So we learned that it is really important to make sure that what you are doing outside is safe and that it is not always the weather, but the affect the weather has on the land, that can be dangerous.

Enjoy the holiday Monday!

Ms. Anderson and the fabulous photographers in Primary 6

May 19, 2017
by wlnaomi.handley@glow

P5 Assembly

Thank you very much to everybody who came along to our P5 assembly this week. We hope that you enjoyed it.

We are looking forward to continuing with our plants and woodlands topic in class and learning more about how we can protect the woodlands in our local area.

May 19, 2017
by wladele.cowie@glow
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Primary 4 Digital and Outdoor Learning Week 19th May

Lots on this week!

Primary 4 were introduced to the app Snapseed to take and edit photographs. This brought together digital and outdoor learning. I think you’ll agree we have some very talented photographers in the class!


We also finished our context ‘The Human Body’ by looking at how to keep our heart healthy. We took part in some cardio vascular activities outdoors and noted the difference in how hard our hearts were working.


May 19, 2017
by Miss Hocking
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P2 Digital learning and outdoor learning week.

Bird watching. P2 had an information sheet and had to look for birds and record any sightings. We saw a lot of crows and magpies. P2 had to be very quiet and hide so the birds would not be scared! we also fed them bread.

We then drew chalk pictures of the birds we had seen ( not to scale)!

Mrs Bhebhe  also took the children out to cloud watch which is linked to our weather project.

Last week we drew pictures of flowers outside to help us with our Elizabeth Blackadder art project.

Some P6 children also visited our class to teach us about digi art using apps. The mini teachers were excellent! A big thank you !

May 18, 2017
by wlnaomi.handley@glow
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P5 trip to the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh

P5 were lucky enough to go on a school trip to the Botanic Garden today. Not only that but we even managed to get good weather for it. We learned lots about the different species of Scottish Tress such as the Oak Tree, the Saddleback and the Ash tree. We also learned about why they are such important part of the ecosystem. For example, they provide food and shelter for animals and they even provide us with medicine.

We shared a lot of our knowledge about photosynthesis and plant anatomy with the staff there and they were impressed with how much we knew already.One of our favorite activities was acting out a drama showing what goes on inside a tree. We also got to lead each other around blindfolded and touch the different trees in the gardens. Once we took the blindfolds off we had to guess which tree we had been touching based on how it felt. Check out our photos below.


May 14, 2017
by wlnaomi.handley@glow
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Primary 5 wb 8/5/2017

Primary 5 have been busy practicing for their assembly this week. We have been learning our lines and making our PowerPoint. We are really looking forward to performing in front of everybody next week.

For our writing this wee, we wrote a news report about a plant that came to life. We learned about how to create a catch headline and how to draw readers into your article by giving them the key information in. This is called the lead.

We continued to learn about plants and woodlands. Our focus this week was the key things that living things do. We learned that all living things respire, all living things need energy, all living things need food and all living things produce waste.

In Spanish, we learned how to say basic colours and we used an app called Kahoot to help us practice. It was really fun.

Our start of the week in class this week was Kayla. Well done, Kayla.


Written by P5 ICT helpers.

May 14, 2017
by Ms Payne
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Nursery WB: 8.5.17

As the weather was so nice we spent most of the week outside:

We thought about what we liked about our garden and what would make our garden better.

Tate:  I would like flowers for our garden.

Ellie:  We need some grass and a goat!

Lewis:  We need more bikes.

Please look at our floorbook and feel free to add your ideas so that we can get some ideas to improve our outdoor space!

We got the climbing frames out and learned about positional language – up, under, beside, on top, above,below, etc. We had lots of fun climbing, travelling, balancing and jumping.


We also investigated and experimented with the loose parts play equipment and made up our own games

Rolling different objects through the tubes.

Making our own number game up.

Making art faces outside.

The afternoon group was able to visit the field and explore the school woods.

We had fun playing in the trees and running up and down the hill.

We also learned more about our body.  We really liked looking at the model skeleton and decided to make our own.  We drew around some children and mixed a skin colour.

We used the model and junk materials to make our own skeleton – please come into the nursery and have a look!

Finally we learned all about measuring and mixing materials by making our own bread rolls.

Mixing the ingredients.

Letting the dough rise.

Getting to taste them for snack – yummy!

Please feel free to come into the nursery to visit and see our work and remember to read our weekly bulletin board!

May 12, 2017
by Miss Welsh
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Primary 3 w.b. 8th May

Primary 3 have been continuing their new Topic this week about artist Paul Klee.  We have been learning about how a holiday to Tunisia inspired him to use lots of colours in his art work.  We would like to share some of our versions of Paul Klee’s “Once in the Grey of the Night”.  We were practising using a ruler to draw striaght lines, using watercolour paint to make bold and pale colours and mixing colours to create new colours.  Here are some photos of us busy at work:

We also went on a trip with Primary 6 to Balerno High School for a morning of science experiments.  We learned that for something to burn, it needs to have oxygen.  We got the chance to use PH paper in an experiment to decide whether a liquid was an acid or alkaline.  We found the experiments very exciting and though all the new people we met were very nice.

May 12, 2017
by Miss Gardiner

Primary 1 – 12/5/17

This week, in I.C.T we finished off our books that we were making using ‘Clicker 6’. We came up with some fantastic sentences and lovely, colourful pictures!

We’v been left letters from the friendly dragon and eve a whiteboard message from him! This week, we’ve been learning about the fairytale of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and we’ll be ding activities for this next week.

In maths, some of us have been working with numbers and some of us have been learning about money and why we need it. We have been learning how to calculate change.

In science, we’ve been learning about plants and how they need a lot of time, water and sun to grow. We’ve been growing sunflowers, broadbeans and climbing French beans!

We’ve also been writing about our friendly dragon and Goldilocks too!

We’re looking forward to lots more learning next week!


Primary 1 🙂

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