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May 20, 2016
by Ms Payne

Primary 2 WB: 16.5.16

This week we continued our weather topic and learned all about wind.  We discussed the good and bad things about the wind and found out about dangerous windy weather such as hurricanes and tornadoes.  We learned new songs about the wind and conducted an experiment to find the windiest place in the playground.



Chloe T – We had to predict how windy it was and give it a number.

Evan – We used windmills to see how strong the wind was.

Annabelle – The windiest place was in the middle of the field.  The windmills were really blowing.

We also designed and created our own kites and tested them outside.


Lewis G – I liked when we did the races with our kites.

Rory – I liked when I coloured it in.

In writing we watched a clip from “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs”.  We continued the story and imagined that we had created a magic weather machine.  We had to describe our weather, explain what happened next and create an ending to our story.  Here are some of our stories:

Cloudy with a Chance of Ice Cream – by Sophie

I created a magic weather machine.  When I turned it on ice cream came out of the sky and the ice cream floated and bashed off the cloud.  It bashed from Scotland to North America.  It was ginormous  and then it burst.  We ate it all and we went to a restaurant.

Cloudy with a Chance of Sausages – By Lochlan

I created a magic weather machine.  When I turned it on the clouds went dark and sausages come from the clouds.  It was yummy.  It went all over the whole world.  Everybody got one.  Everyone was excited it never stopped ever.  It went on the news and everyone watched it!

Cloudy with a Chance of people.- By Chloe T

I created a magic weather machine.  When I turned it on people fell down from the sky and turned into sweets.  All the children ran and ate it up.  They laughed because it popped in their tummies.  And they were sad because it went away.  Then it started to snow ice cream and everyone was happy again and played all day.  But it started to melt and they were sad again.  Then popcorn fell out of the sky and stayed for ever.

We also worked very hard on our assembly.  Please leave a comment here to tell us what you thought of our assembly.  We are very excited to hear your views!


May 19, 2016
by Ms Anderson
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Primary 5 are storytellers

As part of digital learning week Primary 5 have been writing stories, with a digital twist! First we wrote a draft using traditional paper and pencil. Next we translated our stories into emojis. It was great fun (and more difficult than we thought it would be). Here are a few of our emoji stories (side by side with the traditional version). We hope you enjoy them!



Ms Anderson and Primary 5

May 17, 2016
by Ms Anderson

Primary 5 are iconic

Today Primary 5 have been designing icons that represent our class and classroom.

First we decided on an item to draw and then we drew a few drafts to make sure we had the colours and design just right. Then we used paper with small squares to recreate our design. Finally we used the paint app to create the icons. It might not sound like a lot of fun but it really was. In fact it was great fun. A few of us are going to create collaborative icons next.


Here are a selection of our designs…



Tomorrow we are going to write a free-choice story and then translate it into emoji!


Primary 5 and Ms. Anderson 8)

May 17, 2016
by Ms Anderson

Primary 4 – Digital Learning Week

This morning Primary 4 have evaluated a new digital resource (Brainpop). Here are a few images that share our thoughts on the resource.









Everyone in school is able to access Brainpop, both in school and at home. It can be accessed on computers and tablets too. There are video clips (with a quiz for every clip), activities, games and non-fiction reading. Primary 4 took a vote and 25 out of 25 children would recommend (and one teacher!).

May 17, 2016
by Ms Anderson


This week is a very exciting week at Kirknewton Primary School (and in Scotland) – Digital Learning Week! Primary 5 have started this morning off by learning about icons and designing an icon that represents our classroom. So far we have icons to show laptops, ipads, pencils, art resources, Eco, Earth Day, RRS and milk cartons! We can’t wait to share these images (once we finish designing them!).

May 16, 2016
by Mrs Griffiths

Nursery Children Go Shopping 16th May 2016

When it was time to develop our roleplay area the children voted for it to become a shop. They decided on the resources required and helped to create the shop area.

Following this we have been learning about shops and about money. To extend this further we decided to go to the local shop to buy items for our snack.

First of all we spoke about how we would stay safe on our way to the shop. Then we talked about what we would need to take with us. Finally we wrote a shoppig list.


We took shopping bags with us.

P5160110 P5160121 P5160093

We found the items on our list.

P5160094 P5160095 P5160096

Then we paid for our shopping.



May 13, 2016
by Ms Payne
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Primary 2 WB 9.5.16

This week we continued our weather topic and took advantage of the lovely weather.  We decided to learn about the sun and found out about why the sun is important.  We discussed the good and bad things about the sun and thought about the dangers.  We also learned new songs about the sun and learned about shadows.  We decided to go outside and make some shadow art.

Tierni – The sun makes shadows.

Sean – The sun is burning hot.  UV rays can burn your skin.

Eve – You should wear sun cream, a hat and sunglasses.  When it’s very hot you should go in the shade.

DSCN0300 DSCN0302 DSCN0304

We had to work by ourselves, with a partner and then in groups to create shapes, letters and numbers with our shadows.



We had a challenge task where we had to make a picture using our shadows then draw around the outline.


Luke – I enjoyed making the nice shapes.  We made a bird.

Michael – I liked making the shadow work with Lewis – We made a donkey and a picture.

In our writing we wrote special weather shape poems and used adjectives to describe a type of weather.


You can make your own shape poem at home using :

May 13, 2016
by Ms Anderson

Primary 5 Profiles

This week Primary 5 have been working on creating profiles. A profile is information about each pupil’s learning. We have been using Onenote on Glow to record information about our learning. Ms. Anderson and Mrs Olsson are able to see everyone’s profile but we can only see our own profile. The areas we have completed are: All About Me; ICT to Support Learning and Targets. We will work on these a bit more next week (and check our spelling!). Because we can access these at home we can add to them when we learn or achieve something out of school (for example getting a badge at cubs or brownies).

We have enjoyed outdoor P.E. this week and have been working with Mrs Smith to practise our sports day races.

We have been growing pea plants and cress for the last few weeks. We will update you on their progress soon!




May 13, 2016
by Mrs Kedslie
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Primary 3 – Football Festival

On Tuesday 10th May, we enjoyed taking part in a football festival with East Calder and East Calder St. Pauls. We learned football skills and took part in some football games. We had a great time!


May 12, 2016
by Mrs Griffiths

Nursery Fun Outdoors 12 May 2016

P5120065 P5120063

The children decided to draw around each other using the chalks. Some chose to add detail and features. We looked at and compared the heights of the children.

P5120067 P5120068

The children painted stones and used them to print on different surfaces.

P5100053 P5100054

We investigated how mud changes when water is added to it.

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