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Tinfoil Sculptures!


Look at what you can achieve with some sculpted tinfoil! With just a few twists, scrunches and a little personality you have created some amazing tinfoil sculptures…

Thank you for joining in with last week’s ART challenge.

Look out for the final one of the term, will be posted soon.

Have a good day,

Mrs Piper

Reading in the Middle Area

Good afternoon all Primary 4s and 5s!

We all love reading in the Middle Area so you will be very interested in this:


Puffin Publishers are celebrating their 80th birthday this year… and YOU are invited along for the celebrations! They are holding an online Festival of Big Dreams – doesn’t that sound amazing?!


You will find lots of fabulous resources and activities to take part in this week. Each day there will be two 20 minute videos uploaded with fun activities for you to do – one at 11.30am and another at 3.30pm. Today at 3.30pm is a draw-off with two very talented illustrators,  Nadia Shireen and Ed Vere.   We know how much you love to draw too.    Let us know how you get on!

Have a lovely afternoon. 🙂

PRIMARY 5, Thursday 28th May 2020 – afternoon activities

Hello again Primary 5,

How are you all?

This Afternoon
Maybe this afternoon you could create a piece of Body Sensations art work (as mentioned in the PowerPoint from this morning  (the examples are ‘butterflies in my tummy’ or ‘jelly legs’) – we would love to see your creations and fantastic ideas.
Maybe you’d like a different kind of Challenge?  Have a look at this INspired Challenge, which will really get you thinking creatively – https://youtu.be/ZOBfNK9WWEg
Again, it would be good to hear how you got on with this.
Remember, you can still complete your Alternative Sports Day Activities and send your points total and photos to us before tomorrow, when Mrs Ferguson will add them all up and reveal which House has won.
Have a brilliant afternoon, Primary 5!
Mrs Ramsay and Mrs Gillespie 🙂


Good Afternoon Primary 5/4

Good Afternoon everyone,

I hope you’re having a really good day.  Why don’t you enjoy some time reading over lunch today?  Or find somewhere comfortable this afternoon and settle down with a good book?

Isn’t this a lovely image?  What powerful message do you see?

You could try this Music Challenge at some point?

Or perhaps you would like to do some Art and Craft?

Rainbows are everywhere at the moment and this a lovely activity to try.  I worked with children last week in the Hub to make these.  You can write your own inspirational quote or search for one ?  We would love to see your finished work too! https://www.instagram.com/p/B_7YjYnnXgl/?fbclid=IwAR2rEay7Uz-ht8YcgOgq7uXcsRmDO2KyTr8Tu0xb8tQhVv3QVQTkoGmEobs

It ties in so nicely with our learning about KINDNESS too.

Have a lovely afternoon, Primary 5/4, and remember to join the Class Teams Meeting at 2.45pm, if you can.  Take care,

Mrs Ramsay 🙂


Afternoon Activities

Hi everyone!

Are you enjoying the sunshine?

Day Sunshine GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hopefully you are spending a little bit of your day outdoors! So here are some ideas to carry on your learning in the garden or out on a walk.

We will be identifying parts of a plant today –

Dig up a weed such as a dandelion and study the plant parts. Pick a petal from a buttercup and see the nectar at the base!

The following activity will help to identify some of these plant parts and also deepen your understanding of the importance each part plays:


Collect different leaves from your garden and create a picture using leaf rubbings – leaf rubbings are created by placing a piece of paper over your leaf and rubbing the side of a crayon over it to recreate the beautiful patterns. See how many different leaves you can include in your picture. You can also use bark from trees which works very well!

Fall Into Learning with Mrs Dunnigan | Elementary art projects ...

Have a lovely day Primary 3!

Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan


PRIMARY 5/4, Wednesday afternoon

Good Afternoon everyone,

How is your day going?

Here are some suggested learning activities you could maybe do this afternoon….

Maybe you would like to learn how to draw a realistic bee?


You will remember Mrs Piper’s beautiful bee art from a few weeks ago too:

Mrs Ferguson has posted a request for you to make a poster for Sports Day:

Tuesday 26th May is supposed to be our annual sports day and we won’t let being at home stop us from taking part this year!  Instead you will do sports day activities at home that week to earn points for your house. These activities will be posted on Monday 25th May- get this date in your calendar.

To get everyone motivated I would like you to make a poster please. This poster could promote sports day, cheer on the school, cheer on your house team or anything else related to sports day you can think of. For example:

KPS Sports Day  Tuesday 26th May 

Good Luck KPS 

Hooray for Sports Day 

GOOD LUCK Cameron or Douglas or Maitland or McKenzie 

Take a picture of your poster and send it to Mr Lewis or on the Primary 5/4 Teams page. 

I look forward to seeing your posters 

Mrs Ferguson 



As always, these are all suggested activities.  Try and find some time to read during the day too.  Hopefully you’ll be able to get outside in this lovely warm sunshine for some fresh air and exercise as well. 

Have a fantastic afternoon!

Mrs Ramsay 🙂


Hello to everyone in the Middle Area classes!

Hello everyone,

Monday and Tuesday next week are holidays and on Wednesday we will back posting more learning for you all on Teams, here on Glow and via e-mail.

We have worked together to put together some suggested fun activities you may like to try over the holiday weekend.  As always, these are suggestions and the most important thing is that you stay safe, well and happy with your families at home.

Mrs Williamson, Mr Lewis, Mrs Gillespie and Mrs Ramsay

Holiday Weekend suggestions Middle Area Classes