Happy World Oceans Day!

Good morning everyone!

Today is World Oceans Day and I would like you to have a little think about ways in which we can help to look after our Oceans, to protect the creatures who live there and stop pollution. We can all do a little to help!

I would encourage you to always try your hardest to reduce, reuse and recycle at home just like we do at school.

There is an online festival happening today with lots of fun online learning events relating to World Ocean Day! Events which explore plastic pollution, story telling events, live art lessons and live streams exploring rockpools, there are so many to choose from! Please have a look through these with an adult and try to join in with some of the events! This morning there is a live Rockpool Ramble at 9.30am, where you can see all of the amazing creatures that live within our rockpools. https://worldoceanday.school/

World Ocean Day for schools

Perhaps you could make a poster to encourage people to look after the ocean or one warning people about the dangers of plastic for sea creatures? You could do some writing too. You could write a persuasive piece to encourage people to look after our oceans or you could write an imaginative piece all about life under the sea. You could try to reuse materials to make your favourite sea creatures or you could also join in with the live events to make your own hammerhead shark, a habit-hat or a rain guage!

You decide what you would like to do but try to do at least one thing to mark this special day, it could even be something as simple as wearing something blue like the ocean today! If you do take part in any of the live events or make anything then please let your teacher know as I would love to hear about what you have been doing! Have a great day everyone!

Miss Muir and the ECO team!


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