Afternoon Activities

Good afternoon! We hope you’ve had a great morning and are ready for our selection of activities – First, let’s get our bodies moving with Joe Wicks.

If you haven’t already, take time to check out Miss Muir’s Blog about World Ocean Day. There are lots of fun activities. Watch the two videos to understand the importance of this day on the Blog Post – Why do you think it is important to care for our Ocean? Perhaps, you could have a discussion with others in your household to find out their opinion too?

We are going to be exploring Music over the next few weeks. To begin today we would like you to research the different styles or genres of music. Books are similar as they have different genres such as fantasy, romance and mystery! Can you create a Music fact file with information about the genres ( try to find 5 or more) and the instruments used to create it. (Kiddle is a great search engine to help you with this activity – )

Music isn’t always created using ‘instruments’ – Have a look at the following two videos. Which one is your favourite and why?

Finally, linking in with our Literacy this morning and World Ocean Day, join in with this lovely song ‘Down by the bay’. Can you create your own lyrics using your knowledge of rhyming words. We would love to hear your versions!

Mrs Piper has another fantastic art challenge for this week – we can’t wait to see your textured bugs!

Have a great musical afternoon everyone,
Miss Sandy & Miss Cowan

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