w/b 18th May in the nursery

Hello everyone, hope you enjoyed your Monday holiday.

On Tuesday, children played in the new role play garden centre/cafe. They enjoyed buying items like flowers and seeds with toy money. We also had our last look at the egg experiment. Children predicted correctly that the water was good for our teeth, the egg was still white and shiny. The orange juice had stuck to the shell and was orange, the cola made the egg go brown and the vinegar had dissolved the shell.

In literacy we continued reading the enormous crocodile and children were asked “What would happen next?” Our letter focus was ‘a’ and children brought in items beginning with ‘a’ for their show and tell.  A couple of ‘A’ children got a shot of sitting on the ‘a’ table, (the others thought this was really funny). The morning children used letter mats to put the alphabet in order.

In gym we continued with relay races and we brought in a hurdles race which the children enjoyed. In music children learned 3 new songs including the “apple man” and “I wish I was a marching army ant”. They also identified high/low pitch and fast/slow beat.

Outside, children played tig and hide and seek  and pre school children enjoyed assembly.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 26th) please remember your ‘t’ items.

Primary 2 ask ‘Did you see Blackbeard?’

This week in Primary 2 we have been learning about famous pirates. Blackbeard was a pirate but did you know that he was only a pirate for two years? Lilly thought that Blackbeard would have been a pirate for much, much longer.

This is Blackbeard the famous pirate


Blackbeard was a very fierce pirate who loved to drink gunpowder in rum. That sounds DISGUSTING (and a bit dangerous!).

We have learned lots of pirate words this week in Spelling. Here are a few examples; pirate, treasure and golden.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!

Miss Hocking, Mrs Miller, Ms Anderson and Primary 2


This week in Primary 1

This week in our Minibeast topic we learned all about caterpillars and the life cycle of butterflies. We used different art techniques and materials to create caterpillars and butterflies for our Minibeast display.


We also noticed that our caterpillars are getting bigger each day and we are excited about observing them daily.

P5190034      P5190036

The children liked …

Cayden “I liked learning about caterpillars.”

Lewis S “I liked painting a butterfly.”

Chloe ER “I liked making the caterpillars.”

Payton “I liked doing the minibeast topic.”

Alastair “We learned facts about butterflies.”

Sophie ” I liked taking away in maths.”

Lochlan “I liked taking away and adding.”

Sean “I learned the sound ‘at’.

Luke “I liked practising the Ukulele.”



This Week in P4

I have learned the first part of the French alphabet. Kyle
I learned quarter to in digital. Leela
I learned quarter past and quarter to in digit. Luke
I have started to learn how to create a poster using Power Point. Eilidh
I have learned how to tell the time quarter past and quarter to in digital. Joanna
I learned that when there are two batteries and one light bulb in a circuit that the bulb goes brighter. Alyssa
I have learned how to add extra batteries and bulbs onto a circuit. Cameron M
I have learned the alphabet in French. Rhiannon
I have learned how to do the alphabet in French. Mia
I have learned how to make a graph on Excel. Zoe
I have learned the time quarter past and quarter to. Danny
I have learned how to do the hammer throw. Craig
I have learned that the big hand on a clock is the minute hand and the small one is the hour. Elspie
I have learned how to count back in time. Hannah S
I have learned the whole of the French alphabet. Emily
I have learned quarter past and half past when doing time. Jasmine
I learned how to throw the welly at PE. Natalie
I learned more about half past on the clock. Callum
I learned how to do quarter to in digital. Beth
I am learning how to create a poster on Power Point. Owen
I have learned the French alphabet. Faye
I learned o’clock when doing time. Nathan
I learned how to say the French alphabet. Ella
I learned how to say the French alphabet. Cameron K
I have learned negative and positive when making circuits. Taylor
I have learned how to say the French alphabet. Heather
I have learned quarter to and quarter past in digital. Bronwyn
I have learned how to do the shot putt in PE. Brandan

Primary 3 – Science visit

Primary 3 and Primary 6 took a trip to Balerno High School this week! We worked with the pupils and staff to learn all about ‘Electricity’. We worked in groups to make games. We learned about conductors and insulators. A conductor is something that lets electricity and heat through and an insulator does not. We used different equipment, like crocodile clips, to make a circuit. 

Lois – I liked learning how to bend water with static electricity

Jessica – I really enjoyed making the games

Calum H – I liked connecting the crocodile clips and making light bulbs and buzzer turn on

Finlay S – I liked when we were learning how to make a game


We are excited to go to Balerno High School (even though we have a while to wait!)


Another busy week!


Some of us visited Balerno high for some transition work, others went to a rugby festival.


We also did the finals of the high jump in P.E.


We had an amazing time in Lochgoilhead last week and brought back some fantastic photos!


P7 :)

Eggsperiment in the nursery

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the Monday holiday. Last week in our nursery we did a lot of exciting things, in science we did an experiment to see what our teeth would be like if they were soaked in various liquids. We used duck eggs (as they are white) to represent our teeth and we put them in 4 identical tubs, we then put water, orange juice, cola and vinegar in the tubs and left them, we checked them nearly every day and we discovered that water was good, the egg was shiny and white, cola made the egg brown, orange juice made it orange with gunge sticking on it, and vinegar dissolved the shell. The children were very interested in this experiment and knew that the water was good for their teeth but the other liquids were not.

We are now focussing on initial sounds in literacy and the children brought in items beginning with ‘s’ for show and tell, they also spoke about other words beginning in ‘s’ and they played spot the ‘s’ in the nursery. They also learned the sandwich man and the slippery snake song in music. (The next letter is ‘a’)We also practised using our voices in different ways – high, low and using whispering, singing, speaking and shouting.

We are also focussing on novel stories and the children watched “The Enormous Crocodile” by Roald Dahl on the smart board, they sat very well and we will check their knowledge this week when we read the book which they have to listen to without the help of pictures.

In drama children did well acting out some conflict situations which we commonly see in the nursery, for example saying sorry if someone bumps into them and sharing toys if more than one person wants the same one at a time.

In art children made toothbrushes out of lolly sticks which they designed themselves, they also painted paper plate tadpoles and some children have done part two of the activity by sticking on a tail and eye.

In gym we continued with our relay races as the children love it so much and we introduced a throwing and catching race which we will do this week too.

On Friday children went to assembly and heard about dinner rules in the hall from the eco committee, they also heard about the 2nd Nepal earthquake, the school is having a dress down day on the last Friday of the month, we thought in the nursery we could have a dress up day instead – more details to follow.

An exciting week in Primary 1!

This week in Primary 1 week we started our new topic – Bugs. We learned what a minibeast is and thought about all the bugs we know about. We thought about key questions to learn about. Here are some of our questions:

Katy – Why do bees buzz?

Cayden – How do spiders make webs?

Kayley – Why do butterflies have antennas?

Erin – Why do caterpillars turn into butterflies?

Lochlan – How do ants get their food?

Aimée – Why do ladybirds have spots?

We were very excited to find a ladybird at the top end.

 P5130067 P5130066

We had another ukulele session with Zach and can now play 3 chords. We are working in groups to learn a song to be performed to the whole school


Jakub – I like Zach because he put us in groups to learn the chords G, C and Am

Luke – I like when he taught us the chords.

Payton – We like the song we are singing.

We were practicing for our school sports day. We tried lots of different races – even the teachers had a go!


Chloe T – It was fun I liked doing the races.

Evan – I liked doing the miniture jump (hurdles).

Lochlan – I liked that the teacher were laughing when they raced.  Ms Gavin was the winner!

News Flash! – Our furry visitors arrived at break today – We are VERY EXCITED!!!!


Arrrrrrrrrrrr Primary 2 having fun?

This week in Primary 2 we have been learning about Pirates! This has been lots and lots of fun! We have learned about Blackbeard and other famous pirates. We are looking forward to playing in our pirate themed role-play area. 

Here is what we have been learning about in Maths: 

Rectangles – We have been learning more about sharing and dividing. 

Circles – We have been working on our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We have also been subtracting from two digit numbers. So far we can take away single digit numbers and Tens numbers. We are having lots of fun using a hundred square on the Smartboard to help.

Pentagons – We have been counting up and back in 2, 5 and 10. We have discussed even and odd numbers and have been able to count up in odds and evens (starting at numbers that are not zero). We also worked on estimating, which was tricky. On Thursday we learned how to round to the nearest 10.  We used a special hundred square called 100+ board. We had so much fun explaining our work to the Circles!

This morning the whole school worked in our pupil groups to design a school that is eco-friendly. This is for a competition and we really hope that our school wins the £50,000 prize!

Everyone in our school won the star award this week, meaning that we all earned an extra 10 mins break. Well done to us!

Please remember that we are on holiday next Monday.

Miss Hocking, Mrs Miller, Ms Anderson and Primary 2

P3 – Seaside Topic

We have spent more time learning about the Seaside this week. We split in to two groups to take part in activities.

Some of us made crabs and jellyfishs.


The other group looked at food chains. Food chains show us what animals eat and what happens when something is missing from the food chain.


We also made a slideshow with our learning partners about animals that live in the sea. We had to research three animals and find pictures. We wrote our ideas down and then made powerpoints about them


This is what we thought:

Ethan – It was really fun making food chains

Chloe – I liked making food chains because you had to find the animals in your group and work out who eats who

Jack – I enjoyed playing the online game to work out arctic food chains

Mia G – I enjoyed making the jelly fish and crabs because you got to design what colours and patterns you wanted

Freya – It was fun making the powerpoints because on clipart there were all the pictures you needed!