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‘Free’ Drawing Techniques

Art has been very different today!! We have been exploring drawing through a few different tasks which we have found fun, difficult, intertesting and a bit strange!! These tasks will help us become more ‘free’ in our drawing style.

1. Continuous line drawing – one drawing but DO NOT lift your pen off the paper!

101_3687 101_3688 101_3685

2. Backwards and forwards – every line you draw you must draw it forwards and backwards!


3. Eyes closed! (speaks for itself!)

101_3691 101_3690 101_3689

4. Drawing in partnership – mirrored drawing at the same time to create a picture!

101_3693 101_3692

We also drew with our other hand!

By the end of the lessons are drawings were free, quick, sketchy, let’s see how we can use these skills in our other artwork!

Printed Winter Landscapes


P5s collaged a textured print block using a range of papers to create a  hill of winter trees. They then rolled white ink over the print and pressed it onto black paper. Some textures gave a clearer result than others. We think that both pieces are delightful works of art!



#Art in Action!

100_4259 100_4260 100_4262 100_4263 100_4264

The children decided this title! P6 were embracing technical drawings today! They were learning how and where to show light and shadow on their snowmen creations. This technique demonstrates that the snowman is round, adding to a more realistic drawing. We were delighted with the results!


Let’s see if we can use this skills elsewhere in our artwork!

Abstract Landscapes


p7s and P6s explored new techniques to create these landscapes. Extracting dye from crepe paper, embossing using thin metal foil and lending a hand to mount their art work, which is a skill in itself! An eye for detail is needed here.



Recycled Art

101_3579 101_3578 101_3575

This is a technique I have been looking forward to trying and the P4s were very willing to help. We used pages from an old book as our background and drew buildings inspired by Paul Klee. The children mixed all these colours and tones from just three watercolours to complete the buildings. The pictures will be displayed in the library corner in the Middle Area. What do you think of this effect?



I love these pieces of art by P6, they are so effective. First, they painted a blended colour wash from sky to sea using the colours of the colour wheel. Then they cut out and scored a city skyline from polystyrene and printed it onto the sky section, using black ink and rollers. The challenge was to reverse this and create a lighter print to represent the reflection. I think the children acheived this, do you?

20151014_101959 20151014_101036



20150930_124721  20150930_124749 20150930_124804 20150930_12475620150930_124659

It may not be a typical Autumn this year, though P5/4 and P5 continued think about the changes during this season through their ART.

Most of the pieces focussed on WIND and RAIN as well as colour changes. We tried to capture MOVEMENT in most of our pieces. Do you think we have achieved this?

I love the new techniques we explored – felt tips and water, laminating leaves and flicking our paint brushes.

Super pieces P5/4 and P5!

Windy Washing Lines!


Last term P6 and P7/6 created a range of weathery artwork. These pieces have been our favourite! Children enjoyed spraying paint and watching the effect. Our little clothes lines, collaged with fabric added movement to our pictures.

Let’s hope they are pegged down tightly! Maybe it’s time to start drying indoors?!