Kirknewton Primary School

February 26, 2017
by Ms Payne

Nursery WB: 20.2.17


This week we have been very interested in learning about numbers.

We went number fishing and had to write the numbers that we caught.


We used the Numecon to count and make number amounts.  We also made our own number patterns using the bricks and arrays.

img_1301 img_1315

We sorted numbers into different sets and also counted out sets of numbers.

img_1303 img_1305

We used playdough to practice the formation of numbers and to count amounts.img_1300

The morning group went on a number hunt all over the inside of the school.

img_1393 img_1382

Numbers, numbers everywhere!

img_1380 img_1367

We even found some tiny little numbers in places that we did not expect!

The afternoon group went outside and found numbers everywhere!

img_1356 img_1355

Our fantastic number hunters in action!

img_1353 img_1349

We shared our learning as a whole group and were invited to take part in a home learning task – to find numbers in our house or in the surrounding area!  We look forward to sharing our learning when these are completed.

Other learning in the nursery:

We made our house corner more interesting and added lots of household tasks.


Making a television for the livingroom area


Hanging up clothes on the washing line.


Bathing the babies and hoovering to keep the house clean and tidy.

The afternoon children also got the opportunity to meet some of the Primary 6’s.  We talked and played with them and are really looking forward to them maybe being our own buddies

img_1327 img_1320

February 24, 2017
by Mrs Thompson

Primary 1

This week in Primary 1 as part of our R.M.E topic we have been finding out about Lent and thinking about what we would give up. Here are some of their ideas:

Amy ” For lent I will give up my toys.”

Daylen “For lent I will give up my Fluffy.”

Kaelyn “For lent I will give up sweeties.”

Joe ” For lent I will give up T.V”

Ezra “For lent I will give up my teddy.”

Keira “For lent I will give up my doll.”

Ella ” For lent I will give up playing minecraft.”

Charlotte ” For lent I will give up chocolate.”

Niamh ” For lent I would give up watching my I phone.”

February 19, 2017
by Ms Payne

Nursery WB: 13.2.17


We have had a short but very busy week in the Nursery.

img_1245 img_1247

The morning session started with a fantastic gym session with Mrs Smith.  This term we are going to learn about gymnastics and really love getting to use all the different equipment.


img_1257 img_1255

We were very interested in numbers in the nursery and loved counting and matching using this game.

The surprise boxes were introduced into both sessions.  We had to ask questions to find out what was in the box.

img_1266 img_1280

Here are some of the fantastic questions we asked:

Is it hard?  Does it have colours?  Can you play with it?  Does it have legs?  Does it make a noise?

On Thursday night both sessions got to meet each other at the Valentines Party.  We danced to music and “Just dance” on the big Smartboard and played lots of games.  It was so much fun!

img_1276 img_1277

The money raised will go towards buying us a new dryer for our art area (see cloakroom or the first picture in this post!) – Thank you very much to the PSA for all their support.

img_1286 img_1284

Finally, the morning session got a lovely surprise on Friday when some of the Primary 6 buddies came to meet us in the school open area.  They played and read stories to us and were a great help.

img_1282 img_1281

The afternoon session are looking forward to meeting the next group on Monday.

February 17, 2017
by Miss Welsh
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Primary 3 w.b. 15th February

This week in Primary 3 we began planning for the start of our new topic “Space”.  We shared what we already new about space, what we wanted to learn about and what activities we would like to do.  The class are very interested in learning about astronauts, rockets and space stations.

In Maths we were working on counting groups of coins to find the total amount of money.  We know to start with the largest coins when adding up.  We have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s when adding money.  We know that 50p & 50p = 100p = .£1.

Here is a website with lots of different games to practice using and counting money.  Pupils should be able to do the activities up to 20p and some up to 50p or £1.

In P.E. with Mrs Smith we have been really enjoying learning about Gymnastics and doing different moves.

In drama we finished a mini-topic about the Park.  We were working together to use our bodies to make different shapes for the equipment we would like to see in a park.  Here are a few pictures:

img_0001 img_0002

Flying Fox                                                                 Slides

img_0003 img_0004

Flying Fox                                                                   Round-a-bout



February 13, 2017
by Ms Payne

Nursery WB: 6.2.17

We began our week with a Dragon Parade all around the school to celebrate Chinese New Year.

img_1156 img_1157

We had to dance through all the corridors and make lots of noise to get rid of the bad luck throughout the school.  (We think we did an excellent job being noisy!)


We were very interested in writing and making marks.  Our teachers had noticed that some people had been writing on the furniture so we talked about places that we could write.


Writing in our Big Book of Learning


Writing on paper.


Writing at the writing table.

We also thought about places around the nursery that we could put paper so that we could write on them.

img_1206 img_1166

Some of us found magnetic letters in the school open area and picked out letters that we knew.


We were also very interested in numbers around the nursery.

img_1177 img_1173 img_1178 img_1187 img_1186 img_1190

We have had lots of fun counting amounts and matching numbers and will continue our learning of this next week.

We are still enjoying our bricks and have used our excellent problem solving skills to construct different modes of transport.


A flying doctor plane


A boat with paddles – “Row, row, row your boat”


Using the smartboard to plan our submarine.

We also made our own pizzas this week.  We had to make them ourselves and choose from different toppings.

img_1170 img_1184 img_1191

They were very tasty and we are looking forward to making them again!

February 9, 2017
by wlnaomi.handley@glow

P5 class blog 9/2/2016

Written by P5 ICT helpers.


This week primary 5 we have been painting a giant Viking longship for the classroom and it looks great !

We are doing gymnastics in PE for the first time it is really fun we are doing jumps and here are what they are called straddle,pike,star,stretch,tuck

We are building mini Viking long ships out of card and painting them !

image-copy image-1 image


February 6, 2017
by wlnaomi.handley@glow

P5 update

Today we were designing and building longships in class. All groups made a great start and are looking forward to finishing their models. Well done P5! 010

February 5, 2017
by Ms Payne

Nursery WB: 30.1.17


This week we have been very lucky to have lots of new resources in our Nursery.


We have had great fun making lots of different constructions and buildings.


A shopping centre with bridges to get to different levels.


An aeroplane in which we went all around the world!


The aeroplane control panel.


Building a house


Using our tools to keep things safe.

We talked about how to play safely with the blocks and created a risk assessment to keep us safe when playing.  We displayed this on our block trolley and made signs to remind us how high we can build the bricks.  We also decided that 4 people could play safely and chose yellow construction jackets to wear when we are playing.

img_1115 img_1118We also learned all about Chinese New Year.  Here are some of our learning:


Making a giant Chinese dragon


Trying some Chinese food for snack


Eating with chopsticks


Making Chinese lanterns


Painting Chinese symbols and writing


Looking at our Chinese display

We are looking forward to continuing our learning about this topic next week.

We got some new powder paints and learned how to mix paints by ourselves.  This is how you do it:


1. Choose the colour of paint that you want to make and measure out one spoonful.


2. Then add a drop of water.


3. Mix the water and powder together.


4. Paint your picture.

We also got a lovely new paper and resource trolley and began adding materials to it.


Cutting paper shapes


Sorting the paper by colour and texture.

Please feel free to come into the nursery and see all our lovely new things!

February 3, 2017
by wlnaomi.handley@glow

Primary 5 wb 30/01/2016

We have had another busy week in primary 5.


We have redrafted our Scots riddle poems and they are now up on display in class.

We have also been learning more about Harry Potter and why it has been such a successful book. We look at the interesting language JK Rowling uses and then created our own Hogwarts houses. We spent time describing the personality traits of the people we wanted to attract to our houses. We also created a slogan and a crest. Have a look at Erin’s work below.


Here’s some of the finished poems on display in our class.

16466480_10158177718155483_1821910561_o 16522179_10158177717800483_524866300_o

February 3, 2017
by Miss Welsh

Primary 3 – w.b. 30th January

This week in Primary 3 have continued our Scotland Topic by learning about some of Scotland’s largest cities.  We have done some research about place tourists could visit in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and Aberdeen.  We will use this information to make a poster advert next week.

We have been looking at Loch Ness in Art and finished off our watercolour painting this week.  They are now proudly displayed in our classroom.  We are really happy with our work because we used detail, lots of colour and filled the whole space.  Here are a few pictures:

img_0037 img_0038 img_0039 img_0040

In drama this week we finished our topic on Ancient Egypt by pretending to be Lord Cavernon and Howard Carter – two men who went to find Tutankhamun’s Tomb.  We had to use facial expressions to show how the men would be feeling at different points in their journey.  We used our faces to show when we felt shocked, worried, scared, happy, excited or amazed.

Finally we have started some work on Money.  We have been counting in 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s when counting up values of coins.  We will do more work on money next week too.

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