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Image Embellisher June 12, 2011

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Image Embellisher is a neat little  tool for adding some effects to your images. Image Embellisher provides you with a selection of eight special effects to use. You select an effect from the menu then upload your image. Image Embellisher will then add your desired effect to your image and provide you with a new file to download and use however and wherever you like. Just like this:

British Library: Timelines February 18, 2011

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the British Library interactive timeline. It allows you to explore collection items chronologically, from medieval times to the present day.
It includes a diverse range of resources divided into the following categories:

Once you have chosen the category and the item you can explore further by viewing the image, video or transcript. You can print or download the information as a pdf file.

Wired September 7, 2010

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Wired  has hundreds of videos addressing a variety of science and technology topics. In addition to the library of videos, Wired, has great articles and lists of science resources.

The European Virtual Museum July 26, 2010

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Virtula Museum

The European Virtual Museum is the product of collaboration between twenty-seven European museums. The European Virtual Museum makes artifacts of European history available in interactive 3D form. Through the use of QuickTime technology the artifacts in The European Virtual Museum can be rotated for optimum viewing. Visitors to the site can browse through the collections by chronology, geographic area, object type, contributing museum, routes, and tour itineraries

The Secret Annex: Discover Anne Frank’s Hiding Place July 14, 2010

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Anne Franks Hiding Place

Produced by the Anne Frank Museum, pupils can move and look around the house and see it as it would have looked during the Nazi occupation of Amsterdam. The Secret Annex Online has been created using photos of the actual furnished Secret Annex, as it looked then. You can even see areas that you can’t see if you were to visit the museum in real life.

Arounder July 12, 2010

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Arounder is a free site that offers 3D views of famous places in European cities, North American locations, and the Moon. The imagery is very clear and detailed. Visitors can explore 360 degrees of each image using the simple navigation tools that appear at the bottom of every image. When you’re on the Arounder homepage click on a city to see a map of that city.

Arounder gives you a vivid sense of what a city has to offer: historical cathedrals and works of art, museums featuring famous artists, local cafes and stores, breathtaking mountain-top views, quiet parks and gardens. Each issue contains a series of interesting panoramas giving you a full immersive view of the cities. Navigation is easy with Google maps of the city and surrounding area. Every issue also links to local merchants with virtual tours of hotels, restaurants, spas and stores.

Sculptris July 12, 2010

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Sculptris is free 3D modeling software for Windows and is designed for creating mock-ups of sculptures and 3D objects with an almost “hand-drawn” appearance.

Sculptris in action

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