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An Exciting Art Competition!

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to pop on to tell you about an Art Competition that you could try at home over the next couple of weeks!

Think of a design of hope for key workers and communities.

Can you think of an amazing, bright, bold, colourful design to brighten up the side of a bus. One West Lothian pupil’s design could be featured on the side of a bus, cheering up communities and passengers as they travel along their routes!

The competition is running as part of Children’s Art Week, which this year, celebrates the theme of Connecting Across Generations. All you need to enter is a sheet of plain paper, some bold colours to work with and their creative imagination. Creative ideas can be submitted using any colour, pattern or drawing.

Follow the links for details on submitting ideas, all pictures should be submitted by 6th August 2020.

An example...

I would love you to have a go at entering this competition, I know many of you have creative ideas and would think of some amazing designs,

Mrs Piper

Faces on Plates

Good Morning Everyone,

Can you believe this is the last week of the Summer term? How are you feeling about it? Are you happy for the holidays to begin?

Or surprised that it is that time of year again?

Can you create a face using items that you find around you home? I used a plate as my canvas. Then have a look for small items that would be the perfect shapes for the features on your face. Remember the shape of your eye brows can help show how you are feeling.

Please take a photo of your plate, try to take it straight above your design. I would love to share your creations on Friday, so this week week could you send me your pictures by Thursday? Please share through GLOW, Teams or Twitter @MrsPiperKPS.

I look forward to seeing them, have a creative week!

Mrs Piper

Tinfoil Sculptures!


Look at what you can achieve with some sculpted tinfoil! With just a few twists, scrunches and a little personality you have created some amazing tinfoil sculptures…

Thank you for joining in with last week’s ART challenge.

Look out for the final one of the term, will be posted soon.

Have a good day,

Mrs Piper

Tinfoil Sculptures

Good Morning Everyone….

Here’s is this week’s Art challenge, I would love you to try this at home.

A sculpture is a 3d model which can be made of lots of different materials – this week we are making little models with tinfoil!

Tinfoil is a brilliant material to use but you need to be gentle with it.

  1. Start with a square piece of tinfoil. I have drawn 5 guide lines which are the lines you are going to cut on your foil.  Two at the top, one on each side and one at the bottom.

2. Begin to scrunch together the 5 sections of the foil. Be really gentle, It’s better to scrunch a little at a time… You will begin to see a figure forming!

3.  Keep squeezing and shaping a head, arms, body, legs, feet and hands…

4. You might want to choose a shape to put your little figure into. What can the arms do? Legs? I am waving hello to you all!

5. Have a little bit of fun with your tinfoil figure…

I would love to see your tinfoil sculptures this week. I love that we are using materials that can be found around the home to create pieces of art.

Please share your sculptures with me by Friday through Glow, Teams or Twitter @MrsPiperKPS I can’t wait to see them…

Mrs Piper 🙂

Art Challenge…Textured Bugs

Morning Everyone,

I would love you to take part in this week’s challenge. A couple of weeks ago we had scribbly bugs, this weeks we are on the hunt for textured bugs.

  1. Draw out a bug onto cardboard, the back of a cereal box or thick paper. Keep the drawing simple and in one colour, black is the clearest.
  2. Cut out one section of his body, but leave the rest of the body intact. You may need an adult’s help with this.  I only cut out the snail’s shell…

3. Then go on a texture hunt, hold up your little snail or other bug up to different patterns or designs in and around your home. Outside is really fun too…

Can you see how your snail will change depending on the background?

I had fun with a bee too!

I would love to see what you can do with this challenge, you could send me your favourite photo of your little animal with a textured body. Please share it with me via GLOW, Teams or Twitter by Friday.

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Piper

Tic Tac Toe – Art Challenge

Morning Everyone,

Tic Tac, Toe or ‘Noughts and Crosses’ or even ‘X’s /O’s’ as I called it when I was little!

This week’s challenge is to create your own version. Here are some of my ideas, we played many games of it this weekend as I was making them.

  1. Paint rocks to make two teams…

2. Make a cardboard version – use old packaging or boxes to cut the cardboard pieces and board…

3. Or create a nature version…

4. Lids are a great resource to recycle and play with!

You will have your own amazing ideas as you are so creative. For your game to work you will need 5 pieces for each team.

I would love you to share your ideas with me through GLOW, Teams or Twitter @MrsPiperKPS by Friday so I can collate them.

Such a simple game with many possibilities, I can’t wait to see your ideas – maybe some more of the teachers will also have a go?

Have a good day,

Mrs Piper