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Musical Monday

Good Morning everyone,

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, spending time with your families at home and enjoying this continuing good weather.

Here we are….Monday again!  I have another song for you, this one is linked to one of our favourite activities at Knightsridge Primary School.  That’s right – books and reading.  Hope you like it.

Something to try

When you are all together with the others in your house, make up a story.  Each take a turn to say a sentence, or even just a word.  You might want to decide on a theme beforehand, e.g – scary, silly, all about sport, involving unicorns – or just let your imaginations run wild!  You could do a few different stories or one long one that you keep adding to.

Primary 3

Good morning everyone!

We hope you all had a great weekend. We have had some amazing weather so hopefully you managed to have some fun in the sun!


Task 1

Log in to Sumdog and access the spelling games. Your spelling groups have been assigned spelling words this week, so good luck and please email us if you need any help.

Task 2

Common words – How many can you read in one minute? Set a timer on a clock/phone for one minute and use your Fry’s word walls to see how many you can read in that time, you will need a helper to keep count for this one!

Task 3

Reading resource –  https://collins.co.uk/pages/big-cat-ebooks

This is a fabulous resource to support reading at home, it is free to sign up and they have lots of supporting worksheets to help develop comprehension. Ask an adult to help you get started and let Miss Cowan and myself know how you found this resource.



Task 1

Here is our Number Talks task for today:


Remember to write down your strategies and challenge yourself to find even more ways of reaching the answer. Four Fingers up Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Did you use your knowledge of number bonds to 10?

Did you use doubling to reach the total?

Did you partition?

Task 2

Here is a little bit of revision. Remember Place value is a fancy way of saying the value of each digit in a number! It means understanding that 582 is made up of 500, 80 and 2, rather than 5, 8 and 2. See if you can identify the value of each digit in the following picture.

Feel free to pick and choose which tasks you would like to do, these are ideas to fit into your day and it is so important that you have time to play and are feeling happy!

We will be setting up a Youtube channel very shortly where you will find some lessons and story time sessions from us! Lights, camera, action!

Have a fantastic day!

Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan


Primary 3

Rise and shine!

We hope you are all feeling well today and have been working through your Home Learning Packs.

Let’s have a quick check-in this morning to see how we are all feeling, just like circle time in class, send an emoji and a little sentence describing your emotions to myself or Miss Cowan – we would love to hear from you all!


Here is your Literacy task for this morning:

Summarising –

A summary retells the main events in a story in a shorter version.

Select a story you have or listened to online.

Can you summarise it in 5 sentences?

Can your summarise it now in 5 words?

Can you create a 5 word sentence?

Remember to record this challenge in your jotter.




Send your strategies to us too, remember to use the vocabulary you have been learning this year to tell us how you have figured out your answer. Did you use doubles? Near doubles? Number bonds to 10?


Have a great day Primary 3,


Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan

Primary 3

Good morning everyone!

What are your lunch plans today? The Scottish Book Trust are hosting a special Reading Lunch over on their Twitter page. Just follow this link to get involved:

Miss Cowan and myself will be joining in between 12-2pm.

If you do not have Twitter you could send your recommendations to us through your Glow email!

Citizen Science

Do you have an empty plastic bottle at home? You could transform this into a bird feeder and observe the different species which visit your garden. Carry out some research to see which foods are safe for birds to eat and follow the instructions in this link to help you:

Enjoy your day and remember to get some fresh air.


Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan


Good afternoon Primary 1

While you are reading at home it might be a good idea to continue to engage with our reading targets. I have attached them so they can be used as you read different stories at home. You can use these as discussion points before, during and after reading and traffic light them with how well you think you have done for each target – green if you did an amazing job, red if this is something you still need to work on and amber if you were somewhere in between.

Good luck and happy reading 🙂

Early Pupil Friendly Reading Targets – Enjoyment and Choice

Early Pupil Friendly Reading Targets – Finding and Using Information (2)

Early Pupil Friendly Reading Targets – Tools for Reading

Early Pupil Friendly Reading Targets – Understanding, Analysing and Evaluating