Art Challenge…Textured Bugs

Morning Everyone,

I would love you to take part in this week’s challenge. A couple of weeks ago we had scribbly bugs, this weeks we are on the hunt for textured bugs.

  1. Draw out a bug onto cardboard, the back of a cereal box or thick paper. Keep the drawing simple and in one colour, black is the clearest.
  2. Cut out one section of his body, but leave the rest of the body intact. You may need an adult’s help with this.  I only cut out the snail’s shell…

3. Then go on a texture hunt, hold up your little snail or other bug up to different patterns or designs in and around your home. Outside is really fun too…

Can you see how your snail will change depending on the background?

I had fun with a bee too!

I would love to see what you can do with this challenge, you could send me your favourite photo of your little animal with a textured body. Please share it with me via GLOW, Teams or Twitter by Friday.

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Piper

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