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June 19, 2016
by Miss Hocking

P4 Rio Olympics 2016

Canadian flag

Mrs Brown has been giving all the classes in school a task linked to the Olympics. Our class was chosen to represent Canada.

Task 1 was to find out the capital city of  Canada.  Task 2 was to find out 5 interesting facts about Canada. Task 3 was to create a song for the Olympics. Our song was a melody of Queen tunes and ” I’ll be coming round the mountain” using ideas from the children. Our song was very jolly and everyone who heard us perform it  enjoyed it. Our next task is to create a banner depicting Canada.

Song words. Please feel free to sing along with your child ( if they haven’t made you join in already!) just click to get the link.

We are Canadians my friend.

Charlotte’s web.

We have finally finished our class novel and there was not a dry eye in the house! We have been comparing the 1973 cartoon with the book and noting differences. The level of discussion throughout this book has been …..


In technology we had a go at making 3D dragonflies. On Monday we will write an evaluation of our models.

Last homework and spelling test this week. I am looking forward to your Summer survival tips for me. Keep working hard P4, we are nearly there!

Miss Hocking.

June 17, 2016
by Ms Payne

Primary 2 WB: 13.6.16

This week in maths we learned all about 2D shapes.  We looked at the number of sides and corners and tried to find them in the classroom.DSCN0447 DSCN0450 DSCN0449 DSCN0445We made our own patterns and created pictures using the 2D shapes.

Annabelle – My favourite shape is a circle. It has one edge and no corners.

Josh – 2D shapes are flat and you can touch them.  

Evan – We learned about hexagons.  They have 6 sides and 6 corners.  We looked for hexagons in our classroom and found pencils and the egg timerDSCN0441 DSCN0442 DSCN0443 DSCN0444In Literacy we learned about speech bubbles and speech marks.  We looked at different characters and thought about what they might say.  We then wrote sentences about the speech bubbles using the correct punctuation.  DSCN0437 DSCN0438 DSCN0439 DSCN0440

This week in our topic we learned all about rain.  We learned some songs and poems and thought about the good and bad things about rain.  We took advantage of the terrible weather and went outside to do some rain art.  We had to use the rain and wind to move the paints to make a picture and learned all about mixing colours.  We had lots of fun and got VERY messy!

DSCN0436 DSCN0435 DSCN0434 DSCN0433 DSCN0429 DSCN0430 DSCN0431 DSCN0432 DSCN0428 DSCN0427



DSCN0425Rory – We put the paintings in the puddles and the puddles got all colourful. Then used paintbrushes to mix all the paints together.

Ruairidh – I loved when we were putting the pictures in the puddles.

Sophie – I liked dipping the picture in the puddle.

June 15, 2016
by Mrs Griffiths
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Magic in the Nursery 15th June 2016

P6150006 P6150009 P6150010 P6150011 P6150012

Today we had a visit from Douglas the Clown. He wowed us with his amazing magic tricks!

Lexie – “I liked the bunny. Her name was Snowdrop.”

Oliver – “I liked the funny noses.”

Callum – “I liked the magic colours.”

Ruairidh – “The coloured wands were so funny!”

Isla – “I loved the washing machine trick.”

Harry – “The magic wand made stuff go away.”

June 14, 2016
by Mr Buckley
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P6 Digital Learning Week 6/16

P6 had great fun during Digital Learning Week.  We a) Made movie trailers using the iPads, b) Created 16×16 icons (icns files) and c) Created spiral artwork which was then digitised and rotated whilst also being set to music. Unfortunately there is a 50mb limit to our unload so these can not be shared.


IMG_0711 IMG_0715 IMG_0707 IMG_0718 IMG_0717 IMG_0691 IMG_0698 IMG_0679 IMG_0708

June 14, 2016
by Mr Buckley

P6 Cross Country Success 6/16

P6 were entered in to the cluster P6 cross country festival.  Although many people were apprehensive at first, we trained weekly on the approach to the event.  Everyone was very pleased with their own personal improved performance – especially Matthew Green who achieved 3rd place in the boys’ event.  Well done to you all.  A proud moment.


IMG_0780 IMG_0781

June 10, 2016
by Ms Payne

Primary 2 WB: 6.6.16



DSCN0410 DSCN0411

In maths we have been continuing to use the SEAL mathematics approaches to develop our problem solving strategies.


DSCN0412 DSCN0413We have been playing lots of games to help us with missing number sums and adding 3 numbers.DSCN0423DSCN0422

Josh – I liked the spinner one where you had to add the 3 numbers together.

Lewis – I liked playing number headbands.  We found out the total of the cards and had to work out the number on our head.

Kayley – I liked rolling the 3 dice because you get to add and it helps you with maths.

In writing we used a picture stimulus to write an imaginative story.  We also read our stories to each other and peer assessed our writing.DSCN0414DSCN0415Holly – I liked reading Katy’s story.  She had lots of wow words (Vocabulary) in her story.

Sean – I read Lewis S’s story.  He had punctuation like full stops and everything.

Lewis G – I read Rory’s story.  He had a good ending to his story.

DSCN0416 DSCN0417

In Literacy we recapped our learning of antonyms and began to learn about synonyms.  We put some boring words in word jails and used thesaurus’ to find more interesting words.  DSCN0420 DSCN0421

We also had an another exciting week.  We visited the Primary 7 bake sale and were amazed by the different cakes.


DSCN0418DSCN0419We also had a visit from Badger the Mystical Mutt.

Luke – He was really funny because he kept shaking his bottom!

Lochlan – He was funny because he kept stealing the maracas.

Payton – The story was good and it had lots of information about Badger, Hamish and their friends.

June 9, 2016
by Mrs Griffiths

Nursery Jupiter Artland Visit

This week we visited Jupiter Artland. We saw lots of  interesting sculptures and an exhibition with zebra finch birds playing electric guitars! We foraged for natural materials to use to create bird wing artwork.

IMG_0191 IMG_0192 IMG_0201 IMG_0236 IMG_0239 IMG_0246

Sienna “We saw birds playing instruments.”

Daniel “I liked the falling man. It was made of metal.”

Oliver “I liked the birds. They had orange beaks.”

Harry “I liked the peacock. His name was Percy.”

Lexie “I liked the statues.”

Amy “They were zebra birdies.”

Darcee “We made wings using flowers and leaves and grass.”

Wyatt “I liked decorating the wings.”

Ruairidh “There were sculptures.”

June 7, 2016
by Miss Hocking
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P4 share their learning.

190516 Sharing the learning p4p1p2 028Primary 4 have been working very hard and decided to invite Primary 1 and 2 to share their learning. The younger children were shown body power points created by P4. They shared their wonderful personal projects which were completed as homework and also their Charlotte’s web stage setting. a good time was had by all.190516 Sharing the learning p4p1p2 001190516 Sharing the learning p4p1p2 002 190516 Sharing the learning p4p1p2 005

June 3, 2016
by Ms Payne

Primary 2 WB: 30.5.16


This week in maths we have been using the SEAL mathematics resources to develop our addition and subtraction.


We have been discussing the different strategies and explaining how we solved different sums.

In writing we designed and created Thank You cards to send to Monsieur McEvoy.  We had to try to use some French words, such as Bonjour, Merci and tres bien.  We asked Mrs Boden if she could send them to him.


We also had a great week in Rookie Rockstars.  We learned 5 new songs and lots of actions.  We sang some popular songs but our favourite bit was the challenges!


In the first challenge Miss Anderson took part in the marshmallow challenge.   In the second battle Mrs Alexander and Miss Welsh competed in a rap battle against some children.  For the third challenge the upper and lower school turned each other into toilet paper mummies.  On day 4 there was a spotlight challenge and the children had to answer questions about their thoughts of Rookie Rockstars.  The children also recorded the 5 songs to make their very own CD.


The whole school also had to design a CD cover.  The best cover will be used for the Kirknewton CD.  We are very excited to hear the CD and for some of us to take part in the performance next week.


DSCN0402 DSCN0403



We are also very proud of Katy  came third in a Hip Hop dance competition last weekend.

June 2, 2016
by Mrs Griffiths

Nursery 2nd June 2016

P5310003 P5310004 P5310005


P5310008 P5310016 P5310019 P5310020

We have been learning about food and where it comes from. To help us to learn more about this we visited the local allotments.

Elise – “There was a net to stop the birds from pecking and eating the cabbage.”

Daylen – “They were growing potatoes and spring onions.”

Lily – “We brought some rhubarb back to the nursery for cooking.”

Imogen – “We are going to have rhubarb crumble.”

Michael – “Potatoes were growing. We use potatoes to make chips.”

Beatrice – “The bottles protect the plants.”

Dylan – “We rubbed the plant between our fingers then smelled them. It was lavender.”

Cammie – “The sun helps the plants to grow”

We did enjoy rhubarb crumble for snack!

Thank you to the Allotment Society for allowing us to visit.




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