Mother’s Day in the Nursery 01.04.14

On Tuesday we invited our mums and grannies to join us in the nursery for a Mother’s Day celebration. We planted sunflower seeds, painted our handprints onto a poem and showed them what we enjoy doing in the nursery.

Mummy played in the sand with me. We painted flowers too. – Ryan

I was filling up bottles in the water tray with Mummy. She was helping me to make a picture of flowers. – Faith

I made a junk model with Mum. – William

I liked playing with my Mummy. We made a model of blueberries and I gave them to Mummy. We made snowballs with the sand. – Rory

I showed Mummy my Transformers models made of Knex. – Brodie

Primary 3 Outdoor Learning

Over the past few weeks we have linked our outdoor learning to our Egyptian topic. We have been working to develop skills including team work, creativity, problem-solving and communication.

We wrote messages in hieroglyphics in the mud using sticks.

We built pyramids using natural materials.

Shadufs were used to collect water from the River Nile. We worked in small groups to construct working shadufs.

Nursery Week Beginning 31st March

Primary 2 – Outdoor Learning 27.3.14

Today Primary 2 were weather painting.

Our task was to use the wind and rain to create pictures. We used big pieces of paper and primary colour paint. We had to move around the playground and angle the paper in different ways.

Some of us decided to use the puddles in the playground to create interesting colours and patterns.

Here are some of our comments about our learning:

I liked mixing the colours – Shannon
I liked making a mess – Finlay K
It was hard to make the paint move – Katie

Primary 2 Outdoor Learning – 24.3.14

It was a beautiful day so Primary 2 decided to go fly their kites. Some of us had never flown a kite before so we had to experiment and find the windiest places to fly our kites.

Here are some comments about our activity:

This was the best day ever! – Louis
It was so much fun! – Iria
I ran very fast with my kite – Ryan

Primary 1 – Fairyland Topic Visitor Comments

Primary 1 have recently finished their topic all about Fairyland. The pupils invited parents, family and friends in to see and hear all about their learning.  Below are a selection of comments from the recent visit.

  • We loved our visit to Fairyland. Thanks for the yummy cakes. The castle was the best!
  • Great to see all the hard work and fun!
  • Thought it was excellent.
  • Fantastic!! Great to see all the excited faces on all the kids. Thanks for the lovely cake!
  • Fairyland was amazing! Thank you for sharing it with us. The cakes were lovely too!
  • Enjoyed reading the children’s stories. Lovely colourful work. Well done to all the Primary 1 pupils and staff.
  • It has been lovely to join in with the children’s activities. They were very proud of what they had done!
  • It was lovely to come and share the children’s work.
  • Lovely afternoon – we had a lovely time at the fairytale tea party – thank you.
  • Really enjoyed being shown round by my son. His enthusiasm for Fairyland was infectious.
  • Fairyland was wonderland. You all did so well.
  • Fabulous!
  • Was great to be able to join in with all the activities that have been talked about at home.
  • Had a lovely time being part of the P1 fairyland. The event was well organised and the kids loved it. Cupcakes were gorgeous.
  • Lovely laid out. Lots of interesting stories. Super display of fairytales.
  • Lots to see, nice to see what the children do in school today.
  • Really enjoyed visiting fairyland. Well done P1.
  • Enjoyed the visit. So different from when I was at school.
  • Very good. Brilliant!!
  • What a fun party – the children have done so well and they clearly loved the topic – fabulous.
  • Very nice time. Nice to see what they have been doing. Cakes were great.
  • Lovely to see all the work the children have been doing all year.
  • Very interesting. Lots of hard work has been done here.
  • Wonderful idea. Thank you for inviting us!
  • Very impressive.
  • Thank you so much. I really enjoyed seeing all your hard work and sharing some time in the classroom and the cakes were delicious.
  • Lovely event! Great to see what the children have been working on.
  • Thank you for sharing the magic of Fairyland.

Nursery Week Beginning 24th March

Earth Hour – Wishes for the future

As you may now know, we are taking part in raising awareness by dressing brightly on Friday 28th March for Earth Hour this year. Earth Hour takes place on Saturday 29th March when you are encouraged to switch off your lights for 1 hour at 8.30pm.

The Kaimes Eco Pupil Group have been learning about sustainaibility and participated in the Earth Hour activity of creating a wish for the future of the plaent.

Leave a comment below to share your wish for the future with us!

Here are some of our wishes:

Primary 2 – Outdoor Learning – 17.3.14

Last week primary 2 made windmills.

We decided to do an experiment to find the windiest place in the playground. We had to choose 5 places and predict which place was the windiest. We used our windmills to measure how windy the areas were.

The top playground is the windiest place at our school.

Nursery Week Beginning 17th March

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