Tinfoil Sculptures

Good Morning Everyone….

Here’s is this week’s Art challenge, I would love you to try this at home.

A sculpture is a 3d model which can be made of lots of different materials – this week we are making little models with tinfoil!

Tinfoil is a brilliant material to use but you need to be gentle with it.

  1. Start with a square piece of tinfoil. I have drawn 5 guide lines which are the lines you are going to cut on your foil.  Two at the top, one on each side and one at the bottom.

2. Begin to scrunch together the 5 sections of the foil. Be really gentle, It’s better to scrunch a little at a time… You will begin to see a figure forming!

3.  Keep squeezing and shaping a head, arms, body, legs, feet and hands…

4. You might want to choose a shape to put your little figure into. What can the arms do? Legs? I am waving hello to you all!

5. Have a little bit of fun with your tinfoil figure…

I would love to see your tinfoil sculptures this week. I love that we are using materials that can be found around the home to create pieces of art.

Please share your sculptures with me by Friday through Glow, Teams or Twitter @MrsPiperKPS I can’t wait to see them…

Mrs Piper 🙂

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