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September 23, 2016
by Ms Anderson
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Every week there will be a Class of the Week. Every time we come in from the playground we will get line points. The class with the highest total will be Class of the Week. When the weather is bad we will get points for how well we behave during indoor breaks.

w/e 14th October -Primary 2

w/e 30th September – Primary 7

w/e 23rd September – Primary 6



Well done ūüôā

October 24, 2016
by Ms Payne

Nursery WB: 10.10.16


We have had a VERY busy and exciting week!

pa100002 pa100005pa100009

We really enjoyed playing in the Police role play this week.  We used materials found in the nursery to create our own batons and even made our own WANTED posters.  Some of us were concerned about other children pretending to play with guns so we made our own posters for our police station.

pa100010 pa110046

We liked playing with the police jigsaws and made our own police transport using construction materials.


We looked for clues around the nursery and solved crimes.  Cameron even brought in a real police officers hat to show to the boys and girls.

We were very excited to get visits from real police officers.  The morning children had a visit from the community police man and his partner.  They got to wear his uniform and try his handcuffs Рthey were very big and fell off!

pa120065 pa120055 pa120052 pa120068 pa120071

We got to try on his uniform and learn all about the different items they carry.

Cameron N – His uniform is VERY heavy!

Joshua – He has a baton to hit things and break windows.

Freya – He had a real police badge with his picture on it.

Beatrice – I got to speak in his walkie-talkie. ¬†I said “hello”.

AG – The handcuffs were very big for my hands – they fell off.

 The children then got to go outside to see a real police car and hear the siren.  It was very loud! We decided to make our own police car in the nursery.

The afternoon children were visited by Officer Pawluk (Ben’s dad).

pa130087 pa130094 pa130096

He told us all about his job as a Policeman and showed us his uniform.  We got to try on his hat and feel how heavy his uniform was.  He even put his handcuffs on Ms Payne and put her in our jail!

pa130103 untitled

Ben – My daddy is a police man – he catches the baddies!

Anna – He put Ms Payne into jail!

Rowan – His uniform is very heavy!

Max – I like wearing his hat.

We would like to say a big “Thank you” to all the police officers who came to visit – We had great fun and learned so much!

Other activities this week:

We had great fun building with the bricks and crates outside.

pa110021 pa100018

Riley – I made a boat to sail away on.

We enjoyed exploring the garden and finding different natural materials.

pa110041Leo – Look what I found!

We were using the paint to write and draw our names outside.  We wanted to know what happened if we brushed the paint and had great fun experimenting.

pa110031 pa110029

Name activities – We used different materials to make our own names.

Making feely names with collage materials.

pa130085 pa120080

Finding the pegs with with the letters of our names and beginning to learn how to form the letters.

pa130130 pa130126

October 14, 2016
by Ms Anderson

Sew much fun in Primary 6…

For the last fortnight we have been ‘sew’ busy . ¬†We were making t-shirts for our new buddies. First designed our t-shirts on paper and then we cut the fabric. Once we cut the fabric we spent a bit of time learning how to thread our needles and knot our threads. Some of us found this easier than others, but we were able to help out. We were very quiet and focused when we were sewing (so much so that Ms Anderson has arranged for us to take part in a sewing competition!).


Also this week we have been making models of the solar system, including a key for each planet and a scale for distances. This was really good fun and we were able to show what we had learned.

See you next term!

Primary 6

October 14, 2016
by Miss Welsh

Primary 3 w.b. 10th October

We have continued to learn about Ancient Egypt this week in Primary 3.  We were learning about the different foods that Ancient Egyptian grew and ate.  We even designed a meal using their foods.

We also learned more about Ancient Egyptian Jewellery.  We design our own cuffs and collar necklaces.  Here are a few of our designs:

img_0123 img_0124 img_0125

We also did some work on Money as part of West Lothian’s Money Week. ¬†We talked about where it is safe to keep our money, identified coins and notes and why we might save money.

October 9, 2016
by Ms Payne

Nursery WB:3.10.16


In the Nursery this week we have had an very busy week!

On Monday it was Elmer Day and we decided to have a parade through the school.

pa030058 pa030056 pa030096

We stomped all through the school making elephant noises and playing musical instruments.  It was a lot of fun!

On Thursday we received a parcel in the post РIt was a thank you from Elmer for taking part in the celebrations for his special day!


We took advantage of the unseasonably good weather and spent a lot of time outdoors.

pa050162 pa050163 pa050157 pa050171

One of our favourite activities this week was painting stones outside.  We mixed the colours together and made the stones very bright and colourful.

pa030074 pa030084 pa030087 pa030092 pa050156

When we were finished we decided to clean the stones for the next group to use.

pa050159Inside the Nursery we had great fun playing in our new Police station.  We enjoyed dressing as Police people, investigating crimes and making disguises and WANTED posters.

pa050151 pa050185

We took part in planning our learning and recorded our ideas in our floor book.¬†One of our ideas was to invite a real police person to visit the nursery – the teachers are currently trying to make this happen. This floor book is available for parents to read – please feel free to add your ideas or make a comment of the children’s learning

pa050182 pa050179

We also enjoyed making faces using the playdough.  Ben asked for a mirror to help him add the features and many children followed this idea.

pa060188 pa050176 pa060190

We also experimented with colour dyeing.  We looked at a picture by Kandinsky and used water, tissue and crepe paper to make circles.  When they were dry we peeled the paper off and the dye had stayed on paper.  We are hoping to make our own version of the Kandinsky picture in the nursery.

Finally the pre-school children visited the open area in the school.  When we got there it had changed and there were lots of different resources.

pa070227 pa070219pa070223

After playing, we spoke to the PSW in the school and told them what resources we liked and disliked.  Our favourite new resource was the letters in the sand.  We found the letters in our names and made them out of sand.  We liked this so much we have decided to include them in our nursery sand pit next week.

pa070221 pa070220

October 7, 2016
by Mrs Griffiths

Primary 1 7th October 2016

We have been continuing our shape focus. This week we have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes.

img_0433 img_0434

As part of our “All About Me” topic we have been learning about different types of houses. We enjoyed exploring the house types found in Kirknewton using Google Earth. We then created models of our own houses using construction materials.

img_0436 img_0437 img_0438

We had a fantastic time at our Zumba Taster Session on Thursday.

img_0439 img_0442

October 7, 2016
by wlnaomi.handley@glow

Primary 5 wb 3/10/2016

This is our blog 7 october 2016

Primary 5 carried out another experiment this week. This week the aim of our experiment was to see what temperature chocolate will melt at and how long it takes We found that the boiling water melted the chocolate in 8 minutes and it was 40 degrees C. The warm water took 1 hour and a half it was 29 degrees C . The cold water took 3 hours it was 10 degrees C .

We were introduced to SWAY in our ICT lessons. SWAY is very similar to powerpoint, but it was great to learn a new computer skill. Katie, Chloe and Isla made a sway with a Harry Potter theme. Lois and Maddie made one about unicorns and Adam, Ryan and Finlay K made one about the Joker. The class enjoyed finding good images and having fun.

1b have been working really hard to try some of the work from the 2a book. 2a are moving through the 2a book quickly and are now starting a money unit. 2a also created some maths posters and taught the rest of the class about what they had been learning in the addition and subtraction unit.

On Thursday we were very lucky to have a Zumba class with primary 6. An instructor called Nina came in and showed us some dance routines. The class was really enjoyable and funny. We also would describe it as epic!


We also managed to write a scientific report. This was a bit different to our other writing because we couldn’t include personal pronouns.

Finally, we finished our junk models and it seems that we have some budding designers and engineers in the class who manged to create a model whilst sticking to the their design plan. Well done!

img_06131 img_06251

img_06241img_06541 img_06571

October 7, 2016
by Mrs Griffiths
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Outdoor Learning Pupil Group

We are focussing on developing the school grounds and improving play experiences at break and lunchtimes.

Today we looked at the information we gathered during our audit last month, what we like and dislike about our grounds and playtimes.

Mrs Cain from the PSA kindly came along to our group time as the PSA have been working hard to raise funds. Some of which we hope to use to help us develop our school grounds.

We looked at photographs of other school playgrounds to give us ideas of how we could improve ours. We also watched a film clip:

This place is like a building site Please take a look!

Some ideas we now have are adding:

  • Tyres
  • Sandpit with equipment
  • Rocks and stones
  • Wooden climbing structures
  • Rope bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Wooden steps
  • Logs
  • Tree trunks
  • Hammock

We loved the idea of having a Reading Shed in a quiet area of the playground.

We also liked the look of ‚Äúloose‚ÄĚ or ‚ÄúScrap Play‚ÄĚ using materials such as

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Crates
  • Guttering
  • Planks
  • Blankets
  • Chalk
  • Barrels
  • Den building kits
  • Old chairs and household items

We would like to create a willow structure. Perhaps a dome, tunnel or animals.

Following this meeting it is hoped that our three priorities can be to introduce a Reading Shed, loose play and a willow structure. We will keep you posted!

October 7, 2016
by Miss Welsh

Primary 3 w.b. 3rd October

This week Primary 3 have started learning about the 5 senses in Science. ¬†We knew that the 5 senses are taste, touch, smell, sound and sight. ¬†We started by looking at our eyes and learning more about how they work. ¬†We found it interesting that the pupil in not a black spot but really a hole. ¬†It allows light to get into the eye. ¬†The pupil will change size and become smaller when there is bright light and grow bigger when its dark. ¬†We watched the size of a friend’s pupil changing in class. ¬†We also learned that the coloured part is called the iris and that the optic nerve takes messages from our eye to our brain.

In topic we learned about what jobs Ancient Egyptians would have done.  We found out they might be farmers, builders, scribes, traders or craftsmen.  We were surprised that not everyone in Ancient Egypt could read and write.

In literacy we did more practice on writing in sentences and trying to find missing capital letters and fulls stops in a paragraph.

We did more practice on numbers to 31 in French.

We had a visit from a lady called Nina who did some Zumba with us.  She taught us different dance moves and we even had a dance off!  It was really fun.

img_0082 img_0083 img_0084 img_0085 img_0086 img_0111

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