Primary 7/6 Thursday 11th June 2020 (C’est jeudi, le 11 juin 2020)

Good morning everyone/Bon jour!

Today our Primary 7’s continue to take part in transition activities so learning set is for our Primary 6 pupils.
Begin with Times Table Aerobics. Remember how we did it in class. You can reach for the sky, touch toes, boxercise, swim front crawl, back crawl, bounce etc. as you say multiples of a table you need to practise. You could also say multiples as you walk up and down stairs. Keep practising!

Try our Spelling Detective activity.

Spelling Detectives

Next I would like you to read a story from the Dogs’ Trust called “A New Puppy.” Read the pupil version and answer the questions. I know many of you are responsible pet owners. You could draw and share a picture of your pup or your favourite dog breed.


Maths today is Sumdog and rounding numbers challenge

Remember to enjoy some reading time. I’m currently reading a book called “No Escape.”
It is a real page turner written in the thriller genre. Have you ever read a real page turner?

Enjoy your lunch Primary 6!
Remember you can get on touch by email or on Teams. I will post the afternoon activities at lunchtime.

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