Good Morning Primary 7 – 4.6.20

Good morning Primary 7 – have you sent in your memories yet? You know I’m going to nag you until I get them all!! 2 memories of Primary school – remember to encourage everyone to share theirs with me too! Your activities for today. 

Numeracy  – Mathletics – tasks have been set for you today on Mathletics – please have a go – if you can’t remember your password I can easily send that out to you. 

Problems – have a look at these 2 problems – use different strategies and remember that you can get different answers on the phone passcode activity . I’ll post the solutions tomorrow. 


HWB –  Thinking about Emotion Works strategies and feelings during the lockdown  for your diary – this could be a good illustration to add in to demonstrate the variety of feelings you have had. This will help you in your writing if you chose to do the diary entry. 

 Literacy – Writing 

Have a look at this analysis of a diary entry – can you see all the features that make this special and in this genre? Do you remember when we did diary entries for our Victorian topic? This week for writing you are going to write diary entries for yourself during lockdown. Think of the describing bubble when you are writing and use your emotions and senses to help the reader become immersed in your story. How have your emotions and actions changed over the 11 weeks of lockdown, are you more anxious about going outside now, do you feel free when you walk around? Are you desperate to go back to your pre-lockdown activities? There’s lots you can write about I’m sure. Analysing the Features of a Diary Entry Example Text

Alternatively you might want to write a report on the Science investigation from yesterday about SpaceX – I’ve attached the targets for an information report to remind you of the correct layout and structure. Week 9 REPORT targets


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