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April 5, 2020
by wlnatalie.tracey@glow

We are so proud of you!

Dear Children, 

As we finish Week 2 of Learning at Home I would like to tell you how proud we are of all of you.  You have been making us so proud!

You have had to completely change the way you learn, share spaces in your home with your family and see your friends less and many of you will be missing school and other hobbies you used to do after school. I know that all of these things are hard for you all, but remember by staying at home you are doing a very special thing- you are helping to keep people safe and healthy in our community and helping the Dr’s, Nurses and all of the other wonderful health workers  who look after people who need their help.

I am so impressed with the amount of effort you have been making to do your best with the learning your teacher shares with you and many of you have been taking part in Mrs Tracey’s challenge too.  I know that many of you are helping your younger brother or sister with learning and spending lovely time playing together.

I have been so proud to see how  kind you are to each other too, on Teams I can see many of you are giving each other helpful advice and kind compliments and that is wonderful.

Thank you for sharing all your learning with us too! We love to see the photos of what you have been doing or just hear how you are getting on.  We really are missing you all so much, but feel like we are still with you!

Every Friday I have a video meeting with all the staff in the school and we talk about the week. All of the staff are so impressed by the wonderful things you are doing and the things that your families share with us. We think your families are doing a fantastic job too, looking after you and helping you, it’s amazing!

Many of our staff are working in other schools  just now which are open for children whose parents are at work, in the hospitals or supermarkets and so those children need a place to go and learn. Some of our staff are helping with lunches at our school and all of the staff are thinking  about you all each day and thinking of learning and fun things  for you.

We hope you enjoy the holidays now have lots of time to relax and play. We won’t be sending learning for the next two weeks but please  take part in the Easter Art Challenge, we hope to share every single entry with you, so you can see your own and all of your friends, their might be some entries from the staff too 🙂

I am going to send your parents some ideas for    Creative and Fun activities to do in the holidays but you should only do this if you all agree, you might be able to help in the house a bit more over the next two weeks too, there are so many important life skills you can develop. We look forward to hearing about that too!

A massive well done to you all children, you are fantastic! I saw this poem today and thought I would share it with you:

The Rainbow Children 🌈❤
The history books will talk of now,
That time the world stood still.
When every family stayed at home,
Waved out from windowsills-
At those they loved but could not hold,
Because they loved them so.
Yet, whilst they did they noticed all the flowers start to grow.
The sun came out, they can recall,
And windows, rainbows filled.
They kicked a football in their yards,
Until the night drew in.
They walked each day but not too close,
That time the world stood still.
When people walked straight down the roads,
That once the cars did fill.
They saw that people became ill,
They knew the world was scared.
But whilst the world stood still they saw,
How much the whole world cared.
They clapped on Thursdays from their doors,
They cheered for the brave.
For people who would risk their lives,
So others could be saved.
The schools closed down, they missed their friends,
They missed their teachers so.
Their Mams and Dads helped with their work,
They helped their minds to grow.
The parents used to worry that,
As schools were put on hold,
Their children wouldn’t have the tools,
They’d need as they grew old.
But history books will talk of them,
Now adults, fully grown.
Those little boys and girls back then,
The ones who stayed at home.
They’ll tell you that they fixed this world,
Of all they would fulfill.
The RAINBOW children building dreams,
They’d dreamed whilst time stood still  🌈
Author unknown
Lots of Love, Mrs Tracey

April 3, 2020
by Ms Payne

Friday 3.4.20 – Primary 1

Good Morning Primary 1!  Thank you for all the pictures that have been shared with me.  I cannot believe how big your beanstalks are growing and I have loved seeing your wonderful dwarves, writing and magic mirrors!

Some of you have been asking how Brian the tortoise is doing. During the Winter months she has been quiet and staying in her bedroom a lot.  But now it is Spring she is very active and VERY hungry!  Here’s a picture of her with her new water bowl.

This got me thinking of the time of year and the things that happen during the different seasons.  Here are some seasonal activities for you to try at home:


If you would like to find out more about the Seasons click on the link below for more clips and games:

Things to talk about:

  • What are the 4 seasons? – What order do they go in?
  • What happens in Spring?  Summer?  Autumn?  Winter?  –
    • Talk about celebrations, weather, animals, etc.
  • What is your favourite season?  Can you explain why?

My favourite Season is Winter because I LOVE when it snows!  I also like some of the celebrations such as Christmas and Burns night.


1. Split a page in your home learning jotter into 4 so that you have 4 boxes.  In each box write the season name and draw pictures to show what happens in each season.

2. Draw a picture of your favourite season in your jotter and write a sentence to tell me why it is your favourite

Literacy – Here is a lovely story that I have found about the Seasons

You can read the story using the PDF

Seren’s seasons story 

Or look at the powerpoint below:


  • Discuss the story with an adult.
  • Here are some independent activities that you could print out and complete at home:

Mathematics:  Spring data handling.

  • Count the different plants and flowers in your garden
    • How many of each can you find? How many do you find all together?
    • Record this information in your home learning jotter.  You could make your own pictogram or bar chart.
    • This task could be done for a variety of spring things.

  • Choose some things to look out for on your walk or in your garden.  Make tally marks to record how many times you see it.  Count up how many of each thing  you have found.
    • Circles – try counting in 5’s to find out the number?
  • If you cannot manage to get outside at the moment, below is a link to a Spring block diagram that you can print off and do in your home.

Literacy:  Free writing Friday

  • Remember to do some free writing in the back of your home learning jotter.
  1. Find a quiet space to sit and write comfortably and safely.
  2. Set a timer or music to listen to (15 minutes can often be too long for Primary 1 – I would recommend 8 – 10 minutes).  Below is a link to a selection of timers that we have used in class.
  3. Sit quietly – Listen to the music and draw what you would like.  It could be a picture of how you are feeling, something that you have learned about or that you are looking forward to.  Try to write some words or sentences about the picture that you have drawn.

Parents and carers:  Please do not feel that you have to do all these activities.

As it is coming up to the Easter Holidays I have tried to provide a variety of activities that could be used over these 2 weeks if needed.  Even though it is a slightly different holiday please do not feel that you have to do anything – but these tasks, as well as all the previous blog tasks, will be there if you need something to do!

As it is the Easter holiday I will be spending time with my family and catching up on some things around my house.  If you have anything that you would like to share with me leave a comment on the blog or send a photograph to the school email and I will get back to you!

Please have a lovely, relaxing and safe Easter break and I will see you back here on Monday 20th of April.

See you soon Primary 1!

Ms Payne

April 3, 2020
by Mrs Bhebhe

Good Morning P3 :03/04/2020

Good morning to you all. It is the end of another week, and we all look forward to the Easter Break! We have an Easter Assembly today here online! Mrs Murphy  is leading it, and has posted it here on the Blog. Please tune onto it at 10 o’clock today! It will be amazing to have us all tuned in at the same time! Here is the link  for it on youtube


I hope you have completed reading at least 2 books from the ones you have on your Active Learn account. Some of you even read the paper based ones I gave to you ,well done. Read as widely as you can , reading is so important!

I gave your group Spelling/Phonics task on Active Learn. I can see those who have done it and those who still haven’t yet. Also, there is a Reading  Challenge task on Sumdog which has to be done by this afternoon, 10 of you have done it so far. Please make sure you do it, as it has very important work on punctuation for you.


I  set out a Challenge for you on Sumdog on Monday,make sure you have done it. Also Sumdog has set up an Easter Challenge for you, work on it over the Easter Break. I hope you have learnt reading time, that is o’clock ,half past ,quarter to and quarter past. After the Easter break we will look at reading time to the minute , calculating time duration and finish up work on Measurement.

Have a lovely Easter break and collect as many pictures as you can for  your Easter/Spring Picture Book!

Mrs Bhebhe

April 3, 2020
by Miss Bird
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Harry Potter Wizarding World


I know a lot of the children at Kirknewton Primary are big Harry Potter fans.  For all interested, here is a link for a new platform that has been set up by J K Rowling’s Team:

It is a hub with lots of different activities such as craft videos, quizzes and puzzles.  You can even find out which  house the virtual sorting hat places you in.


Mrs Pauline Bird (Hufflepuff)


April 2, 2020
by Miss Hunter

P2 3.4.20


Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for the pictures some of you sent in of your home learning yesterday.  It is lovely to receive these! If you haven’t logged into Active Learn or Sum Dog this week, then please try to do this today.

Today’s Tasks

Free Writing Friday

In your jotter, complete a piece of free writing.  This can take as long as you want but usually around 15 minutes.  Remember this can be personal, imaginative or non- fiction writing on a subject of your choice.  You could write about things you have enjoyed this week or what you are looking forward to doing over the holidays.  You might want to put on some calming music in the background while you write.

Don’t worry too much about your spelling, just use your sounds and remember to check over what you have written to make sure it makes sense.  If you would like, then share it with a grown up at home or you can send it to me via the school email account.


I put on a blog post yesterday about free resources for families to support language learning for French and Spanish during school closures.  If you have time over the holidays, have a look at these resources and try the first unit together.

Here is the link:

Here is a clip for you to watch today about Easter. Can you learn any French words related to Easter?

Challenge! – Can you use the internet to find out about any Easter traditions in France?  What are the similarities/differences with how we celebrate Easter in Scotland?


Together Time

Choose something fun you can do together with your family if you can – this could be playing a game, building something cool, baking, playing in the garden or going on a bike or a scooter ride.

You could also work on the Easter challenges set by Mrs Kendall and Mrs Tracey this week.  Remember to email a picture to the school email.  We had this super Under the Sea themed Eggstravaganza sent in already! What a lot of hard work has gone into this.  Remember there is a house point for every entry and you have to April 21st to enter if you want to work on this over the holidays.


Finally, I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a healthy and happy break.  I am so proud of you all and I know you will continue to try your best at home in the coming weeks.  I will be spending some time relaxing with my family over the holiday so won’t be posting to the blog but I look forward to hearing all about what you have been up to after the break. Remember all the activities are still available from the past weeks on the blog should you need them.

Happy Easter and I hope the Easter bunny is good to you all!

Miss Hunter


April 2, 2020
by Mrs Turnbull

Information re Supporting Children’s Wellbeing

Please find the below link from Mrs Murphy. It has been received by the government, regarding Supporting Children’s Wellbeing at this time, we hope you find it useful:

Kind Regards.

April 2, 2020
by wlnatalie.tracey@glow

Easter Art Challenge for Everyone

Good Morning everyone!

We hope you are all looking forward to your holidays that start tomorrow. We know it will be a different type of holiday maybe, but we hope you can enjoy time together with your family and make phonecall/FaceTime to other loved ones and let them know you care 🙂


Easter Art Challenge

Since you might have some time to spare I am setting an Easter Art Challenge. I have included some pictures here to inspire you and some links to Easter Art activities, but I know you will all have your very own creative ideas that you can use.

How to enter:

  • Anyone can enter Nursery to P7
  • Create a piece of Easter or Spring inspired art
  • Use any medium (material) you have in the house- paper, paint, crayons,  Plasticine, beads, buttons, recycled items such as cardboard, food packaging, fallen natural materials.
  • You can use any art form (creative expression) such a paintings, collage,  sculptures, musical creation (try Garage Band?), a poem or a rap.
  • All entries to be finished by 21st April
  • All entries will receive a House Point.
  • Entries can be shared by email to, posted to @KirknewtonPS on Twitter or shared in Mrs Tracey’s Channel on your Class Team (P4-P7).
  • Please don’t put your name on the piece of art, that way we can share everyone’s entries in our next assembly online and you can see what all your friends have made!

Good luck everyone, we look forward to seeing your wonderful creations

April 2, 2020
by Miss Hunter

Family Learning – 1+ 2 Languages

Learn a Language as a family!

The PowerLanguage team would like to offer their support to children and their families whilst they wait out the reopening of schools. Why not take this opportunity to learn a new language together? We have opened up our successful French / Spanish for Families courses with no subscription fee until the end of June 2020. Have fun!

This is a great free resources to support families with language learning during school closure.  There are courses for French and for Spanish with video clips and support materials so don’t worry if your language skills are a bit rusty!

Here is the link to the site:


For Families

Miss Hunter

April 2, 2020
by Mrs Bhebhe

Good Morning P3: 02/04/2020

A very good morning to you, P3. I hope you are all ready for another great day of learning!


We are  continuing with learning time . I hope you all made your lovely clocks last week and are using them to play around as you learn reading quarter past and quarter to. You are also revising half past and o’clock. You must be fluent now in reading these times in  Analogue and Digital.

I have given you a Challenge on Sumdog to see how well you learnt Time, Measurement and Multiplication. Please make sure you do this work before tomorrow afternoon as it  will expire then.


Finish up reading the book you chose from Active Learn this week. Continue talking about the importance of pictures and illustrations in literacy. Continue making your Spring/Easter Picture Book. The Picture Book will tell us all the exciting things you did ,saw and made during this Easter Holiday.Remember to write a few sentences under each picture to tell us all about the picture. Use your creativity!

You must have done your Phonic exercise on Active Learn by now. I have also given you Reading work on Sumdog. Go there and do the work I have given each of you. This work will expire tomorrow afternoon , so make sure you do it before then. I have seen some of you have already done the work ,well done!  Those of you have not done it yet, please do so ,if possible today. The House is already open for you to enjoy games!


I hope you are continuing making your Crop Journey book.

Keep Active/P.E

Are you keeping active? There are many ways you can be active indoors as well. What about skipping, star jumping and jogging on the spot, family competitions!

If you have any questions please do ask me.

Mrs Bhebhe

April 2, 2020
by Ms Payne

Thursday 2.4.20 – Primary 1

Happy Thursday Primary 1!

Thank you for all the wonderful photographs that people have sent to me.  It is lovely to see not only your smiling faces but some of your brothers and sisters as well!  Here are a couple of the magic mirrors that you made at home.  If you do not see yours here – don’t worry it is being included in a Primary 1 SWAY of home learning to be looked at when we return to school.

Here are your tasks for today:

Auditory patterns – Copying and Counting Rhythmic Patterns:

Adult – Listen to my pattern and see if you can copy.  Try to count how many claps in my pattern.

Clap a 2 clap pattern. Now try this one. Clap a 2-2 pattern.

Similarly try the following patterns 1-2, 2- 1, 1-3, 3-1, 3-3, 2-3, 3-2.

If your child is confident then try a harder pattern – e.g.  2-4-2

Finger patterns

Image result for finger patterns clipart

  • Choose a number to 10 – make that number with your fingers.  Can you make it another way?
  • Circles only – ask an adult to show you a finger pattern – e.g. Here is 1,
    • How many fingers should you show to make 6?

Health and Well being – PE

It has been lovely to hear that you are keeping active by going on walks and taking part in the Joe Wicks workshops.  Keeping active is a very important thing for all of us to do and it is also our Building Resilience focus for this term.  Mrs Simpson sent me this wonderful PE task that she thought you might enjoy!

PE – Easter Egg Game – Instructions P1-3

Literacy:  This week we are learning about the sounds sh and ch

Suggested Activities – Please do not try to do all these tasks!  I have tried to provide a variety of written and active tasks – just do what you can!

Here are some ch words that you could use (or can you think of your own):

ch-o-p     ch-i-p     r-i-ch     i-t-ch     s-u-ch     ch-i-n     m-u-ch

ch-i-ck     ch-a-t     w-i-t-ch     ch-i-m-p     ch-u-r-ch

  • Ch hunt – can you find any ch words in your house?
  • Complete an activity from your spelling/phonics wall (in your learning pack)
  • Look, Cover, Write, Check – Select some words – look at it,cover it up, write it, then check to see if you are right!
  • Dictation – Please see activities below relating to your child’s literacy group:

Blue/Yellow groups – Ask an adult to tell you a sh sentence:  e.g. I chop the cheese.  Can you write the sentence, remembering your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops?

Green Group – Ask an adult to say some ch words – can you write them down by yourself?

Purple Group – Ask an adult to say a sound that we have learned – can you write the sound?  Use your sound cards to build some simple words together (h-a-t, p-a-t, s-a-t)


Here is a clip from the Walt Disney Film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.  In this clip, Snow White meets the seven dwarfs for the very first time!

In the story each dwarfs name relates to how they look or how they act.   In the powerpoint I shared on Monday some of the dwarfs have different names but their names still have a meaning.

Your tasks:

  1. Design your own dwarf to go into the story.

In your jotter draw a picture of your own dwarf and write their name.  Why have you chosen this name?  How have you shown this in your picture?

If you are feeling creative you could make your dwarf out of things you find around your house.  Here are some pictures to give you some ideas:

    2.  Seven Dwarf responsibility list

Now that Snow White has gone to stay with the Prince, the Seven Dwarfs will have to clean their house all by themselves.  Print off this activity sheet and write a list of all the jobs that they will need to do around their house.

It would have been more responsible if the dwarfs had been helping Snow White with these tasks before she left.  I know at school we have been practicing being responsible by cleaning up our classroom.

  • How do you help around the house?
  • Do you have any responsibilities in your house?
  • If not could you think of something that you could do during this time away from school?
  • Write any ideas on the comments box below.

Remember to look out for our whole School assembly.  Just click on the link that was shared by Mrs Murphy this morning.

See you soon x

Ms Payne

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