Kirknewton Primary School

September 1, 2015
by Mrs Griffiths

Nursery Outdoor Artwork


When painting in the nursery garden some of the children decided to paint flowers. We developed this idea further by providing sponges, stampers and additional painting opportunities. We have now laminated the flower paintings and have attached them to our garden fence to brighten up our outdoor area.

August 28, 2015
by Miss Hocking
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Learning new things in P4

This week we have started reading from the SRA blue box.We have also started doing our Flat Stanley topic.We needed to do research on four different places, like the  Amazon Rainforest,North Pole, Mount Everest and the Grand Canyon and design appropriate outfits for Stanley. We have been doing harder maths this week. It was a very busy and fun week. By Lois and Jessica

August 28, 2015
by Miss Gardiner
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#P7Fridayselfie  IMG_4095


This week we started our first P7 topic – ‘World War 2′. We have started to learn about how the war began.

We have begun our first marble challenge this week! I wonder which group will win??

P7 are enjoying seeing their P1 buddies each day and have been joining them for ‘SmartStart’.

We also had our first P.E and French lessons this week!


P7 & Miss G :)

August 24, 2015
by Mrs Griffiths
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Welcome Back to Nursery!

We have had an exciting first week exploring our new nursery building. We have enjoyed seeing our friends again and telling them all about our holidays. Popular activities this week have included making models using construction materials, painting at the easel and playing on the bikes in our outdoor area. Next week we look forward to welcoming our new children.


Nursery Session Times Reminder

Am Group Monday to Thursday:               8.10am-8.45am FELC* (Breakfast)

8.45am-11.15am Core Time


Am Group Friday Only:                                8.10am-8.45am FELC (Breakfast)

8.45am-11.15am Core Time

11.15am-11.38am FELC


PM Group Monday to Thursday:               12.09pm-3.16pm Core Time

3.16pm-4.06pm FELC (Snack)
*FELC – Flexible Early Learning and Childcare

August 21, 2015
by Mr Buckley
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Back to school. Primary 6.

Photo on 21-08-2015 at 13.24 #2Photo on 21-08-2015 at 13.25

We have changed school because there was asbestos in the ceiling and the school needed renovating… Jack.

We have been learning Ukulele.  I’m getting much better at it….Olivia.

My main concern was getting lost in this big school….Kieron.

I have settled in very well at East Calder although it is quite a big change for me….Josh.

I’m happy with the changes because it’s fun getting the bus, going up the stairs and having a water fountain that actually works….Keira

My first three days of school were amazing. We practised ukulele and revised Placement Value in maths….Erin D.

We have been learning about Characterisation in writing and have made cartoon faces……Samuel.

I was a little nervous about moving school as East Calder is massive….Isobel.

The biggest difference is the lunch hall and a stage.  I like the playground best…Connor.

I like my new teacher. I liked learning about using verbs, adverbs adjectives and similes to improve my writing…..Erin L.

It’s a long way to walk to the assembly hall…..Kyle.

We’re only here for a year….which is good!…..Daniel.

I feel like I have settled in well…..Lucy.

I have settled in really well I think. I like seeing my friends again and playing with them at break…..Katie C.

When I first heard we were moving to East Calder I wasn’t very happy but now we are here it’s fine…..Arran.

My journey to school is better because I can walk and it is more enjoyable…..Ben.

August 21, 2015
by Miss Hocking

Welcome to Primary 4.

This week we have started writing some rules for primary 4.We have also started telling the teacher about our holiday.We have done some maths it was very fun.Here are some comments about this week.

I really enjoyed doing maths this week. Ethan

I loved making new rules for P4. Samuel.

I have had fun with my friends. Shannon.

I enjoyed this week because we did not get that much work! Callum

I enjoyed doing lots of times tables. Jessica.

Primary 4 would like to welcome Lochlan to his new classs and we are all  looking forward to learning together. Miss Hocking would like to thank Lois for helping create this weeks blog. Primary 4 you have been very well behaved and I have enjoyed getting to know you. Next week we will begin our mini topic on Flat Stanley.



August 21, 2015
by Ms Anderson

Welcome back Primary 5

This week we have been quite busy! On Wednesday and Thursday we have had Mrs Olsson and on Friday Ms. Anderson.

With Mrs Olsson we have been working on our Class Charter – our display is going to be one big jigsaw – we can’t wait to share it with you. Our topic is road safety and so far we have shared what we already know and have worked in groups to learn more about vehicles.

Today we have been to the first whole school assembly of the session. Mrs Brown introduced the new House Captains and Vice House Captains (as well as the jobs for all the Primary 7 pupils). It was lovely to see all the Primary 1s (and their behaviour was brilliant!).

Next week we are looking forward to learning lots more – Ms. Anderson wants more Maths but Ella is not so sure!

Fingers crossed for nice weather over the weekend and next week!

Primary 5, Mrs Olsson and Ms. Anderson

August 21, 2015
by Mrs Gray
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Primary 1’s First Week at School

First Day Group PhotoWe have really enjoyed our first week in Primary 1 with Mrs Gray and Mrs Birrell. This photo was on our very first day. It has been exciting to explore our new school in East Calder and go to the dinner hall at Lunchtime for some tasty food! Our classroom is big and full of games, toys, arts and crafts and other activities for us to play with. We really enjoy Milk and Story time after playing outside at break, and when the weather is nice we are able to play outside games as a class. Each of us has now been given a classroom job and next week we will talk about school and classroom rules. We will also get our names at our tables which we will decorate. Have a lovely weekend!

P1, Mrs Gray & Mrs Birrell

August 21, 2015
by Miss Drew
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Primary 3 – Back to School

We are looking forward to lots of exciting things in Primary 3 this year!

Logan – I’m looking forward to our Egyptian topic.

Mark – I’m looking forward to doing art activities in Primary 3.

Tansy – I’m looking forward to our topics.

Hazel – I’m looking forward to P.E.

Monty – I’m looking forward to science.

Danny – I’m looking forward to maths.

Struan – I’m looking forward to science.

Matthew – I’m looking forward to going on our next school trip.

James I – I’m looking forward to going on a school trip.

Aimee – I’m looking forward to science, going on a trip and P.E.

James W – I’m looking forward to doing more maths.

Sean – I’m looking forward to doing more maths than James!

Craig – I’m looking forward to science.

Freya M – I’m looking forward to our next school trip.

Amber – I’m looking forward to doing more art.

Alex – I’m looking forward to doing P.E.

Katie – I’m looking forward to forward to doing harder maths than everyone in the whole school!

Pippa – I can’t wait until we start our Egyptian topic

Kieran – I’m looking forward to doing more maths than everyone in the world!

Jack – I’m looking forward to mental maths.

Finlay M – I’m looking forward to forward to having fun with my teachers.

Daniel – I’m looking forward to learning more in writing.

Connor – I’m looking forward to new lunches.

Hannah – I’m looking forward to doing reading.

Libby – I’m looking forward to doing lots of art.

Sophie – I’m looking forward to doing some art.

Lilly – I’m looking forward to doing the Egyptian topic.

Heather – I’m looking forward to science and P.E.

Cara – I’m looking forward to doing lots of maths.

Freya G – I’m looking forward to P.E.

Adam W – I’m looking forward to art and maths.

Ben – I’m looking forward to doing division.

Alexander – I’m looking forward to using the ukuleles.

Adam P – I’m looking forward to doing everything and making new friends.

Finlay D – I’m looking forward to mental maths.

Dex – I’m looking forward to maths.

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