Kirknewton Primary School

February 7, 2016
by Ms Payne

Primary 2 WB 1.2.16


This week in our topic we decided to learn all about rockets and space shuttles.  We used our research skills to find answers to questions and got to watch a clip of a space shuttle launch.  We designed and created 2D and 3D models of rockets and made a giant moon for a space display.  In our writing we watched the start of a clip called “The Way Back Home”.  In this, the boy flew to the moon on his rocket and got stuck – we had to think of a way to get him back to Earth.


Ruairidh – Rockets have big engines.

Elliot – The rockets go 7.1 miles per second to escape the Earths Gravity.

Holly – Rockets go very fast.

Sean – Rockets have 4 boosters.

DSCN0377Monsoir McEvoy visited us again to teach us some more about numbers and actions in French.DSCN0376We also learned about the features of fiction and non-fiction texts and sorted books into these categories.

Annabelle – Fiction is when its not real.

Luke – Fiction is something that is make believe.

Cayden – Non fiction is real and has facts.DSCN0374

February 5, 2016
by Ms Anderson

Rights Respecting Schools Group Assembly

This morning the Rights Respecting Schools (RRS) Pupil Group led the assembly. The focus of the assembly was bullying and how we can make sure our school is a bully free zone. Here is a copy of our presentation.

RRS Assembly

Today the RRS group talked about bullying at the assembly. I was nervous. – Ben

Over January and February the RRS gorup have been talking about bullying. – Sam

At assembly I was really nervous about speaking but it went well. – Kyle

I enjoyed speaking to the whole school and having a long speaking part as I’m a confident speaker. – Ella

I though we were very good. – Abby


Remember to talk to a trusted adult if you think you need help with regards to bullying.

February 5, 2016
by Miss Hocking

P4 . RRS assembly.

Adam and Callum

We liked it when they told us how to not bully .

Sam and Iria. We  liked  when we turned to our elbow partner for 30 seconds.

Rebecca and Louis We know that bullying is bad!

FK  and  Freya – we know that bullying is very bad!!!!!!!

Jessica and  Amy – you have to treat other people the way that you want to be treated

Erin and Chloe- we  liked the assembly because  it told you what you should do when someone’s bulling you!

ETHAN Calum H. We learned to ignore bullies.

Savannah I learned if you get bullied just ignore them.

Lois and  Maddie – we liked that they told us if somone is bullying you to tell somone you can trust.

Katie and Isla-if you are getting bulled you go and tell an adalt straight away.

Shannon and Ryan .  You have to share with people.

Finlay S and  Kayla  you should tell  a teacher .








February 5, 2016
by Ms Anderson

What Primary 5 learned this week

This week we learned weather in French – Alyssa

We have learned that vikings thought that when they died in battle,they would get back up and fight again – Craig

This week I have been learning about coordinates and counting up in tens – Nathan

This week I finished my times tables – Jasmine

We were making viking ships with tissue boxes – TJ

I learnt how to use apostrophes when its ownership for example: Charlotte’s ball – Leela

On Monday I learnt that you can’t put a video and pictures on imotion with screenshots- Taylor

We did our handball festival and swimming! – Primary 5

We really have had a busy week in Primary

February 2, 2016
by Mrs Griffiths

Nursery 2nd February 2016

IMG_0059            IMG_0106          IMG_0073

We had a visit from Zoo Labs last week. They brought in a corn snake, bearded dragon, tarantula, large cockroach, tree frog and snail.

Cameron N: “I touched the snake. It went round and round.”

Lewis: “The snake had no legs. It went slow. He put his tongue out.”

Sienna: “The frog had four legs. The bearded dragon had different patterns. It was grey and white and green.”

Cameron T: “The bearded dragon had scratchy claws.”

Ruairidh: “I touched the snail. It had a hard shell. It felt like a hard rock.”



January 29, 2016
by Ms Payne

Primary 2 WB:25.1.16





DSCN0330 DSCN0332 DSCN0350Primary 2 have had a very busy week.  We had a Burns Supper with Primary 1 where we danced to Scottish music, played “Pass the Haggis” and tasted lots of Scottish foods.DSCN0352DSCN0356DSCN0353In Literacy, we learned all about Robert Burns and researched information about who he is and why he is famous.  We really enjoyed learning Scottish words and made picture dictionaries to show the meaning of some of these. In writing we looked at a picture stimulus and had to describe the scene and what happened next using some Scottish words.  DSCN0358On Thursday we found out information about the Loch Ness monster and had a debate about whether we believed she is real or not.  We wrote down our opinions and had to explain why we thought this.

DSCN0357   DSCN0361 DSCN0362In maths we revised our learning of addition and developed our mental skills to 20.

DSCN0365In our topic we learned more about the Sun and Moon and moved liked astronauts in space during drama.  Here are some interesting facts about the Sun and Moon:

Annabelle – The sun is very, very hot.

Ruairidh – If we were closer to the Sun the seas would boil but if we were further away they would freeze.

Sean – The Earth spins around the sun.

Sophie – The moon is not made out of cheese – it is made out of dust and rock.

Lewis G – There are craters on the moon – they were made by meteorites.

Lochlan – The moon has no weather so if you stand on it you would leave your footprint for ages!DSCN0359We had great fun with Monsoir McEvoy and learned all about the parts of the body in French.DSCN0366Aimee’s Grandad visited the school on Friday.  He  talked about Robert Burns and told us a famous poem about a haggis in the assembly.  Then he visited our class and told us more about Scottish words – it was very interesting!

January 29, 2016
by Mr Buckley

P6. Smoking Leaflets

Primary 6 have taken part in 3 workshops about the dangers of smoking. Parents were asked to make pledges. We have been collecting together the vast amount of information so that we can make our own anti-smoking leaflets.  Watch this space for completed examples…….Leaflet_writing_Smoking

January 29, 2016
by Miss Drew

Primary 3 – 25th to 29th January

Maths – Measure

If you were measuring liquid you would have to measure in litres. Sean

We have learned about measuring weight and time. Monty


Topic – Castles

We learned about the different parts of a castle, like arrow holes. Finlay M

We also learned that castles have murder holes in castles. Alex

We learned that they used to throw things like hot oil and hot water down the holes. James W


PE – Gymnastics

We started to learn different jumps in gymnastics. Pippa

In gym we learnt what intense means. Craig


PE – Football

I learned how to dribble the ball with one foot. Hazel

We learned some new skills in football on Monday. Ben

I have also been learning to dribble the ball with one foot. Freya G

I have learned how to dribble the ball with two feet. Amy

In football we were racing around the cones dribbling the ball. Jack



I learned how to say where I live in French. Tansy

We learned some new words in French like ‘eyes’. Logan

I learned some new colours like brown. Adam W


What else?

We have been learning to join our writing in handwriting. Cara

We learned how to join up new words in writing. Alexander

We ran 3 miles this week. Connor

In drama we played the game charades. Katie

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