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Seussical the musical show Is finally finished!

Hello there guys that is the show finally finished .We are just doing this blog to tell you how successful the show was. It was an amazing and so far we raised £24.10 just from games. We made quite a lot of money from the show and we hope everyone enjoyed the show. Thanks for coming.


World Book Day

World Book Day

Today would be the perfect day to create a character or scene from your paper plate. We look forward to seeing them when we return to school.

Take time to enjoy World Book Day at home, snuggle up and read your favourite stories with someone at home. Do you think it is too cold to read outside, can you prove us wrong? Can you share your favourite story at dinner time and retell it in your own words?

Thank you to Megan, Libby and Mikayla for organising everyone’s plates and tokens.

This is Primary 7s ‘Tree of Love’… we reflected on what love is, what is looks like and how we can show love or kindness to others. On one side of our little heart we wrote and example of this and on the other we discussed love on a global scale and linked this theme to the UN’s Global Goals. How could we show love to the world, what practical things could we do? Please come and have a look at our tree, it’s just outside our classroom.

Diversity in Image

On Thursday afternoon we had a Diversity afternoon. Children from P6, P7/6 and P7 moved around the 3 classrooms to experience diversity through Drama, Art and from a social perspective.

With Mrs Piper we discussed how the media can portray the perfect image and how this made us feel. After thinking about this we agreed that there is no normal, one size does NOT fit all. Embrace our differences and celebrate our differences.

Inspired by Picasso we created pictures which mocked these perfect images. View them in our Upper Area and read our messages which reinforce these differences.


To mark Remembrance Day on the 11th of November we will be holding a 2 minute silence to show our respect to all those who have lost their lives in conflict. Please note that Poppies will be on sale for the next two weeks.  Members of Primary 7/6 will be selling Poppies for a minimum donation of 20p. Poppies can also be purchased at the school office. Please help us to support this worthy cause.poppies

Children’s Commissioner Awards Level 2


On Thursday we welcomed Mr Tam Baillie, The Children’s Commissioner for Scotland, who awarded our Rights Respecting Schools Pupil Group with their Level 2 Award.

Our group presented a showcase of our ‘Rights’ journey and the work that has taken place over the past few years, which has transformed our school. Mr Baillie described his role in defending and protecting the rights of children in Scotland and across the world. He also took part in a question and answer session.

We wanted to gift The Commissioner with something which summarised who we are as a school. Shana Kelly in P7/6 suggested that every class could design a flower to put together as a collaborative piece.

He was delighted with this piece and was looking forward to taking it back to his colleagues.

We would like to thank Mr Baillie for taking the time to visit us and be part of our school celebrating this achievement.