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Good Morning Primary 2,

What a lovely day it was yesterday and hopefully today is going to be nice too.  Remember to stay safe in the sun everyone!


We always like to start the day with some exercise

Here is a nature scavenger hunt you may like to do today as it is a nice day to get outdoors Nature Scavenger Hunt PDF Printable_The Pragmatic Parent (1) (1)

The Summer Reading challenge has gone digital this year to ensure children can still take part even though they’re unable to visit our libraries just now. Here are some details of this year’s challenge and information on how to join in:


Have a great morning Primary 2.


Mrs Burn and Mrs Williams


Primary 2 – 24th June – PM

Good Afternoon Primary 2,

Today is National Writing Day Challenge.  Have a look at BBC bitesize for more information and give the challenge a go if you can!

If you have had a little too much screen-time today, here are some ideas you may like to try that don’t involve a screen.  Let us know if you manage to try any.

It is a lovely afternoon so hopefully you can get outside for some fresh air.

Have a great afternoon!


Mrs Burn and Mrs Williams


P2 – 23rd June, AM

Good Morning P2,

Memorable Moments

What a year we have had P2! For your writing today, tell us about your most memorable moments.  Was it the Nativity or Class Assembly, or maybe the visit from the Fire Service?

You can be as creative as you would like but remember:
• Capital letters and full stops;
• Connectives like; and, but, so, because;
• Use your phonics to help you with spelling;
• Neatest handwriting.


Here is a good game to play to help us practise our addition and subtraction

Sumdog – remember to log on to Sumdog, there is a competition in West Lothian running just now.

Here is a nice book called, ‘A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea’, why don’t you have a listen to it.

Have a nice morning everyone.

From Mrs Burn and Mrs Williams





P2 – 22nd June, Afternoon

Good Afternoon Primary 2,

Hopefully you had a nice morning.

Here is a little sheet you may like to do some of the activities on it.  KS1-Weekly-Wellbeing-Journal-Pack-1-Monday You can write them on a piece of paper, no need to print.

It looks like an afternoon indoors so perhaps you could try some oragami, here are some ideas

You could also have a look at Chester Zoe virtual tour, we have enjoyed watching the animals

Remember Mrs Piper’s Art Challenge that you can do too.

Have a lovely afternoon everyone!

From Mrs Burn and Mrs Williams




P2 – Friday 19 June – am

Good morning,

It’s Friday!

Let’s start with Free Writing Friday, what will you write about this week?  How about a pet or a favourite animal?

Reflection – what have you learned this week?  Can you write a few words or sentences and draw a little picture.

Maths Family Challenge

Have a look at the White Rose Family Challenge.  There is an answer sheet  to check your answers!

Sun Safety

Although the sun has disappeared a little, it is important that when it does return that we are being careful.  Watch this clip for more information

Have a good day and a lovely weekend!

From Mrs Burn and Mrs Williams

Primary 2 – 18th June – Pm

Good afternoon,

Here is a book you may like to read about getting ready to return to school .  It has some activities you may like to do in it. harry-the-hound-returns-to-school-free-pdf-1

How to apply for a Blue Peter Badge

Here is some information on how to apply for a Blue Peter Badge

 Make a nature wand
Whether your child is a wizard or a fairy, nature wands are a great outdoor activity idea and so simple to make. You can help the children to collect some twigs, flowers and leaves, and attach them together using little elastic bands. If you wanted to get really creative, you could paint the twigs and even add some glitter.

Have a lovely afternoon,

from Mrs Burn and Mrs Williams



Primary 2 – Wednesday 17th June, am

Good Morning Primary 2,

Let’s use capital letters
Capital letters are used in a variety of ways.
They are used:
– at the beginning of a sentence,
– for proper nouns (names, places, countries, days of the week, nationalities, languages),
– when using I to talk about yourself.
Try writing two sentences that use capital letters for all three reasons above. Once you’ve finished, circle the capital letters and explain why they are capital letters.
Here is and example: My sister, Becky, watched a film with me and I did not like it.

Image preview

The theme for this week is the emotion ‘Joy,’ Have a look at this YouTube clip

When you think of people or things  that give you joy can make you feel full, you ‘inflate’ with joy! Helping others or being kind to someone else can bring you joy also.

Design a hot air balloon, decorate it with things that bring you joy, colours or symbols. Add people in the basket who make you feel joy.

Image preview

What time is it? How long will it take?
With Sabrina and Tempo’s help we learn about the hour, minute and second hands, and explore what we do that takes an hour, a minute or a second.

Have a good morning everyone,


Mrs Burn and Mrs Williams

Primary 2 – 16th June, PM

Good afternoon Primary 2,

We thought you may like to watch this lovely clip called ‘While We Can’t Hug.’

If you didn’t manage to do Joe Wicks this morning you could join in with this 10 minute family work-out

Water Safety

We have been experiencing some warm sunny weather recently with much more hopefully to come over the summer period. As lockdown measures start being relaxed it is important to remember to stay safe around water and that children do not enter any open water unsupervised.  The Royal Life Saving Society has a Drowning Prevention Week on the 12th to 19th of June. The following link contains resources for this week. It has advice and simple rules to follow in different water environments.

Can you make a poster or leaflet with information on how to stay safe around water.

Remember an have a look at Mrs Piper’s Art Challenge this week… Tinfoil Sculptures

Have a lovely day everyone!

From Mrs Burn and Mrs Williams









P2 – Monday 15th June – am

Good morning,

Can you believe we are half way through the month of June already!

Morning Starter

You could start today by writing down –

  • What day is it?
  • What day was it yesterday?
  • What date is it?
  • What is the weather like?

Digital Learning Game

Here is a new learning game you may like to try called Karate Cats on BBC Bitesize.

 Outdoor Learning

Make the time outdoors special and craft your names with natural materials! Challenge: Can you write both your first and second name (and any middle names)? Can you write your friend’s name or your pet’s name?

Name Writing Nature Hunt: Make your time outdoors special and craft your names with natural materials! An idea for an outing with kids or your partner if you both feel like having some innocent romantic fun.

What shapes can you make using things you find outside? How many different shapes can you make? Can you invent a new shape that no one has ever made before?

 Supermovers – Help us to learn about grammar

Have a look at BBC Teach Supermovers to help us get moving and learn about grammar

Have a lovely morning everyone!

From Mrs Burn and Mrs Williams


P2 Thursday 11th June am

Good Morning Primary 2,

Puffin Books

Dream Big is seven-day online festival in partnership with Waterstones from 8 – 14 June for families to celebrate the power of imagination and Puffin’s 80th birthday.  There are lots of activities on here you could have a look at  At 10.30am today there is a Puppet  Theatre Workshop you could watch


Here is a good website with lots of useful information to help parents and children with maths and numeracy

Sumdog – remember log on to Sumdog  and have a go at some of the learning activities.

Learn a phone number and your address – can you learn a phone number, perhaps a house phone number or a parent’s mobile phone number and learn your house address.  Here are some fun ways to help you to learn them.

Road Safety

We have noticed the roads are getting a little busier again now, so we thought it would be a good idea to remind you of the importance of road safety.  Have a look at the website

Once you have had a look, could you design a safety poster or write some instructions on how to cross the road safely?

Have a good morning everyone.

Take care,


Mrs Burn and Mrs Williams