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Happy World Oceans Day!

Good morning everyone!

Today is World Oceans Day and I would like you to have a little think about ways in which we can help to look after our Oceans, to protect the creatures who live there and stop pollution. We can all do a little to help!

I would encourage you to always try your hardest to reduce, reuse and recycle at home just like we do at school.

There is an online festival happening today with lots of fun online learning events relating to World Ocean Day! Events which explore plastic pollution, story telling events, live art lessons and live streams exploring rockpools, there are so many to choose from! Please have a look through these with an adult and try to join in with some of the events! This morning there is a live Rockpool Ramble at 9.30am, where you can see all of the amazing creatures that live within our rockpools.

World Ocean Day for schools

Perhaps you could make a poster to encourage people to look after the ocean or one warning people about the dangers of plastic for sea creatures? You could do some writing too. You could write a persuasive piece to encourage people to look after our oceans or you could write an imaginative piece all about life under the sea. You could try to reuse materials to make your favourite sea creatures or you could also join in with the live events to make your own hammerhead shark, a habit-hat or a rain guage!

You decide what you would like to do but try to do at least one thing to mark this special day, it could even be something as simple as wearing something blue like the ocean today! If you do take part in any of the live events or make anything then please let your teacher know as I would love to hear about what you have been doing! Have a great day everyone!

Miss Muir and the ECO team!



Good morning everyone,


Today mark’s the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. Even though we aren’t together at school you can still celebrate at home by carrying out different activities. You can think about simple ways you can look after our planet and continue to reduce, reuse and recycle. I have included some activities below that you can choose from to try today or during your free time this week.

Here is a story for Primary 1- 3 to let you know all about Climate Change


Do you like Minecraft? Today Jupiter Artland in Minecraft are holding a World Earth Day Sculpture Challenge. The winning design will join the permanent collection at Jupiter’s online universe plus win goodies including a free family-visit to Jupiter when they reopen later this year! Have a look on the website for more information 


Access NASA’s climatekids website and have a look. They have lots of information, fun videos for you to watch and fun games to play to learn more about climate change

Could you make a poster to encourage people to look after our planet?

Why don’t you get crafty using recyclable materials. Use the link below to inspire you.

Send us photographs of anything that you make at home, we’d love to see!

Remember we should make everyday Earth Day and always try hard to look after our planet. Why don’t you try some of the activities in the document below and be an ECO hero at home everyday.

ECO hero

Have a lovely day today, stay safe and have fun! I hope that you can all do at least one thing to celebrate this special day today! I’ll post next week with some cool planting tips that you could use at home to grow your own vegetables. Speak to you all soon, Miss Muir.


Seussical the musical show Is finally finished!

Hello there guys that is the show finally finished .We are just doing this blog to tell you how successful the show was. It was an amazing and so far we raised £24.10 just from games. We made quite a lot of money from the show and we hope everyone enjoyed the show. Thanks for coming.


Eco Planting!

This morning our Primary 4 to 7 Eco Group planted runner beans and peas with Mrs Mushens and Mr Rowland.


We are excited about watching our beans grow! Our group will be selling peas, beans and other plants at the summer fayre.

Reusable Bag Design Winner!

A huge well done to Amber Clark from Primary 7/6 for being selected as the winner for the reusable bag competition.

We look forward to having Amber’s creative design transferred onto reusable bags. We hope to have these available at our Summer Fayre.

Well Done Amber!

ECO Week Success!

A huge Thank You to all our children including the ECO Committee members, parents/carers, family friends and staff for their effort, support and motivation during ECO Week. The children have learned so much about ‘Water’ as well as other ECO issues throughout ECO Week. Last Friday (21st April) the ECO committee shared their learning/work and plans for ECO week at the ECO assembly. The learning that has gone on in school this week is impressive! This Friday (28th April) the ECO Committee hosted a very successful coffee morning where their learning was shared with everyone who came along on the day. The choir beautifully sang ‘It’s Our World’ and children who demonstrated outstanding ECO work were awarded with certificates – Well Done to you all!


Thank You to everyone who made the ECO coffee morning such a success including the parents/carers/family friends, The ECO comittee and all our staff at KPS (A special Thank You to Mrs Currie who helped bake cakes and Mrs Fleming for setting up the hall).

P3 are ECO Warriers

This week in P3 we have been finding out how we can be ECO friendly at home and school.  We completed an ECO homework challenge to record the ways we try to be ECO aware. Well done to everyone who completed the challenge especially Ralfs and Mackenzie who were our overall winners.

Eco Week in Primary 2

This week we have been investigating how people use water.

We thought about all the different ways that we use water at home and in school and then we wrote them on water droplets. This will remind us how important water is.

We worked in pairs to complete a survey. Some very helpful Primary 6 and 7 pupils helped us visit other classes in the school. We asked what the boys and girls in KPS use water for and we collected the results using tally marks.

When we got back to class, we used the information we had collected to create bar charts.

We also took part in the “design a reusable bag” competition. Some of our entries are pictured below.

It’s been a great Eco Week!