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January 22, 2017
by Ms Payne

Nursery WB: 16.1.17

This week we continued our learning about Scotland.

We watched some clips about Barnaby Bear visiting Edinburgh castle.Here is the link if you would like to watch it at home –

  We then made a plan of what our Nursery castle was to look:


We brought in our climbing frame from outside and thought about how to turn it into a castle for the Nursery.


First we tested to see how safe it was to be in our Nursery.


We decided to cover the sides with paper.


We had to work together to get it to stay up. We used cellotape and scissors.


We looked at pictures of castles in Scotland and thought about what colour our castle should be. We chose paints to make that colour.


We mixed the paints together to get the colour we wanted. 


We used sponges to paint the side of the castle. We had to use steps to get to the high up bits.


We thought the sponge made it looks like brick patterns.


But then we didn’t like that we could see the white so we made it all castle colour.

      We are looking forward to adding more to our castle and playing in it next week!


We also enjoyed playing with the small world castle.  We used some pictures of famous Scottish monuments as a stimulus and built them with construction bricks and blocks.


The staff noticed that a lot of people were enjoying baking with the playdough.


So this week we decided to make cheese scones.  We had to weigh the ingredients and mix it all in and then used cutters to make them into shapes.

img_0747 img_0779

We had the scones for snack – they were delicious!!!  We are looking forward to baking more in the Nursery.


We also performed our Scottish poems to the rest of the Nursery.  The Nursery staff were very impressed by all the hard work and have decided to show all the hard work to Mrs Brown.

img_0895 img_0830

Thank you to all the parents and carers who supported the children with this home learning link.

January 21, 2017
by Ms Anderson

Singing in Scots

During assembly this week Primary 1 – 7 took part in a Scots sing along through Glow Scotland. It was great fun!



A reminder that all pupils in Primary 1 to 7 can have access to Glow, including multiple free licenses for Microsoft Office (5 desktop licences per child plus up to 10 for other devices). Primary 4-7 have their log in details, pupils in Primary 1-3 can request details through their class teacher or the school office.


January 21, 2017
by Ms Anderson

Primary 6 go through the Wardrobe with Lucy

This week we read more of our class novel and met Mr Tumnus. On Monday we looked for clues about each of the characters in the story and referenced the quotes that helped. This was really good fun and we found lots of examples. Next week we are going to try to work out what type of character Mr Tumnus will be (this is called inference). Already we have been discussing the similarities and differences between the book and film (and we think the book gives much more detail than the film).

In Maths we have been working on calculating the area of compound shapes, which started fairly easy but became very challenging. It was great that no-one gave up and everyone was able to solve problems that they thought would be too difficult. We are working on lots of other concepts in Maths and will be sharing more in weeks to come. Next week we are going to be learning about volume and how to calculate the volume of simple 3D shapes.

Our Personal goals interactive display is almost ready. We have all set a goal and worked out 10 steps to achieving this goal. Every Friday we will check-in to see how well we are progressing. At the moment none of us have met our goal (as we have just started) but we are very determined to succeed.

Have a lovely weekend!


January 20, 2017
by wlnaomi.handley@glow

Primary 5 class blog 16/1/2017

Blog this week written by ICT helpers in P5.


This week we have been learning about the Vikings and created a cartoon strip looking at why they came to Britain to raid and trade.

We also started to think about what new things we want to add to our classroom. We agreed that we would like a cosy/quiet corner and a reading area.

We are made 3d hands in art with Miss Anderson. Have a look at our work below.

16128565_10158101003065483_912814267_n 16130052_10158101004645483_383476339_o

We also learned our Scottish poems and recited these in class. We are looking forward to writing our own next week in class.

January 20, 2017
by Miss Welsh

Primary 3 w.b. 16th January

This week in Primary 3 we finished our Owl who was afraid of the dark drawings.


We continued our topic about Scotland by using an atlas and google maps to investigate more about the places in Scotland and what our landscape looks like.  We also started to make our own maps.  We made a map of our classroom using a Key.

In art we created some pop art scotty dogs.  Here are a few finished pictures:

img_0124 img_0125

January 15, 2017
by Ms Payne
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Nursery WB: 9.1.17


This week we have been learning all about Scotland.  We thought about what we know about Scotland:

We live in Scotland – Ruairidh

The flag has a cross – Rowan

Scotland has a big castle – Ellie

Sometimes people play songs and bagpipes – Lewis

There are sheep in Scotland – Ailsa.


We also thought about what we would like to learn about Scotland:

What animals are there? – Freya

What food do we have in Scotland? – Lewis

I want to learn about the castles – Ailsa/Georgie

What do we wear? – Luke.

I want to learn about the flags – Riley

We learned where Scotland was and looked at the shape of it.  We also tried to find it on different maps.

img_0710 img_0698

We learned about the Saltire flag and looked at the shapes and colours in it.  We made lots of flags to put in our Nursery.

img_0692 img_0676

We also listened to the song “Flower of Scotland” and did observational drawings of thistles.

img_0718 img_0717

Some of us knew that there were castles in Scotland and we made our own castles using the big blocks.

img_0685 img_0687

We talked about the different parts of a castle.  We knew castles had special towers but decided we needed to try to find more information.  We also talked about and built some tall and short towers.


We asked to have the small world castle out to play with and decided to build our own castle in the nursery.  We have taken the climbing frame inside and will try to turn it into a castle next week.


Ben also really liked the Scottish music that we were playing.  He knew that the instrument playing was the bagpipes and decided to make his own bagpipes in the nursery.

img_0733 img_0735

In other nursery news:

We are taking more ownership of our snack.  The staff have purchased children’s knives, finger guards and graters and we have been helping to make snack for the whole nursery.  We also suggest foods that we could eat for snack for the week on a Monday – If any of our parents and carers have any suggestions please make a comment on the box below or on the notice board or floorbook in the cloakroom.


In the garden we have been splashing in muddle puddles again and using our imagination and performing on our stage.

img_0713 img_0694

We have also spent a lot of time playing hide and seek and have found some creative hiding places!

img_0716 img_0715

January 13, 2017
by Ms Anderson
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World Champions!

Today Primary 6 were surprised in assembly with a trophy! Skoolbo were so impressed with our success during the Skoolbo World Cup that they sent us a huge trophy! We have scored 10,000 points so far. What an achievement.


We we have started our class novel (The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe). Ms. Anderson is looking forward to hearing all about our personal reading homework.


January 13, 2017
by Miss Welsh

Primary 3 w.b. 9th January

This week in Primary 3 we have continued with our Scotland topic.  We have been learning more about using an Atlas.  We used the Index pages to help us find the page number the a town or city was on.  We also learned how to use Grid References.  We now know how to use a grid reference by looking at the letter and the number and finding the box on the page.

In writing we started to use what we have learning about rhyme in our own poems.  We wrote some poems about colour.  Here are a few examples:

img_0280 img_0281 img_0282

We also did some more work in drama with mime and using our voices.  One of us was a reporter interviewing Ancient Egyptian workers.

January 7, 2017
by Ms Payne

Happy New Year from the Nursery

Happy New Year from the Staff and children of Kirknewton Nursery.  We hope that you have had a fantastic holiday and would like to say thank you for all the lovely cards and gifts that we received!

Here are some pictures from our party and the week leading up to it. (SWAY password in cloakroom)

We started this week by learning a bit about Hogmanay and New Year and talked about New Years resolutions.  Some of us thought of things that we could do to help others or chose things that we wanted to learn to do.

Ben – I will learn to write my name.

Harry – I will help my mum get my sister to sleep.

Cameron – I will try to keep things tidy.

New Years resolutions will be on display on our learning tree which will be in the cloakroom

img_0666 img_0640 img_0639We decided to do some cleaning and tidying in our Nursery

Before the holiday we were very lucky to get some pallets and tires from Natan’s daddy.  They had got a little bit messy over the holiday so we decided to clean them.  We also scrubbed the sand and glitter out of our sand container.  It was great fun and we got really messy and wet!

img_0645 img_0643 img_0642

We also got lots of junk to build models.  Some of us decided to sort them into shapes and sizes.  We used our own describing words and are going to make labels for them next week.

img_0655 img_0654 img_0653

Harry – This one is flat, this one is rolly polly.

  We also had great fun exploring the ice in the outdoor area.

img_0647 img_0646 img_0656 img_0663 img_0660

We’re hoping for a few more icy cold days soon!

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