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November 15, 2019
by Mrs Kedslie

Primary 6 – W.E. 15/11/19

We managed 8k this week making our total so far 100k. 🙂

This week we had a visit from Abbie Thomson who was teaching us all about animal welfare. We learned lots and played games.
I learned that if you want to pat a dog you first have to ask the owner and then ask where the dog likes to be patted. Annabelle
I learned that if a dog’s tail is under its legs or if its ears have flopped down then that means that it is not a happy dog. Melissa
I learned that if you see a dog lick their nose then that’s a sign of stress. Jakub
I learned how to care for different animals. Kayley
We are also enjoying reading our new class novel called Black Powder by Ally Sherrick which is about the gunpowder plot. This was recommended by our author penpal Barbara Henderson. Aimee
In P.E. we have been learning an Indian dance called Bhangra and a Scottish dance called the Canadian Barn Dance. Holly
We have been doing group research to find out what goes on in each layer of the rainforest. Annabelle
In Maths I have learned about three types of triangles, scalene, isosceles and equilateral. Aimee


November 13, 2019
by Mrs Simpson

Children In Need 2019

Pupils are busy this week learning about Children in Need in school on the build up to our big events on Friday.

On Friday pupils have been asked to “dress sporty” or come dressed as their favourite sports personality.  All donations will be given to the Children in Need campaign.

At 9 o’clock all classes in school will join schools across the country in a Big Morning Move with Joe Wicks: The Body Coach.  He will be streaming a live workout for children as part of his role as Children in Need Ambassador.  Classes have been participating in 5 minute practice workouts throughout the week in preparations for Friday’s live event.  These can also be accessed via the Children in Need website so children could try them at home.  Fun, children friendly recipes are also available on the website.

Image result for children in need 2019 joe wicks

Pupils are also being invited to buy tickets for a duck race.  This is a national event that will be streamed as part of the Children in Need TV coverage on the BBC. A duck ticket will cost 50p.  After the winners have been announced on the TV programme, prizes will go to the winning pupils on the Monday. I will be selling tickets in the hall on Friday and all classes will have the chance to purchase them at an allotted time.


Hopefully we can raise a nice amount of money to help out another worthy charity.

November 13, 2019
by Mrs Simpson
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ADLI Competition update


I am delighted to share that we have managed to send away 3 completed posters to ALDI as part of their sticker campaign.  This has been a phenomenal response from all of our parents and community members.  Thank you to everyone who has collected stickers and handed them into the school.

This means that we should receive 3 free sports kits and have 3 entries for the £20,000 cash give away.

I will keep you updated when the kits are delivered and if there is any news on the cash prize.

November 12, 2019
by wladele.cowie@glow

Building Resilience – Talk Things Over

Today we launched the next Building Resilience Unit – Talk Things Over.

In this unit we will discuss:

  •  At times we all feel worried
  •  If worries are not dealt with, they can sometimes get out of control
  •  If you are struggling, it is important to ask for help

One of the books that pupils may read is The Huge Bag of Worries by Virginia Ironside. Today, we listened to a song from Fischy music about it! You can find a link to listen to part of the song here:


Home Activity

Pupils have been asked to create their own ‘Worry Monster’. They’ve to give it a funny name and an unusual personality. They’ve been asked to provide an explanation of the worry and how they have found good ways to deal with it. This has to be brought into school for Friday 22nd November to be shared with their class.

For further information on this unit or the Home Learning, please read the attached leaflets: Talk Things Over Home Activity ,  ParentCarer Leaflet


‘Never be afraid to ask for help; it’s one of the bravest things that you can ever do. 

You are never alone.’

(Nicole Lyons)

November 8, 2019
by Mrs Kedslie

Primary 6 – W.E. 8/11/19

This week we managed 8k making our total so far 92k. 🙂

We have had a busy week this week. We had visitors coming into the school to teach us rugby, singing techniques and about the harmful drug tobacco.

In maths a group have been working out how far the school can travel around the world by adding all the kilometres each class has ran/walked in the months of August, September and October.

August – 1374k

September – 2336k

October – 2712k

In August we managed to travel from:

Edinburgh to London

London to Paris(France)

Paris to Brussels(Belgium)

In September we managed to travel from:

Brussels(Belgium) to Berlin(Germany)

Berlin(Germany) to Prague(Czech Republic)

(Czech Republic) to Vienna(Austria)

Vienna(Austria) to Zagreb(Croatia)

Zagreb(Croatia) to Sarajevo(Bosnia)

Sarajevo(Bosnia) to Belgrade(Serbia)

In October we managed to travel from:

Belgrade(Serbia) to Podgorica(Montenegro)

Podgorica(Montenegro) to Athens(Greece)

Athens(Greece) to Ankara(Turkey)

We’re looking forward to finding out where we can travel to next!

We will be plotting our travels on a world map in school for everyone to see. Picture to follow.

November 7, 2019
by Miss Hocking

P6 outdoor learning

Primary 6 will soon be starting on their rain forest topic. This will link to Sustainable Development  Goal #15 – Life on land.Building on the tree identification Mr Buckley did with this class last year the class were given the task of recording the flora and fauna in the wooded areas of the school grounds.In order that they could compare our temperate climate woodland with tropical rain forests the children looked at each level carefully recording and annotating from the roots to the top of the trees.

November 4, 2019
by Mrs Bhebhe
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In P3 we are continuing with our topic, Toys, as we did not complete it last term. We enjoy playing with toys in the classroom and in our newly arranged Open Area. We have looked at the different shapes that we see in toys and we even did a tally of the shapes we see in our favourite toys. We have linked our Toy topic with our Maths topic- 2D and 3D Shapes. Some toys have cubes,cuboids and spheres. Some have plane shapes like squares,rectangles and triangles. We also looked at the materials that are used to make toys. We found out that some toys are made of metal, some plastic, some wood and  others cloth or wool. We noticed that most toys long back we made from iron and wood ,but now most toys are made from plastic.  We are also doing story writing about toys. We have written descriptive stories where we used exciting adjectives . We are now doing persuasive writing .

We have photos of us enjoying play and sorting toys into different categories. We will be looking at the History of toys and also linking the toys topic to the Christmas festive season.

We enjoyed sorting toys into different categories!

November 4, 2019
by Miss Hocking

P5 outdoor learning. Viking Runes.

As part of their Viking topic the class were introduced to the Viking rune alphabet. We went outside to collect twigs and stems to make our names in runes.  We had to retreat indoors eventually due to a heavy down pour but managed to complete the activity. Many letters of the children’s names were missing from the viking alphabet! The 2 Alexanders ended up being Alegander! Here is some of their work below:

November 3, 2019
by Miss Hocking

P2 and P6 outdoor learning.

Primary 2 have been learning about nocturnal animals with Mrs Kendall and Miss Hunter. I told them the story of Don’t hog the hedge ! The story is about Hattie the hedgehog who is trying to hibernate but gets joined by lots of friends until there is no room left. We decided to make Hattie a hedgehog home for the winter. The primary 2 child listened to  the instructions and what materials we needed and worked together to make Hattie’s hibernation home.

Primary 6 had expressed an interest in animal homes when I started outdoor learning in August and this gave me the opportunity for them to lead their learning. The children read the instructions provided by an animal welfare website then using the materials provided they set to work !

The idea is for both classes to use their knowledge and skills to now  build hedgehog homes in their own green spaces. I believe 2 P2 children have already done this.

Here are  their hibernation houses so far.


November 2, 2019
by Mrs Kedslie

Primary 6 – W.E. 1/11/19

We managed 8k this week making our total so far 84k! 🙂

In our second Tobacco Education session this week we were introduced to Smokey Sue. The following pictures show Smokey Sue smoking a cigarette outside. The test tube shows the amount of tar which goes into your lungs after smoking one cigarette! 🙁


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