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Home Learning Activities

Good Morning Everyone,

It was lovely to see you all yesterday!  I hope you have enjoyed sharing your book with a member of your household. Inspired by this text, here is a selection of activities for you to do today.


Activity One: Create a book recommendation – Who would enjoy reading this text and why? How many stars would you give it out of five? Remember to justify (give reasons) for your rating.

Activity Two: Draw an ‘above and below’ image with information. For example: above and below the sofa, dinner table, or your favourite place such as in the garden/park.


Activity One:  Select a numeral from the text. What do you know about it? Use the worksheet included to demonstrate your number knowledge.

Number Detectives

Activity Two: There are lots of numbers to help us understand the size or quantity (the amount) of places and animals in the text. Can you describe yourself with number facts?  Yesterday, I gave you some number facts about myself – favourite number, date of birth, age.. etc.

Health & Wellbeing:

Activity One: Kindness – This text looks at different climates and animals, we know it’s important to look after the world around us. Can you think of a way you can be kind to our planet today – Looking after plants, recycling waste or time with your pet.

Activity Two: Success – Reflect on yesterday, what did you achieve? Did you surprise yourself by how confidently you spoke to the class or maybe you were proud of how much knowledge you demonstrated in Numeracy.  Set yourself a target –  What would you like to successful in this year? I will be delighted to hear about it during Check In tomorrow and support you to achieve it!

Finally, tomorrow we will begin planning and preparing a mini presentation for next week. Take some time today to think about 10 interesting facts about yourself that you would like to share with the class.

I’m excited to see and hear about your learning tomorrow.
Have a great day Primary 4a, Miss Cowan.

Afternoon Activities

Good Afternoon!

Here is a selection of activities for you this afternoon:

– Mama Don’t Allow – If you like using body percussion this one is for you!

– Melody Maker – Perhaps you prefer to experiment and create your own melodies?

On this website you can select notes by clicking on a box in each column on the screen. You can listen to the sound when you click on it and change the sound by clicking a different box. You can also control the tempo by using the slider at the bottom. Click on the button with the two squares beside the play/pause button to hear your melody.

– A Little Bit of Kindness – If you love to sing this song is a brilliant way to celebrate and spread the message of Kindness. Perhaps you would like to create your own lyrics?

– Dreams and Goals – We have introduced Jigsaw this year to support our learning in Health and Wellbeing. To finish off the year, we would like to invite you to share your dreams and goals as we move forward towards Primary 4 and returning to school. There is a lovely story and activity for you to do with your adult.

– Thought Bubbles – Explore your range of thoughts and listen to advice on how to manage them with this Mindfulness video from the Cosmic Kids Zen Den.

Have a wonderful afternoon Primary 3!
Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan

Afternoon Activities

Good Afternoon – It’s our final….

When you are feeling different emotions sometimes they can be ‘jumbled up’ and difficult to understand. This story is about a monster who discovers a solution …

You may be feeling a mixture of emotions as we head into the summer holidays. Mrs Piper’s art challenge this week is to create a ‘Face on a Plate’ to show how you are feeling. She has given us a great example to get us started (Check out the  blog post!) After watching and listening to the Color Monster by Anna Llenas perhaps you might like to use coloured items which also show how you are feeling? We look forward to seeing your creations!

What makes you special? It’s a question we don’t ask ourselves very often however there is lots as we are all unique! Have a think and discuss your values and qualities with members of your household. Perhaps you are always positive, you are caring .. or you have a special talent? You can copy and complete the document below into your jotter or use it as a prompt for discussions. Kindness 3

Colour your world with Kindness like this..

For our music activity this afternoon we will be exploring the tempo of the famous Hungarian Dance by Brahms.  You will need sound makers, either pieces of cutlery or lego blocks.. In the video there are four different parts: Circle, Square, Triangle and Cross. You can select one and play your sound maker when you see the symbol pass through the line at the bottom.

As you practice you may be able to do more than one part, if you are finding it tricky you could ask an adult to join in. We think they would love it too! Can you keep in time? The tempo changes so listen and watch carefully! And remember practice makes … You got it!

Enjoy the sunshine this afternoon!
Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan

Afternoon Activities

Good Afternoon Everyone! We hope you’ve had a good day so far and ready for this afternoon. Remember you can  always check in with your teacher to let us know how you are feeling, and share worries or all your achievements. We love to hear from you!

We are getting very good at counting beats Primary 3 – Have a go with this video below! You could even ask a member of your household to join in. They can help you to create rhythms and perform them simultaneously (at the same time).

We always try to achieve success but there is a lot to learn from our mistakes too! Think about your week so far or over the last few weeks. What mistakes have you made? What have you learned? Who helped you to resolve the situation?

Kindness 2

It’s important to have a Growth Mindset more than ever! Which one sticks with you? I like ‘B – Mistakes make my Brain grow.’

Finally, we love to sing but can we beatbox? Below you can sing and learn a simple beatbox accompaniment. We have a feeling you may know most of the words already – Enjoy!

Follow up activities:
– Baloo the bear sings: ‘Wherever I wander, wherever I roam, I couldn’t be fonder of my big home’. Create a model or picture or your home. (You could link both music activities by using Lego.)

– Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spelling like bear/bare. We did a bit of work earlier this term on these. Here is a reminder: They are words which have different meanings and have different spellings, but when spoken, they sound the same. For example, pair/pear or there/their or two/too.
Set a timer and see how many you can come up with.
(We would recommend 5 minutes!)

– Baloo and Mowgli dance together in the film, create your own dance moves. You may even ask someone to be Baloo and you can be Mowgli and dance together!

Have a wonderful afternoon everyone,
Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan

Afternoon Activities

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Here are the activities for you to enjoy this afternoon. We love to see what you are doing so please send a photo or recording of your activity.

Take a look at the video below… Tchaikovsky’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Remember when we had a go at counting beats; well this activity builds on that! You can clap along or you can use an instrument. Shhh means you are silent, making no sound, it acts like a pause.

Challenge Activity: Create a rhythm using a virtual instrument like the boomwhackers or piano. You may even have an instrument you have created which you could use! Remember the beats are – Ta, Ti Ti and Shhh.

The last few months have been a bit of a rollercoaster – it’s important we take time to be kind to ourselves! We have all changed our lifestyles to keep everyone safe and healthy.  Below is a story about small actions which make a big difference.

Starfish Story

Have you helped at home? Reminded others to keep a 2 metre distance in shops? Did you cheer someone up when they were feeling worried or upset? There are many little things that make a difference – even just being you! What have you done during this time to make a difference, have a think and then compliment yourself.

Kindness 1

Have a great afternoon everyone!

Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan

Friday Activities

Good Morning All – It’s Friday! The penultimate Friday of the year, isn’t that a thought? To relax into the weekend here is a selection of activities for you to enjoy!

– We’ve discussed joy, used a hot air balloon to focus our thinking and described clouds. Why not combine these activities to inspire you to complete your Free Writing session with the following title ‘My Trip in a Hot Air Balloon’. In your writing you might consider the following:  Where would you like to go in your hot air balloon? Who would you take with you? What do you see? How do you feel?

Something to think about today and over the weekend – The letters
J O Y can stand for Just Open Your (eyes)
We can find joy in every part of our lives if we look carefully!

– Have a go at these problems – Problem Solving -Day 18
Don’t forget reading all the words is VERY important. If you need help please contact your teacher.

– A Sumdog Competition starts today called the ‘West Lothian Mathematics Contest’ which runs until next week. Let’s finish the year on the leaderboard, we need EVERYONE to get involved!

– Can you remember all the information George the Sun Safe Superstar shared with us? Copy and complete the following activity included in the link below. You may draw the illustrations and colour them in beside your sentences too. Remember to read your work to make sure the sentences make sense and you have copied key words accurately! Sun Safety

– Something a little different to finish… We are going to have SQUILT ( Super Quiet Un-Interrupted Listening Time ). In the PowerPoint slides below there is an activity with prompts to discuss the tempo, dynamics, timbre and mood of the music in the video. If you like watching this visual, there are many others on YouTube – Line Riders!
Home Learning Music Friday 19th June

Have a great day everyone and a lovely weekend,
Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan


Morning Activities

Good morning everyone! Here are the suggestions for activities this morning. Please get in touch if you need a helping hand.


Inspired by the music create a piece of descriptive writing about clouds. Take a look outside or use these images. What do YOU see?

There are no limits to your imagination! Remember as always to include capital letters, finger spaces and appropriate punctuation at the end of a sentence – that could be ?, ! or …
Please send your finished creative piece of writing to your teacher as we love to read your texts.

As always take time to relax with our weekly Authors Live with Alex T Smith. He has written an adventure story. Inspired by his session perhaps you would like to create your own adventure story in the form of a comic strip. Below is a template to get you thinking about the format, you can have as many or as few boxes as you like. Have fun!

Your word problems today link with our musical topic, purchasing instruments. There is a mild, hot and spicy task. Select the activity which you feel is an appropriate challenge for you ( there is a multiplication grid included too!)

Home Learning Problem Solving Thursday 18th June

As a follow on activity, you may like to research the instruments if you are not sure what they look like or the type of sound they make. You could also create word problem questions for your teacher to get our brains working too – nothing too tricky though!

Remember you also have the Daily Rigour Calendar to select activities from and Sumdog.

Have a fabulous morning,
Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan

Morning Activities

Good Morning Everyone – It’s Wellbeing Wednesday! How are you feeling today, which number are you and why?

– Our first activity is the follow up to yesterdays task. This activity focuses on analysing the vocabulary in the lyrics. Have Fun!
Home Learning Literacy Wednesday 17th June

– George the Sun Safe Superstar!

Activities: Create a 50 word summary of this video. Try to include the following key words: Slip, Slop, Slap, Sunglasses and Shade.

It is very important to be safe and healthy when the sun is shining! Create a poster/presentation to share information with members of your household OR!  Make an electronic document/PowerPoint and send it to a family member or friend.

– Here are your Wednesday Numeracy activities- Mild, Hot or Spicy!(You may like to use your 100 grid to help you from your Learning Pack or in the slides.) There is also an additional task – Summer Sudoku! When completing problems it is important to have a Growth Mindset as the answer doesn’t always seem obvious to begin with…reflect when you are finished using this picture.

Home Learning Problem Solving Wednesday 17th June

Have a great morning,
Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan