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Good morning everyone.

Thank you so much for your effort with sports day this week. I am so proud of all of you and if you haven’t managed to complete the tasks yet or haven’t submitted your score sheet then there is still time to do that today.

I’m sure some of you will have already seen Mrs Marhsall’s post telling you that today should have been our Fun Run and what a perfect sunny day we have for it too. She has asked you to still take part in the FUN RUN even although we are at home and has asked you to go out into your garden  between 10 and 11am  to run.  Take out plenty water as it is going to be a hot day.

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to keep running:

  • Mark out a small running track in your garden/area around your house and see how many times you can run round it before you need to stop. Challenge someone in your family to do as many as you.
  • Set up the shuttle run station like sports day and see if you can keep repeating the shuttles during the hour.
  • Roll a dice to see how many times round the track or  how many shuttles you have to do.
  • Play tig with you family- if caught by the tiggers jog on the spot to keep moving.
  • Set out 2 markers and run a  relay with members of your family. If you don’t have a relay baton to pass on you could use a wooden spoon.

Please let us know how you get on running the FUN RUN at home and log this activity and sports day activity on Travel to Tokyo site.

Good Luck

Mrs Ferguson


PRIMARY 5, Tuesday 26th May

Good Morning Primary 5,

Today is our Alternative Sports Day!  Thank you to Mrs Ferguson, for all her organisation and planning.  Have a fun-filled, exciting Virtual Sports Day – you will love all the activities that have been planned for you to take part in at home.  You will find everything you need in Mrs Ferguson’s post. The weather is looking good too.

Good Luck everyone!

Some Sports Day fun activities for you to try, if you like….

Sports Day related activities


Friday Fitness Fun

Good Morning everyone,

It’s Friday!  As we are gearing up to Sports Day next week…

  • Think of some actions you could do to accompany each verse of this song.
  • Talk about how many different types of exercise there are. What could you do around the house (and garden, if possible) to keep active?  Make a list.
  • Can you create your own Challenge or Obstacle Course at home? Remember to keep safe at all times!
  • Did you know? – you use two hundred muscles to take a single step forward!

Travel to Tokyo

Good morning KPS,

I hope you have all had a lovely long weekend.  I thought that just now was the perfect time for you to go on and log all the activity you did over the weekend onto our Travel to Tokyo Dashboard.

Well done to all those who have done so already but we need to keep at it. The P7 team logged the most activity last week and the P4 team has some activity logged for this week already- superb!

This  week’s goal is to try to double amount of activity you did last week so follow the instructions below to log all your activity from the weekend and keep adding every day if you can. Even if you are out walking your dog then that counts as activity.

Go to the GET SET website

Click on Families

Find School using Postcode EH54 8HG

Click on Log Activity

Click on your team

Then get logging all the activity you have been doing.

Mrs Ferguson

Travel to Tokyo Challenge – updated 13 May

Good Afternoon KPS.

This was supposed to be an Olympics year but unfortunately Tokyo 2020 has had to be postponed. However, we can still get active,  stay connected  and even win prizes  by take parting in the many activities from Team GB and Paralympics GB’s free programme for children.

I have registered the school for the Travel to Tokyo challenge which asks you to simply log any activity you and your family are doing each day/ week.

Here is how you do it:

Travel to Tokyo KPS Log on instructions


There are different weekly goals and prizes up for grabs and this week you need to log 4 different types of activity.

Let me know how you are getting on and staff you can click on the school team tab to log your activity and join in too.

Mrs Ferguson

Seussical the musical show Is finally finished!

Hello there guys that is the show finally finished .We are just doing this blog to tell you how successful the show was. It was an amazing and so far we raised £24.10 just from games. We made quite a lot of money from the show and we hope everyone enjoyed the show. Thanks for coming.


Anyone for Hockey?

Did you know that Livingston Hockey Club hold their training sessions at Inveralmond Community High School on a Wednesday night for anyone aged 8 and over? It’s just around the corner for most so why now pop along and give it a try. Everyone had so much fun playing hockey last week with Hamish from Scottish Hockey and some coaches and players from Livingston Hockey  Club that it is definitely worth giving the club a try.  Click on the link to the poster for more information


Commonwealth Games have started.

The Commonwealth Games have started today in the Gold Coast in Australia.  BBC are showing lots of the sporting events so you can tune in to see Scotland win some medals ( fingers crossed!) From day 1 Scotland has teams playing Hockey and Netball and individuals competing at swimming and track cycling.  I wonder how many medals we can get on the first day? Did you know that West Lothian has 7 athletes over in the Gold Coast representing Scotland?

Click on the link below to see the Day by Day guide to all the sporting action. Who will be your sporting hero?