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October 26, 2020
by Miss Hocking

Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning has always been  a focus at Kirknewton Primary. As the weather turns colder we will continue to go outside for various lessons. Below is a useful guide for parents and carers on the appropriate clothing for different weathers and temperatures. I hope you find it helpful. Thank you to the Muddy Puddle Teacher.

October 23, 2020
by Miss Hocking
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23rd October P2

Although a short week the primary 2 children have been very busy reading.  Every day we have been reading for pleasure during ERIC time (Enjoy Reading In Class) The class have been split into half. 1 half have been reading “Man on the moon” and the others have been reading “Tyrannosaurus Drip”. There have been lots of moon and dinosaur related activities.  The children have been voting on what book they would like at story time and also they love our new blue tooth listening centre which allows them to move around the room. In maths we have started looking at 2D and 3D shape properties. In numeracy we have begun subitising numbers to 20 and looking at addition and subtraction to 20..

I discussed with the class what interdisciplinary learning they would like to do this term and they wanted a topic  which included Hogwarts, magic and castles so please watch this space !

October 23, 2020
by Ms Payne

WB: 19.10.20 – Primary 1 numeracy Walk to the park

On Thursday 22/10/20 Primary 1 finally got to take a trip to Kirknewton Park.

We looked for numbers as we walked to the park and recorded them on our clipboards.

Zac – I saw number 5.

Asha – I saw on a house.

R – I saw the number 22 on a bin.

When we arrived at the park we had our snack – it was cold but fun to eat outside!

We then split into our groups.  One group had some free play in the park – it was great!

Lucy – I liked the swings.

William – I liked the baby swings and big swings.

Rory – I liked the climbing ropes.

M – I like the zipline

The other group did a numeracy task in the wooded area.  We had to collect 10 natural objects to make our own ten frame.  We will display these outside our classroom.  Then we swapped activities.

Toby – I found some helicopter leaves.

Kyle – I found some leaves.

S – I found leaves,  a stick and a pinecone

Our teachers were very proud of how responsible and safe we were and we hope that we can visit again soon!

October 9, 2020
by Miss Huxley

Primary 1 W.B. 5.10.20

Another busy week in Primary 1!

This week to continue our interdisciplinary topic ‘All About Me’ we learned about our five senses.

We know our five senses are sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell.

We took went out and used our eyes to write down what we could see, we were lucky enough to see a helicopter!

We used our tongue to taste something sweet, sour, bitter and salty. We decided whether we liked these or not.


We used our nose to smell different mystery jars! Lots of us liked the smell of vanilla.


We used our ears to go on a sound walk around the school. We heard a train, plane, some sheep and the wind in the trees.


We used our touch to feel different ‘mystery items’ we used words like soft, scratchy and hard to describe these.



Well done to all the children in Primary 1 for their hard work so far.

Have a restful October holiday everyone!

October 9, 2020
by Miss Lewis
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P4 09.10.2020

Let’s hear from the P4’s about what they have enjoyed learning this week!

Oscar: I learned in dodgeball that’s it’s not about winning. It’s about having fun and working together!

Joshua: I really liked playing dodgeball.

Claudia: I learnt to ride my bike better in PE.

Sara: I enjoyed riding my bike in PE!

Beatrice: We learned about bullies needing kindness and we made a kindness paperchain for them.

Mikey: I really liked learning about Komodo dragons.

Ruairidh: We learnt to use animations and shapes in Powerpoint for our Komodo dragon presentation.

Violet: I loved doing writing about my dragon character.

Lewis: I liked doing the place value relays outside.

I hope everyone has a great October holiday! Here are some photos of our week:


October 9, 2020
by Mrs Kedslie

Primary 6 – W.E. 9/10/20

We Managed 10k this week making our total so far 86K. 🙂

This week we having been using shading techniques to create a tropical island scene. I enjoyed this activity. Calvin

We also brought our bikes to school and I enjoyed using one hand. Matthew

We gathered information from our class novel to create a map of the island. Jacky

I thought that creating a map of the island was fun. Ryley

In maths we were learning how to read scales and guages accurately. Pheobe

We are all looking forward to our holiday next week. 🙂



October 4, 2020
by Ms Payne

Primary 1 WB: 28.9.20

Primary 1 have had a VERY busy week this week.

We began our week with a visit from “Mathsy”.  Mathsy left us a task as part of Maths Week Scotland which helped us to develop our finger patterns and counting skills. 

Our number walk to the park was unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather but we hope to try again in the coming week.

We have also developed an interest in Autumn and have enjoyed looking at the changes taking place in the school’s outdoor areas.  We read the story “Leafman” by Lois Elhert and created our own adventures:

We went outside and used the fallen natural objects to make our own Leafpeople:

We have been learning about our bodies as part of our “All about me” topic and had to make sure that each leaf person had all their body parts.

In the classroom we had to cut out and label paper bodies.  One of the children had the fantastic idea to make large bodies in the playground.  We decided to draw around our talk partner’s body and some of us even tried to write the words to label them .

October 2, 2020
by Miss Hocking

Primary 2 Scottish maths week.

The children enjoyed the task Mathsy left us. The children had to build their own rekenrecks.  We will be using them to help with our sums all next week. The children wrote letters to Mathsy independently  and he/ she sent us back  a response. The children were very intrigued and decided to become detectives and discover who Mathsy was from the school staff.  Here are  some of their deductions.

I think it is Mr Corse because he has a pencil behind his ear for sums and he uses numbers. H and A

I think it is Mrs Brownlee because you help people learn with maths. L

I think Mathsy is a spy because he wears black. I think it is Mrs Walkingshaw  because of the zigzags ! S and P

I think Miss Hocking is Mathsy because she always wears black . She wears a mask ! B

I think Mathsy is Mr Buckley because he is a boy ! C

As part  of our speaking and listening curriculum we have been looking at an international project from world renowned illustrators. The project is called “what makes me smile.” Each day a new illustration is posted and the children learn about the artist , the techniques used and asked to discuss and answer questions. Your children have also drawn what makes them smile and I will be  entering them into the competition.

Here is some information from the project and the link so you can look at the pictures again with your child.

“We’ve asked ten of the best, prize-winning children’s book illustrators from around the world to illustrate what makes them smile. We’ll be sharing a new picture every day over the next two weeks.

Children across the country will have had varied and unique experiences of lock down and all will need support to reintegrate and to reflect on their experiences, deal with the present challenges of daily life and look ahead to what the future holds. We hope that our project can help a little towards this by providing daily opportunities to discuss, reflect and consider the things which make them smile.

The children have been completing independent tasks each day to develop self learning as well as adult led learning. This teaches the children time management and organisational skills and motivation. We are using the lolly stick scheme started in P1 .

October 2, 2020
by Mrs Kedslie

Primary 6 W.E. 5/10/20

We managed 10k this week making our total so far 76k. 🙂

In writing this week we wrote about the five items we would take if we had to survive on a desert island. I learned how to write to persuade. Amy

In PE with Mrs Davidov we played Handball and Benchball. Harris 

I learned some skills in Handball. Amber

In Art and Design we were learning shading techniques. I learned four different shading techniques, graded, stipple, layer and cross hatch. Pheobe

In French we were learning to name body parts. Ben

In Maths we did a tangram problem solving activity. I enjoyed creating an egg from nine shapes. Alexander

I also enjoyed the Mathsy Challenge. Owen

We finally finished our personal shields. See photo below.

October 2, 2020
by Miss Lewis
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P4 02/10/20

This week in P4 we have been focusing on anti-bully. We were inspired by the big anti-bullying assembly and wanted to know more about how we can stand up to bullying.  In our first session of our anti-bullying training we learned how our words can affect others. We used two apples to demonstrate this point. We said mean things to one apple, and said nice things to the other. Look at how our words and actions affected the inside of these apples! We learned that when we say hurtful things to others we bruise them on the inside like we did to this apple.

Look at our dragon Top Trumps inspired by our class novel ‘the boy who grew dragons’. We used our knowledge of measurement to create the scores. I love how all our dragons are so unique!

Finally, have a look at some of our complete dragons eyes!

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