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Breakfast Club – Money Week focus

We had lots of fun and some interesting discussions during Breakfast Club last week, when we learned more about the cost of some basic food items.

It’s the end of term!

Good Morning everyone,

Our music activity today is called ‘Weevily Wheat’ and you will need two cups, placed in front of you on the floor.

Why don’t you have a go?


Have a lovely morning and a fantastic summer.  We look forward to seeing you after the holidays.   Good luck at High School, Primary 7. Stay safe everyone and take lots of care, of yourselves and your families.

Mrs Ramsay 🙂

Our Summer Playlist

Hello everyone,

Here are the last four songs on our Summer Playlist.  We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to them all over the last week and we have maybe helped to introduce you to something new.

Mrs Williamson has chosen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50kP4S0peAs

Mr Lewis has chosen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC8FET-EGVM

Mrs Gillespie has chosen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbZSe6N_BXs

Mrs Ramsay has chosen: https://youtu.be/YkDaCWXIXCE


A Music Challenge for Thursday

Good Morning everyone,

Well done to all of you who have joined in, attempted and persevered with lots of the Daily Music Activities – you have done so well and it’s been good to hear from you on Teams, letting us know how you have managed.  Some of you have even sent videos of you performing the songs and we appreciate that!

Today’s song is called ‘Bravo, Bravissimo’.  Can you work out what that means?  You’ll need some sticks, pencils or chopsticks for this, if you have them.  You can always choose just to sing along instead.


Wee Summer Sing – Wednesday

Hello everyone,

What a lovely warm and sunny day it is!

Today’s song for the Wee Summer Sing is Charlie Over the Ocean.

You will need two cups that can stack one on top of the other  and six markers such as pebbles or buttons.  You don’t have to do the actions though, you could just enjoy singing along with John, the presenter.


Here is another clip, with British Sign Language too:




Music Activity for Wednesday

Good Morning everyone,

How are you all today?

Our Music Activity today is called Debka Hora and it is an action song with clicks, claps, stamps, shoulder and knee taps.  It’s an Israeli song with a traditional dance, maybe you could do some research and find out more about it?

This might help you too, although it is all explained clearly in the video clip: Debka-Hora song words and instructions.