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Happy Holidays P3!

Our last day of term is here, can you believe it?

Thank you for all of your hard work, it has been a tricky few months and you have all done amazingly well – give yourselves a pat on the back! We wish you all the best of luck in Primary 4 and beyond.

Here are some fun challenges for your last day!

What are your hopes and goals for Primary 4? Write them and keep them somewhere safe (you could make a memory box if you do not have one already) that way you can read them back when you are a bit older!

It is our final Free Writing Friday of Primary 3 – let’s make it a good one. As always we love to see what you have created.

Well done everyone, you have made us extremely proud 🙂

Have a blast this Summer – stay safe and have fun!

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Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan

(The luckiest P3 teachers in West Lothian)



Primary 3

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Good morning Primary 3!

We hope you are all well and getting excited for Summer!

The weather has been lovely and it’s set to be another scorcher today, so make sure you keep safe and remember to put on your sun cream when having fun in the sun.

Here is a little Summer code breaker to get your brain active this morning. You will be able to practise all four operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing). Give it a try and see how you get on.


Complete your Primary 3 Memory Book this morning. You should only have a few pages left, you can email a picture of it to your teacher if you like, we love to see your work!

Here are some outdoor art ideas for you to try today too:


Have a great morning everyone!


Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan

Primary 3

Good morning!

As our Summer Holiday approaches it is so important for us to keep safe. This morning we will be looking at road safety! We know our adults are with us to keep us safe, but as we get older we need to take responsibility of our own safety too! Watch the following clip made by other Primary-aged children and see how they learned how to cross the road safely:

Join in with their Safer Journey Anthem:


Now it’s time for you to show us how you keep safe. You have a few options this morning:

  1. Create a poster illustrating the importance of Stop, Look, Listen and Think!
  2. Film your own advert, informing other children of road safety.
  3. Write a song (and perform if you want to) all about road safety.


Carry on with your P3 Memory Book this morning, complete the ‘My Best Memory’ page & ‘My Favourite Lesson.’


Our Sumdog competition ends tomorrow – well done to P3a who are currently 79th on West Lothian’s leaderboard! Keep up the great work everyone!

Play this maths matching game to practise shapes, adding and multiplying. You can select the level you wish to play! Have fun.

You could also join Joe Wickes this morning for some PE:


It was lovely to see some of you yesterday whilst handing out reports!

We hope you have a great morning!


Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan

Primary 3

Good morning everyone!

How are you all today? Send a little email to check in with your teacher this morning.

Last week Miss Cowan posted a Reading Bingo Challenge, we would like you to carry on with that today to see how many you can complete!

Well done to those who have taken part in the Sumdog competition so far, we only need one more person from each class to qualify for the leaderboard so every little helps! Sumdog coins will be awarded for those who give it a go!

Here are your choice of Literacy & Numeracy tasks for this morning:

  • Can you make a silly story using some of your spelling & word boost words from this year?


sun, hat, in, can, fan, bin, snug.


lake, book, feed, hair, cube, play, pile.


dolphin, when, chase, pear, spill, ground, ocean, astonished.


  • Build on your illustration skills with this Authors Live from Emily MacKenzie:

  • Continue to write you P3 Memory Book from yesterday’s blog, focussing on your favourite things and what you like about your class.


  • Revise your knowledge of 2D shapes as well as problem solving using a carroll diagram with this game:

  • Play a board game at home that requires a dice! This will be a fun way for you to practise your counting skills.

We hope you have a great morning!

4 more days to go…


Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan





Primary 3

Good morning everyone!

Can you believe this our final week in P3? We couldn’t be more proud of you, this has not been easy and we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to you all!

Let’s have some fun this week –


Sumdog’s West Lothian competition has started today! Let’s see if we can get our school on the leader board this week.

Here is a fun numeracy challenge to get you started today, how many can you complete?


DEAR time – Spend 15 minutes reading this morning

Here are some links for online stories if you would like to use them:

Remember when Michael Fitt came to visit us? Well, he has created a special website for lots of literacy activities in Scots, have a little look here:

BBC Bitesize word waves:

Let us know your recommendations.

Today we would like you to start completing an end of year memory book. Below we have a template for you to follow, but spend time this morning gathering materials which will help to make this book very personal to you. Stickers, paper, pens, sequins and everything else you love! This morning – complete your front cover and your self portrait.

Memory Book


Have a lovely morning everyone!


Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan

Afternoon activities

Good afternoon Primary 3!

Simba GIFs | Tenor

Today’s activities are all inspired by The Lion King!

The Lion King theatre producers have uploaded some amazing videos for you to watch about the music, puppets, actors and story behind the show that takes place all over the world.

Follow this link to investigate:

Here are your choice of activities:

Can you use adjectives to describe each of the animals below (you may need to carry out some research if you are not sure of the animal’s characteristics):

Choose your favourite animal to create your own mask, as if you are taking part in the show!

Can you create a piece of music for your character? Different genres of music are used in the theatre production depending on the character – If you are Simba your music might be happy and upbeat, the hyenas may have rock music which is loud and angry to show that they are dangerous.

You can make your own musical instruments using objects at home, you can sing or clap the choice is all yours.


We would love to see what you have created this afternoon!


Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan

Afternoon activities

Good afternoon everyone!

Here is a new music activity for you today:

Watch the video below, a song called A Ram Sam Sam all about keeping a steady beat whilst using a ball – how good are you at keeping things steady and not letting the ball drop?

  • What you’ll need…
    Find yourself some kind of medium-sized ball. A football would be good if you have one. If you can’t find one, you could clap and spin instead


Have you managed to take part in Mrs Piper’s art challenge this week? If you have some foil at home, see what sculpture you could create!

Wellbeing Wednesday

The theme for this week is the emotion ‘Joy’
Watch this clip:
When you think of people or things that give you joy, it can make you feel full, you ‘inflate’ with joy! Helping others or being kind to someone else can bring you joy also.
Design a hot air balloon, decorate it with things that bring you joy, colours or symbols. Add people in the basket who make you feel joy too!

Have a lovely afternoon,


Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan





Afternoon Activities

Good afternoon Primary 3!

As you know, rainbows have been used as a symbol to show our appreciation to NHS workers and many other key workers who have continued to work during lockdown. Here is a Lego challenge for you this afternoon, Can you create your own Lego rainbow?

Lego Rainbow Challenge Building Rainbows Activity


When do the sounds made by everyday objects become music? Let’s face it, we’re surrounded by sound and some sounds are definitely more appealing than others! If there’s a musical intention, any sound maker can be used to make music.

  • Listen
    Leroy Anderson wrote a fantastic piece of music in 1950 for an orchestra and a…typewriter! It’s very fast and the person who plays the typewriter part has to be very skilled.

Compose and perform
Look around your home for a machine which is able to make a range of sounds (make sure to ask permission from an adult first!). Experiment with the sounds it makes then create your own piece of music.

Can you think of a name for your orchestra and a song title for your piece of music?


Enjoy your afternoon,


Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan



Afternoon activities

Good afternoon Primary 3!

We hope your day is going well.

Here is another music lesson for you this afternoon, can you keep the beat?

  • What you’ll need…
    You’ll need two plastic cups for this activity
  • Learn the words and the rhyme first
    Follow the teacher as she goes over the words with you. Don’t forget that you can rewind the video if you need more attempts at getting it right!
  • Cup patterns
    This starts off easy and gets more difficult as more complicated patterns are introduced. Do each version as many times as you need before feeling comfortable moving on to the harder patterns. (Even the teacher makes a mistake near the end!)
  • Create your own patterns
    Choose a song you like, and see what patterns you can make up with just cups. See you if you can teach these patterns to someone else in your house too.

Let your teacher know how you get on! We would like to give your pattern a try too.


Look at these motivational sunshine pictures using different types of media:

End of the Year Art Project (With images) | Art lessons elementary,  Kindergarten art projects

Find different types of paper or card around your home to make your own version (wrapping paper, cereal box e.g.) Can you see each ray of sunshine has a different pattern? Which word would you choose to motivate yourself and others? You could use one of our school values if you can’t think of your own.

We hope you enjoy your afternoon everyone.


Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan