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Travel to Tokyo Challenge – updated 13 May

Good Afternoon KPS.

This was supposed to be an Olympics year but unfortunately Tokyo 2020 has had to be postponed. However, we can still get active,  stay connected  and even win prizes  by take parting in the many activities from Team GB and Paralympics GB’s free programme for children.

I have registered the school for the Travel to Tokyo challenge which asks you to simply log any activity you and your family are doing each day/ week.

Here is how you do it:

Travel to Tokyo KPS Log on instructions


There are different weekly goals and prizes up for grabs and this week you need to log 4 different types of activity.

Let me know how you are getting on and staff you can click on the school team tab to log your activity and join in too.

Mrs Ferguson

Time to sing!

Hello everyone,

For those of you who are in the Choir and anyone who loves to sing, you might be interested in this…

My favourite so far is ‘A Little Bit of Kindness’.  Which song do you like best?  Singing makes us all feel better and cheers everyone up, so why not encourage others in your house to join in too?!

Keep smiling!

Mrs Ramsay

Seussical the musical show Is finally finished!

Hello there guys that is the show finally finished .We are just doing this blog to tell you how successful the show was. It was an amazing and so far we raised £24.10 just from games. We made quite a lot of money from the show and we hope everyone enjoyed the show. Thanks for coming.


Deans Cluster Sports Club

Did you know that there are cluster sports clubs at Deans Community High School that Knighstridge Primary School pupils can go to? At various times and days in the week there is Gymnastics for P1 to P7,  Girls Handball for P5 to S1, Funky fitness for P1 to P4, Netball for p5 to S1 and Swimming for 8yrs and over. For more information ask at school or contact Angela Coulter, Active Schools coordinator at Deans Community High School( 01506 282155) .

From the Sports Committee

Science Club Autumn Bottles

This week in Super Scientist Club we created these Autumn Sensory Bottles! They look like Autumnal snow globes! First we went outside and searched for a variety of different colours of Autumn leaves. Then, we put them in our bottles and added red and gold glitter. Finally we topped the bottle up with water and gave it a shake! Take a look at our creations.

Super Scientists Club

Today in our Science club we blew up balloons but not the way you would think… We poured vinegar into a recycled bottle. We used a funnel to put a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda into a new balloon. After that, we secured the balloon to the bottle top and released the bicarbonate of soda into the vinegar and boom! The balloon started to blow up! The balloon blew up because there had been a fizzing chemical reaction. The gas from the bubbles blew up the balloon! The more bicarbonate of soda we used, the bigger the balloon got!