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Good Morning Everyone,

It was lovely to see you all yesterday!  I hope you have enjoyed sharing your book with a member of your household. Inspired by this text, here is a selection of activities for you to do today.


Activity One: Create a book recommendation – Who would enjoy reading this text and why? How many stars would you give it out of five? Remember to justify (give reasons) for your rating.

Activity Two: Draw an ‘above and below’ image with information. For example: above and below the sofa, dinner table, or your favourite place such as in the garden/park.


Activity One:  Select a numeral from the text. What do you know about it? Use the worksheet included to demonstrate your number knowledge.

Number Detectives

Activity Two: There are lots of numbers to help us understand the size or quantity (the amount) of places and animals in the text. Can you describe yourself with number facts?  Yesterday, I gave you some number facts about myself – favourite number, date of birth, age.. etc.

Health & Wellbeing:

Activity One: Kindness – This text looks at different climates and animals, we know it’s important to look after the world around us. Can you think of a way you can be kind to our planet today – Looking after plants, recycling waste or time with your pet.

Activity Two: Success – Reflect on yesterday, what did you achieve? Did you surprise yourself by how confidently you spoke to the class or maybe you were proud of how much knowledge you demonstrated in Numeracy.  Set yourself a target –  What would you like to successful in this year? I will be delighted to hear about it during Check In tomorrow and support you to achieve it!

Finally, tomorrow we will begin planning and preparing a mini presentation for next week. Take some time today to think about 10 interesting facts about yourself that you would like to share with the class.

I’m excited to see and hear about your learning tomorrow.
Have a great day Primary 4a, Miss Cowan.

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