Primary 5 – Friday 19th June 2020

Happy Friday everyone! 

Here is your learning for today:

For numeracy can you watch the little lesson on  column subtraction then choose either spicy or hot which I have sent by Teams and by email. Write them in your jotter. Remember, one number per box! –

For literacy can you do some Free writing Friday. You can do a story, a quiz for a family member, a film or book review or something else. Can you also do a reflection of your week in your jotter please? What have you learned this week? Have you learned new skills? Have you persevered, been kind or had success?

Think of a few questions to ask Barbara Henderson and send them to me, I will put them together and send them to her.  What do you want to know? You could ask about any of the books we have read of hers, Wilderness Wars, Fir for Luck or The Dog Walking Consortium.

For HWB why not play a game with your family or do an activity like baking or drawing. Can you teach them a skill you know or can they teach you one?

Have fun!

Mrs Gillespie

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