Athletics in Primary 4


We had fun jumping over the hurdles. Elspie
It was fun racing each other. Craig
We jumped hurdles and raced each other,it was amazing! Eilidh
It was tiring doing relay races. Callum

This week in P1

This week we had our first session with Zack Moir, we learned the chord ‘C’ and thought about songs to learn on the ukulele.



Aimee “I had fun playing the ukulele with Zack.”

Payton “Zack was fun.”

William “I liked playing ‘c’ with Zack.”


In our Farming topic we found out all about tractors and combine harvesters. Ruairidh and Lewis asked to make a big tractor for the class room … and we did!



Ruairidh “I like the tractor because it is red.”

Lewis “I like it because we made it.”

Philip ” I like the farm topic because we made pigs.”

Lewis ” We learned the bits of the combine harvester and what they are called.”

Cayden “I liked the tractor because it looks nice.”


In Maths we continued to learn about subtraction, this time systemising subtraction and addition facts.


Sophie “I liked taking away.”

William “I liked the adding.”

If you wish leave a comment and we can share this with the children on Monday.


P3 Power Point

It has been great fun coming back to school! We have enjoyed coming back to start a new term, this is what we have done this week:

  • We started to look at our new topic which is the Seaside!
  • We also started a new maths topic of division.
  • On Wednesday we began using Power Point for the first time in class, which we really enjoyed.
  • We also started a new drama topic and because the weather was so nice we headed outside!!

As you can see we have been very busy! Our favourite learning moment this week was using powerpoint. As a class we have created a slide to show you some of the things we have learned. We hope you enjoy!

Click the link below to watch our Power Point Slide


Hello Primary 1

I hope everyone has been having a nice holiday.  Jasper and I have been going for lots of walks and bike rides – He loves swimming in the river.

I have been doing a lot of with my nephews as well.  At Easter we decorated our eggs and went to the House of Binns to roll them. Jasper loved getting some doggy easter eggs as a treat!


I went to Summerlee with my nephews and looked at all the old machines.  We tried to build a bridge and got to dress up in different clothes.  Then we went to the big park and had a go on the flying fox.

Blip 3

Last week we went to the National Museum of Scotland to see the Gamesmaster exhibition.  We got to play lots of different video games – some from when Ms Payne was a little girl.

Blip 2

I hope you have all had lots of fun and are looking forward to coming back to School.  Ms Gavin and I are looking forward to finding out about all of your adventures – remember you can write a message on one of our posts.  See you on Monday

Ms P

Happy holidays

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday.

Last week I was out in the garden, getting it all cleared, planting bulbs and getting the grass cut.

This week Michael and I were staying at a log cabin up near Killin.  It was great, we were sightseeing, fishing and had day trips to the adventure park and the wildlife park.  At the wildlife park we saw Bengal Tigers, which are endangered.  At the adventure park we went into the lost labyrinth, a gigantic maze and saw some amazing things! Whilst sightseeing we went to a Crannog on Loch Tay, it was great!  We found out how people lived at the end of the stone age/beginning of the iron age.  See some of the photos are below …

bengal tiger          the giants wooden thronethe crannog









fishingSunset at the falls of dochartKillin falls

See you all on Monday!

Best wishes from Ms G.

Primary 1’s week

This week Primary 5 joined us with the ukuleles.  They taught us how to hold them and strum them in time to clapping.  We are REALLY looking forward to meeting Zach on the first week back!



Tierni – I like working with Primary 5.

Josh – I know how to play the chord D7.

Lochlan – I like when they were teaching us.


On Thursday we got a visit from “Jammin Laura”  She taught us lots of new and interesting dancing




Lewis S – I liked the kung fu song.

Holly -  I liked doing the dancing.

Cayden – I liked doing the ninja dancing.


We also had a Spring hunt.  We had to solve clues about different farm animals and then find pictures of them around the school.  We had lots of great fun!

P4020024 P4020032





New Games in P2

A big thank you to the PSA for our new Operation game. We have had lots of fun developing our fine moter skills trying to operate on the poor patient!

We also had lots of fun at our Dance Through the Ages workshop, we particularly enjoyed the Charleston!

Have a lovely holiday, and we look forward to seeing everyone back, happy and healthy on April 20th!Operation

Last week of Ancient Egyptians

The last week of term has been very busy!

We have enjoyed painting our canopic jars and making our Egyptian tombs at home. We have had so much fun learning about the Ancient Egyptians and we are sad it is ending.


We all did very well making our own tombs at home as you can see!



We worked so hard to make and paint our jars, they were very fragile!

Chloe – I love making the canopic jars because the paint was messy

Savannah – I liked making the tombs at home because it was fun learning new facts

Jack – It was fun making tombs but it wasn’t fun when my sisters kept distracting me!

Ethan – I liked doing the Egyptian tombs because my mum and dad could help me


A massive Happy Easter from everyone in primary 3. We hope you have a great holiday!



Week beginning 23.3.15 in the nursery

Outside, children enjoyed the climbing frames and bikes, we also played hide and seek which they really love. We also had the big wooden blocks outside for imaginary play. In the art area we finished our daffodils and we put them on the wall. We also made little 3 d lambs which are also on the wall.

In music, children were learning a new song “Cobbler cobbler mend my shoe” and they did very well with the instruments keeping the beat. In gym we are continuing throwing and catching, we also continued this outside.

In our group time we enjoyed sharing stories about our lives, we will be exploring our feelings next, in fact today we had drama where we used our faces to display different emotions and in group time this week we will talk about what makes us happy and what makes us sad. We also had a game on the smart board where the children used their IT skills to play a feelings game.

We will be doing some lovely spring/Easter activities at the art table and on Thursday in our gym time we will be getting a dance lesson from an expert.

Thank you all for coming to parents night last Thursday. Please remember you can talk to us at any time and you can look at your child’s learner’s journal at any time.

Happy Easter from the nursery, enjoy the break.

Our week in Primary 2

Primary 2 have been very developing our mental maths skills. We have been practising our number bonds  and the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.

Mrs Gray and Miss Hocking hope they keep practising over the Easter holidays.

We created our own comic strip about our Dinosaur assembly last week for writing, it was lots of fun.

We were very reflective this week, thinking back on all the interesting things we have learned and writing about what we think we are good at in school.

Unfortunately we are losing a member of our class after the holidays. Thomas is moving onto a new adventure in Aberdeen. We all wish him the very best for the future. Good luck Thomas!

Miss Hocking and Mrs Gray wish all children, parents and carers in P2 a very happy Easter, and look forward to seeing them back in the new term refreshed, raring to go and hopefully not too full of Easter eggs!