Kirknewton Primary School

June 26, 2020
by Mrs Kendall

P2 26.06.20

Good Morning Primary 2!


Mrs Kendall here. This will be our last blog so let’s make it one of celebration!!

Let’s begin today with a Go Noodle. Up on your feet everyone!! Let’s celebrate all our achievements in Primary 2! Let’s celebrated being superstars throughout this difficult year! Let’s celebrate the holidays!

Bug Club

I can announce today the THE SOCKASAURUS is now working! They must have fixed the problem yesterday. SO if any of you Apples were desperate to read it, you now have the chance!

The allocations that I made for you all will remain so if you want to jump on and read a story over the Summer there will be books there.

P2 Memories

Thank you for all the memories of Primary 2 that you have sent in . I have really enjoyed reading them all and remembering all the things that we have done together.

Here are some of your memories. Please take time to read them and remember all the fun that we have had in Primary 2. Many of you wrote about the trip to The Scottish Owl Centre. That was a fabulous trip which I also enjoyed very much. It was great to see the owls swooping over our heads! I remember that you all had so much fun in the park too. I remember trying to catch some of you on the castle and you running away and hiding from me. I remember us all having really good fun.

Word Art

Here is another link to the Word Art that I posted yesterday. I have put it onto a word document which makes it easier to print off. There are also copies in the lunch hall for you to pick up tomorrow if you wish to go and get one.

Word Art link

Here are 2 more that were sent to me yesterday. They are lovely and sum up lots of memories from P2.

Story Time

Here is a special story and goodbye message from me. I’m sorry that the words are backwards in the book….I was filming myself on selfie mode which I shouldn’t have done. I’ll know for next time!

Finishing off with something you like…….

One of the happy memories that I will always have of P2 is doing the Grandma and Grandpa Counting to 100 video with you. That certainly was the best one! Your little faces always lit up when I put it on. Yes, there was great enthusiasm and there were always some ‘sillies’ during it but by the end of it most of you had got rid of them and were ready to learn! So…one last time….

Good bye Primary 2. It’s been fantastic! Have a great Summer and I’ll see you as big Primary 3’s.

From Mrs Kendall 🙂





June 25, 2020
by Mrs Bhebhe

Friday 26th June P3



Summer background design | Free Vector

This is your last day of Primary 3 ,after the Summer you move on to Primary 4! It is good that were all going off for a well deserved rest, after all your hard work! You all, were such a brilliant lot to teach and I enjoyed seeing your lovely smiles in the mornings, all ready to learn. You are such a lovely and very creative class!

Here is our Last Assembly!

We all had to do a new way of learning in the last few months, and most of you engaged very well with your Home learning. It was hard, but you all really did your best and I am so proud of you, great Growth Mindsets! I would like to thank everyone at home who has been helping to make your learning a success. I am very thankful for the help they gave you in your learning and I would like you to give them big thank you from me! There are so many things we would not have been able to d, had they not helped.

I personally enjoyed seeing the lovely work you emailed me! Some of you sent me loads of work. Some of you did the work but did not send it over, try and bring it into school to show your new P4 teacher, Miss Lewis and myself when we open after the Summer. Miss Lewis will be really amazed to see how much hard work you did during this Home Learning time.

Friday Art

Here is a video of some really ‘cool’ Art you can do today and over the holiday too!

‘Cool’ Art For Holidays!

How many of your planted something for the Farm to Fork project? Are you tendering it? Has the crop ripened? It would be good to hear about how your plants grew?


The Scottish Art Gallery has a very interesting Art Competition you are encouraged to enter. Here is the link for more information on what is expected. It would very good if all of you enter this competition, here is the link.

Remember to use sun cream when out in the sun, stay away from big puddles of water and stay active, safe and calm! I WISH YOU A LOVELY  SUMMER HOLIDAY!

Mrs Bhebhe

June 25, 2020
by Ms Payne

Friday 26.6.20 – Primary 1

Good Morning Primary 1!

I cannot believe it is the last day of Primary 1 already!  I’m really sad that I don’t get to say goodbye to you all in person so I have recorded a special message for you all.

As it is the last day of term I am not setting any formal learning but below are some tasks that you could complete today if you would like to:

  • Complete your transition tasks from yesterday (see link below)

    Thursday 25.6.20 – Primary 1

  • Remember – today is Free Writing Friday!
    1. Find a quiet space to sit and write comfortably and safely.
    2. Set a timer or music to listen to (15 minutes can often be too long for Primary 1 – I would recommend 8 – 10 minutes).
    3. Sit quietly – Listen to music and draw what you would like.  It could be a picture of how you are feeling, something that you have learned about or that you are looking forward to.  Try to write some words or sentences about the picture that you have drawn.  Below is a link to some relaxing butterfly clips and music that you could use if you wish

  • Watch the final whole school assembly with Mrs Murphy.

I wonder if you can spot the special guest appearance at the end!

  • To-do list – I really hope that your summer is fun and relaxing but below are some optional tasks that you could do to keep yourself busy if you need to:

cfe-t-2546655-summer-themed-cfe-homework-grid       Homework Resource Guidance

You could also make a Summer to – do list and think about all the things you want to achieve this summer


  • Printable Activities – Or if you need something to keep you busy and you have a printer – download and print one of these summer booklets:



Parents/Carers – Please do not feel like you need to complete any of these tasks during the Summer holidays.  I have provided them only for those who want to use them!

To finish, I’m going to read another story by Linda Kranz – You be you.

Please remember to always be you Primary 1 –  You are amazing!

I hope that you have a wonderful summer.  Please take care, stay safe and I’ll see in in Primary 2

 Ms Payne

June 25, 2020
by Mrs Bhebhe

Thursday 25th June P3

Well done everyone for good Home Learning activities. Continue doing activities you enjoyed this week. It could be Art, Craft, Science Experiments ! Do them to your best and send me photos.

Tomorrow we break away for the Summer Holidays. Why not write a nice post card to  a friend  to wish them a happy Summer!

Here is our last video of places you can visit here in Scotland when the Lockdown is relaxed further during our Summer holiday ,hopefully before we open schools in August. It would be best getting a place where you can have a long , relaxing walk! Remember many rules about visiting these places will have changed because of Social Distancing which wasn’t there before. So find out what the rules are and follow them to Stay Safe.

Just enjoy finishing up your activities. Enjoy and have a good day!



June 25, 2020
by Ms Payne

Thursday 25.6.20 – Primary 1

Good Morning Primary 1 and welcome to our final Thumbs Up Thursday  together!

Yesterday I went into school to see your Primary 7 buddies.  They had a lovely (socially distanced) day with quizzes, memories and pizza!  Although they are happy to move on, they were a little sad that they could not see you in school.  However they wanted to say a great big “Thank You” to all of you who completed the secret mission task which they received in their Goodbye pack.  Well done Primary 1!

I also had a very lovely surprise when I went into the classroom:

I would like to say a great big “Thank You” for my wonderful rainbow poster which is now hanging in my front hallway – What a wonderful memory of you all.  Thank you also for the other wonder gifts and cards that had been left for me – you have been very generous!

Here are your learning tasks for today:

After the Summer holidays you will be moving into Primary 2. Luckily, Miss Hocking knows you all very well as she did lots of outdoor learning with you this year.  She has made a separate post with a message for you and it might be nice to tell her some things about you.  Some suggestions include:

Or you could make your own apple introduction card using this template  Apple-Pattern

What did you like in our Primary 1 classroom? 

What are you looking forward to in Primary 2?

Do you have any questions for Miss Hocking?

Draw your own self portrait.  Remember to add as much detail as possible – You might have changed a bit since Miss Hocking last saw you.  Below is a frame that you could draw your picture on if you wish:

  • Feeling worried – Some people might be feeling a bit worried about returning to school – and that is ok!  In school we talked a lot about worries and read this story:

Remember it is very important to talk about your worries if you have any.  Below are some links to an activity that could be done at home.  This will help to share your worries with your parents/carers and can also be shared with Miss Hocking and myself.

Worry Cloud Transition Activity Sheet       Worry Cloud Transition Activity

Please feel free to take your time to complete these tasks over the Summer when you have time.  You can send them to the school office for Miss Hocking (or to myself) or bring them with you when you start P2

Finally I know that some of you will be collecting your school reports tomorrow – Please also look out for a special minibeast kit that I have made for you – I hope that you enjoy it!

See you soon

Ms Payne

June 25, 2020
by Mrs Kendall

P2 25.06.20

Good Morning Primary 2!

Our Wonderful Class

Good morning everyone! How are you all today? Yesterday I was in school to say goodbye to the Primary 7’s who had their leavers event in the morning. We had a great time outside in the sun. It was lovely to see them and sad to see them go. It’s the second last day of Primary 2 now! How do you all feel?

We will start again with some Go Noodle today as I know some of you are really enjoying it.


Today I am not going to put up any new tasks. I have already put up enough for you this week. You also have your Bug Club books to read.

Here is a reminder of some tasks that you can complete:

  • The girl and the dinosaur comprehension or book review
  • Writing: About a wish
  • End of term booklet
  • Summer Maths booklet
  • P2 Memory Task
  • Transition Task for Miss Hunter
  • Sumdog
  • Maths games

To find them again , just click on the Primary 2 link on the right.


Throughout Primary 2 we have spent quite some time learning about different animals. Here is a big animal quiz for you to do. Answer each question then check to see if you are correct. This is a powerpoint so you will have to view it in full screen.

Big end of year animal quiz

I have made this wordart for the class for you to keep as a reminder of P2. It is for you to print off or if you drop by the school at lunchtime you can collect one then.

Thank you to those who left their transition task for Mrs Bhebhe in school today. There is a tray in the lunch hall to put them in. Please send me in your P2 memory by tonight so that I can include it in tomorow’s blog. Thank you to those who have already sent them in. I will leave you a goodbye message on the blog on tomorrow so look out for it!

Mrs Kendall 🙂


June 25, 2020
by wladele.cowie@glow
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Final Assembly 2019/20

Join us for our final Assembly of the year!
We hope that our families have a great Summer and we look forward to seeing you all in August.

Keep safe and keep smiling 😄

June 24, 2020
by Mrs Bhebhe

Wednesday 24th June 2020 P3

A very good morning to everyone. Here is our morning song.

How Are You Doing ?

I hope you are all busy on the Sumdog competition. Remember to read all the books you have on Active Learn and finish up the Book Reviews I asked you to do last two days . I would be happy to see your work   ,send it over to me.

Home Learning Wall

I hope you have enjoyed you Home Learning lessons. When you go back to school after the Summer holidays you will find the work you did up on a wall called Home Learning, in your new P4 classroom! Some of you might have work which they want to send over today, so it goes up on this wall. Some  of you might want to do that work today, I will give this time  to do so if you wish. You can choose any of the activities you liked from our past lessons, do a nice piece of work and send it through the Kirknewton office email. It would be great to have something from each of you. You can also send work from today’s Science Experiments

Wonderful Wednesday Science Experiments

Here is a video with interesting Science experiments. Choose 2 or 3 to do. Take videos and photos of your experiments. Write a few sentences to explain what you did in the experiments and send me the work. Your new teacher for P4 will be thrilled to see these photos! Enjoy the experiments. Remember you will need an adult to work with you. The very first one is so amazing, enjoy! You can do the rest over the holidays, if you want!

Topic –  Visit East Lothian

Today we will look at interesting places to visit on the other side of Edinburgh. This area is called East Lothian and it has amazing places you can visit. I like visiting East Lothian, it is beautiful! Here is a video showing some of the places. Talk about the places. You might decide to visit one or two of these places over the Summer holiday!

Have a good day everyone!


June 24, 2020
by Ms Payne

Wednesday 24.6.20 – Primary 1

Good morning again Primary 1 and welcome to our last Wonderful Wednesday together!

It has been lovely hearing about some fantastic learning.  One of our Primary 1’s has been running to raise money for Edinburgh Zoo, someone else has been looking for minibeasts in her garden pond and another P1 has a new puppy!

Here are your learning tasks for today:

We have sadly come to the end of our minibeast topic – I have really enjoyed see all your learning, photos and creations.  Here is a story all about a Minibeast Party called “Twist and Hop Minibeast Bop” :

Below are a selection of minibeast tasks that you could try at home to say goodbye to our topic:

Parents/Carer’s – these are only suggestions.  Please do not feel like you need to do all of these tasks – just pick one or two to complete that are suitable for you and your child.

  • KWL grid – look at your KWL grid that you made at the beginning of the topic in May.
  1. Look at the “W” column – did you managed to answer all of your questions?
  2. Tick the questions that you found the answers to.  If there are any questions that you did not manage to answer then try to find that out today.
  3. Look at the “L” column – Think about all the things that you have learned about minibeasts and write or draw these in this column (or ask an adult or older sibling to scribe).
  • What I liked about the topic?

In your home learning jotter draw a picture and write a sentence about what you liked learning about minibeasts.  Is there anything that you didn’t like or that we did not cover?  Let me know this too!

Or – Draw a picture in your home learning jotter and answer these questions?

What is your minibeasts name?            Where does it live?

What does it eat?          How many legs does it have?

How many wings?          Tell me an interesting fact!

You could also make one on your computer or tablet using the following online links:

  • Favourite minibeast –  What is your favourite minibeast?

Did you enjoy learning about that minibeast or is it one that we have not covered.  Draw a picture of it and write a sentence to tell me why it is your favourite.

Or – You could conduct a survey and find out your family and friends favourite minibeast.  (Mine is a butterfly!)

  • Guess the minibeast – Read through this powerpoint with an adult or elder sibling.  Can you guess what the minibeast is from the clues?


Writing – write a description of a minibeast – can an adult guess the minibeast from your description?Game – Download and print these cards – Minibeast-Description-Cards-Black-And-White

– Can you match the description with the picture

  • Minibeast sorting – download and sort these minibeasts by the given criteria.

Minibeasts-Legs-Or-No-Legs-Sorting-Activity-Black-and-White_ver_1 (1)

Can you sort them in a different way?

  • Minibeast snacks– Mrs Brownlee sent me this wonderful picture.

Can you make your own minibeast snack? – I cannot wait to see the pictures!

  • Ugly Bug Ball –  If we were in school I would have liked to throw Kirknewton Primary Schools very own “Ugly Bug Ball”.  Here is a very old clip – I hope that you enjoy it!

What do you think would happen at an Ugly bug ball?  

Which minibeasts would be invited? 

Would there be food, games and dancing?

Suggested tasks

Design and create an Invitation to an Ugly Bug Ball?

Dress up – do you have a minibeast costume.  Here is one of my favourite pictures of my eldest niece when she was about your age!

  • Drama activity – Have a go at this Cosmic Yoga – All about Bugs clip.  I hope that you enjoy it!

(parents/carers – small warning – this clip is 46 minutes long)

Don’t worry if you don’t manage to do everything that you want to do today!  These tasks and all the other blog posts will be up during the Summer!

I cannot wait to see some of your pictures!

See you soon 

Ms Payne

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