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Mrs Marshall……..

Well done everyone – what an effort you all made…..fantastic! Huge congratulations to Cameron House 👍 though I think you were all winners in demonstrating such enthusiasm on the day. Great sports day Mrs Ferguson – you must be delighted 👍🙂
I did notice an amazing Douglas poster…..that really made me smile 😊😊


2020 Fun Run

Well done to all of you for taking part in our very different school Fun Run last Friday.  An extra big ‘thank you’ to Korey in P5 for being a super ambassador for our run and sending in a photgraph.

Some of the staff also sent in photos and I must say they looked a lot more tired than Korey did


Miss Mitchell took in the sights around her local area on her run, whilst Mrs McLellan was pounding the streets  😊  Mrs Nelson and Mrs Marshall, meanwhile, chose to stay in their gardens – probably so they could have a seat when they needed it  😊 😊    I’m hoping Mrs Ramsay remembered to put her shoes and her hat on before she set off?!

Well done everyone for supporting our event 😊 👍 I am ver proud of you all 👍


Mrs Marshall here…………Fun Run Time 😊

Good morning everyone – I hope you all managed to get your sports day activities completed and results sent to Mrs Ferguson.  I have a good feeling that lots of Douglas people will have sent in their scores and we will be flying high….GO DOUGLAS 😊😊😊

Today it is time for our annual school Fun Run.  Normally we would all be heading over to the playing field to complete our run:

1 lap round the field for the nursery, Primary 1 and Primary 2

2 laps round the field for Primary 3 and Primary 4

and     4 laps round the field for Primary 5, Primary 6 and Primary 7

The good news for Primary 7 is that they will not have to do an extra lap with their buddies 😊  This year I am asking you to run around your garden instead of the playing field – but that means you will need to do more laps!  To make it easier I would like you to walk, jog or run for a number of minutes instead of a number of laps:

Primary 1, Primary 2 and nursery will jog for 5 minutes

Primary 3 and Primary 4 will jog for 10 minutes

Primary 5, Primary 6 and Primary 7 will jog for 15 minutes

This may seem like a long time, but it is probably less time that it would have taken out on the field – and remember the staff will be joining in too 😊 If possible you could listen to some music when you’re jogging – that always helps me 😊  There is a good link below……..

If you can, please take a photo of you completing your run and send it to me, Mrs Ferguson or your class teacher.

Good luck everyone 👍



A song for Well Being Wednesday

Hello everyone and welcome to Wednesday, here is a song which ties in with our Well Being Wednesday focus:

We are thinking specifically about CONNECTING with others.  Who will you CONNECT with today in your conversations?  Maybe you will find out something new?

Learning something new every day actually makes you happier! (It makes you more interesting to others; you relate to more people; it builds self-esteem; you make more friends; it fuels creativity; and your life becomes richer.)



Mrs Marshall calling………….again!!

Good morning everyone – I am just popping up today as this is a very special week.  If we had still been in school it would have been sports day and our annual ‘Fun Run’.  Now,  just because we’re not in school does not mean that Mrs Ferguson or I have forgotten…….no, no, no.

I know Mrs Ferguson has a special sports day planned for you and I hope you will all take part as much as you can……..everyone in Douglas house, I know you will be out there doing your very best 😊

On Friday it would make me happy 😊😊 if we could all do a wee bit of running so that our ‘Fun Run’ is still being celebrated.  The forecast is good so our challenge is to have everyone outside between 10am and 11am for a bit of running – that way we can all be thinking of each other.  Why not get other family members joining in too – and if you could take some photos and either send them to me or to your class teachers that would be amazing.

I will be running round my garden on Friday with Molly – and will be thinking about you………good luck 👍👍

Friday Fitness Fun

Good Morning everyone,

It’s Friday!  As we are gearing up to Sports Day next week…

  • Think of some actions you could do to accompany each verse of this song.
  • Talk about how many different types of exercise there are. What could you do around the house (and garden, if possible) to keep active?  Make a list.
  • Can you create your own Challenge or Obstacle Course at home? Remember to keep safe at all times!
  • Did you know? – you use two hundred muscles to take a single step forward!

All about Kindness

Hello everyone,

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week

and this song ties in so well with the ‘Kindness’ theme –

With your family members, make a list of little acts of kindness that you can do to brighten someone’s day at home, such as checking if they are alright, asking if there is anything you can do to help, offering to make a cup of tea, tidying up without being asked, helping with a chore around the house etc.  Can you come up with twenty to thirty ideas?  How many can you do in a day?  You could make a poster like this with your ideas:

Have a lovely day and be kind, to yourself and to others.