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The Little Iceberg

Good Morning Everyone,

We hope you have enjoyed sharing ‘ The Little Iceberg’ at home with your family using the QR Code.

As part of our recovery plan we have been exploring different areas of the curriculum that link with this wonderful story. Through the range of activities; we have discussed our emotions, developed our general knowledge, demonstrated our fantastic creativity and many other skills in class.

Please click on the link below to see what we have been learning.

The Little Iceberg Presentations

Come Visit My Class – Virtual Presentations

Good afternoon one and all,

Like last year, we would have been inviting you all to ‘Come Visit My Class’ to share important information and visit your child’s classroom.  Sadly, we are not able to invite you to our classrooms at the moment, therefore we have all been hard at work creating a virtual presentation.

If you click on the link below it will take you to our school website.  From there, you will have access to each class’ virtual presentation.

Knightsridge Primary School – Come Visit My Class Presentations

We hope you enjoy the little insights into our daily lives at Knightsridge Primary School.

Gooooood Morning Primary Six!

Good morning to the new Primary Six!

I had a nice chat with some of you during our TEAMS meet this morning!  For those of you who could not get access, I know some usernames & passwords may have been misplaced over the holidays, I’m putting up some of the tasks, I’ve set today, here on the Blog.

Don’t worry if you can’t print any of these tasks – just find a bit of paper somewhere or notepad and jot down your answers.  Again, don’t panic if you don’t have time too, I know you will all be busy getting ready for school tomorrow as well.

Here are your activities, just try your best, and don’t worry if you miss things out – we’ll talk about it all when you come back to school this week!

Health & Wellbeing

HWB Task – 12th August 2020


About Me – 12th August 2020

Numeracy & Maths

August Daily Rigour Challenges – 1st Level

August Daily Rigour Challenges – 2nd Level

Daily Number Challenge – 12th August 2020

Enjoy your day and have a good rest tonight!

L.S. Lowry

When discussing Charles Dickens this week, P5 learned a bit about Victorian London.  We learned that it was becoming vastly overcrowded and polluted due to the densely packed factories.

We looked at some L.S. Lowry paintings for inspiration and created our very own Victorian London pictures.  We used charcoal to give the impression that the city was dirty and polluted.


What the Dickens?!

Primary Five’s ‘Author in the Spotlight’ this term is Charles Dickens.  We will be analysing one of his most famous novels, ‘A Christmas Carol’.

We have been finding out what inspired Dickens to write this famous Christmas tale and created information posters to showcase our learning.


We found out that Dickens wasn’t happy with how the poor were treated in Victorian London and he wrote ‘A Christmas Carol’ to inspire the rich to do more for the poor people in society.

Scottish Maths Week in Primary Five!

Primary Five were looking at Pascal’s Triangle today and trying to identify the missing numbers by looking for a pattern.

We successfully worked individually, as pairs and then as a whole table to collaborate and share our ideas until we decided upon the best possible solution.

We identified that there were many different patterns available which would give a logical answer.  We found out that we may approach tasks differently and analyse the information we are given differently but our final answers can be the same!

This was also the case when we were sharing our different strategies for mental addition last week!

P5 Sharing the Learning

Primary Five successfully held their ‘Sharing the Learning’ afternoon with parents and carers yesterday.

Parents/Carers were able to take part in a number of different activities from scientific potion making experiments and pastel artwork to making fact files and creating some similes and metaphors for popular fairy tale characters!

P5 had a great time sharing some of their experiences in class with their families and friends.  We would like to thank everyone who was able to join us yesterday for the event.