Primary 2 – 07.06.21

Good morning everyone,

We had a busy week in P2 last week and have been working very hard. We made the most of the nice weather and enjoyed our PE outside where we have been learning cricket skills. Our P2 sports day is on Thursday 10 June so please come to school wearing PE clothes and your house colours if possible. We can provide coloured bibs if you do not have anything so please do not buy anything new. Unfortunately parents/carers are not able to attend but we will make sure we take lots of photos and upload these to SeeSaw.

We have looked at Deserts as part of our social studies and have been researching Desert animals and plants. We are going to progress on to looking at other hot countries such as Australia.

In numeracy we are revising what we have learnt over the course of the year. This week we are focusing on addition and subtraction.

In Phonics we are looking at the ss/ll phonemes this week.

Last week we had great fun making up our own similies in Literacy. This week we are progressing on to explore metaphors.

Miss Rafferty, Miss Pringle and Mrs Oliver

Primary 2 25.5.21

We hope you all had a lovely long weekend! It’s now the last 5 weeks of Primary 2. We can’t believe how quickly time is passing!

We are now going to move onto learning about Hot Countries for our topic lessons. Like the cold countries, we will be learning about the weather, landscapes, plants and animals, that live in the hotter parts of the world.

We have also been trying to practise more French. There are a few videos for the children to watch about French number, colours and weather phrases. In class we have also been trying to follow simple commands in French too!

Talents: please remember to practise your talent as we will be auditioning these soon. The winning person from the class will then go into the main competition. We look forward to seeing everyone’s talent!


P.E is on a Tuesday and Thursday (wear your kit to school)

Homework is being posted weekly on Seesaw (post activities on seesaw)

Practise your talent and the flash mob dance!

Thanks, Miss Rafferty, Mrs Oliver and Miss Pringle

P2 Update 17.5.21

Hello Everyone,

Last week in Primary 2 the children really enjoyed learning all about Arctic foxes as part of our Hot/ Cold Countries topic. They created some lovely artwork using different materials to make their own Arctic foxes and produced very detailed factual reports to share their knowledge.

This week we will focus on polar bears and they will continue to work on non-fiction skills in Writing to create a report sharing the facts they have learned. The children’s targets are to use subheadings, include an appropriate title and write in present tense along with all the core targets we look for in every piece of writing e.g. capital letters and full stops, connectives etc.

This week in Maths, we are beginning to learn about fractions including halving numbers and moving on to halving and quartering shapes.

In PE, the children have started learning about cricket and we are focussing on throwing and catching skills as well as target practise. We will also be practising Sports Day activities with the aim of completing a class Sports Day closer to the end of term.

Please remember that Monday 24th May is a holiday.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Mrs Oliver, Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty



Primary 2 3.5.21

Primary 2 have been learning lots about Inuit people and how they survive the Arctic weather. We have been learning about their diet, clothing and how they travel. We even learned that they do something called throat singing!

We have assigned a homework grid for this week and the children will come home with a reading book. We will collect the book in on Monday to give the children enough time to practise their reading.

We have been working hard on our division skills. We have learned how to divide by 2 and 10 and this week we will be learning how to divide by 5. The children have been using concrete materials, looking for patterns and using their times table knowledge to help them.

In health we have been talking lots about our emotions and feelings. The children share how they feel each day and are able to explain why they feel a particular way. We have been learning that our feelings can change depending on what might be happening that day or week. We are also using the Wellbeing Wednesday resources which the children are really enjoying. (We get to meet a new wellbeing monster every week!)

P.E days will continue to be on Tuesday and Thursday (Outside) We are finishing our tennis lessons and moving onto more team and relay races. We hope we can put our skills to good use soon.


Miss Rafferty, Miss Pringle and Mrs Oliver

Primary 2 Update

Hello Everyone

We hope you all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed some Spring sunshine! The children have all settled back into school and seem happy to be back.

Last week in Maths, we continued to work on telling the time using digital clocks to read o’clock and half past times and will soon move on to quarter past and quarter to times. It would be helpful if children could practise this in real life situations at home e.g. using the clocks on cookers, laptops or looking at timetables to consolidate their learning.

Also in Numeracy, we have been learning to divide by 2 and encouraging children to remember that this is the same as halving a number.

This week we have introduced our new topic – Hot and Cold Countries. Beginning with the polar regions, the  children have been looking at a globe and learning to recognise where the Arctic and Antarctic circles are as well as the equator and the North and South Poles.

Our PE days continue to be Tuesday and Thursday and will still take place outdoors. Please send your child to school in appropriate clothing depending on the weather.

Also as the weather is beginning to warm up a little, please ensure your child always comes to school with a water bottle.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Mrs Oliver, Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 29.3.21

Primary 2 have had a super week last week. We have been learning about the types of food Romans ate and we finished off the week creating a poster with all our Roman facts. They worked in pairs to draw and write as many things as they could about the Romans. They then presented their posters to the class.

In reading we have been working on our prediction skills. The children have listened to the start of a story and then making their predictions about what they think will happen next. The children did this really well and were able to justify some of their answers.

We have been working on our 2x, 5x and 10x tables. We have been playing games, listening to songs, working out sums and writing the times tables out. It has been very tricky but the children have been working very hard!

In P.E we have been learning some new tennis skills. The children have been learning to control their rackets, catch and throw the tennis balls and have been traveling with the tennis ball on their racket. They are all doing really well and enjoying our outdoor tennis lessons.

There will be no homework set on seesaw this week. We still encourage you to read with your children and to continue practising their times tables.

We have an exciting week ahead with lots of Easter crafts, learning about Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Miss Rafferty and Mrs Oliver

Primary 2 22.3.21

Primary 2 have settled well back into class. It feels like we have never been away.

We had great fun taking part in the Red Nose Day dress down on Friday. We also made Red Nose Day posters with our own jokes on them to make people laugh.

Our homework is being posted on seesaw regularly and it’s great to see so many children completing the seesaw activities! Reading books are coming out weekly and our P.E days are now on a Tuesday and Thursday (outside for both of them)

In writing we are doing lots of descriptive pieces. The children are using the describing bubble to help with identifying good adjectives to write descriptions about characters and settings. The children are trying to hard to hit all their core and genre targets. Well done Primary 2!

In maths we are working very hard on our 2, 5, and 10 times table. The children have been playing times table games, listening to times table songs and completing times table activities. Learning our times tables have been a challenge but the children are working hard! We have also been learning to tell the time (o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to) we have so much work to do on this as telling the time is very tricky if the skill is not being used regularly. If you could practise this at home, it would be appreciated.

We are still working our way through our Romans topic. The children have been learning about the Roman Gladiator and the activities that happened in the Colosseum. We also made Roman gladiator helmets and Roman soldier shields.

Thank you again for all your support and if you have any questions, please get in touch.

Miss Rafferty, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Harris

January Active Fun Challenge results

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in our January Active Fun Challenge. The number of active minutes logged across West Lothian Primary Schools was phenomenal and 32 primary schools in West Lothian took part.

Carmondean Primary logged 33 days, 2 hrs and 9 minutes of active minutes in January- AMAZING!

Take a look at the results video here to see which schools ranked in the TOP 10.

Judy Murray  announces the winner in the video and sets out a challenge to everyone.  I gave the challenge a try- can you do better than me?

January 2021 Active Fun Challenge

Happy New Year everyone.

I’m hoping that you all made your New Year Resolution to be as active as possible in 2021 because I have entered the school into a competition to find the most active school in West Lothian and in true Carmondean spirit we are in it to win it!

How can you help?

  1. Be as active as you can.  Any activity counts from taking taking part in PE lessons to walking your dog to dancing along to Just Dance.
  2. Record the number of minutes each week you are active and submit the number on this form. This most be done by 10am every Monday. ( first submission date is Monday 18th January)

  1. Every Tuesday the school with the highest number of weekly activity minutes will be announced and at the end of the month the school with the highest number of minutes throughout the month will be the champions.

Good luck, happy exercising and if you have any questions please get in touch.

Mrs Ferguson

Primary 2 7.12.20

Primary 2

Primary 2 have now been given access to SeeSaw. We hope you have been able to log on and complete the subtraction activity that has been set for all the boys and girls.

Here is the homework for the next 2 weeks. You can also find this sheet on SeeSaw. They are all Christmas themed activities! Remember you can post pictures etc on Seesaw to allow us to see your work.

Homework Sheet – Monday 7th December

We have been practising our sign language to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The children are doing very well and can’t wait to show you.

We have been working on our subtraction skills in Maths. We can now all confidently use a number line and 100 square to help us with our subtraction sums.

Last week we were learning about rhyme. We found rhyming words in poems and even managed to think of rhyming words such as log-frog, pen-men and make-bake! It was very tricky but the children worked hard.

This week we are learning about Christmas traditions. Can you talk with your child about what family Christmas traditions you have? Do you always pull crackers? Do you watch/listen to the Queens speech? Do you eat Turkey on Christmas day?

Our P.E days are still Wednesday and Thursday. Can all children make sure that they bring a water bottle with them and indoor shoes.

We hope you all have a wonderful week,

Miss Rafferty, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Harris

Primary 2 Update 30.11.20

Hello Everyone!

Last week Primary 2 continued to compare life in the past and present. They enjoyed talking about and tasting the difference in breakfast foods from now and in the past. They explored where the food comes from and the differences in packaging and advertising of foods – they definitely preferred present day breakfast foods!

In Writing the children continue to focus on the persuasive genre and are beginning to use some super persuasive language. This week they created adverts for shops and we discussed the use of catchy slogans, alliteration and asking questions to hook the reader in.

In Maths the children have been further developing subtraction skills and will continue this next week using a variety of different mental strategies.

Outdoor PE will continue on a Wednesday and Thursday and we would be very grateful if children could come dressed appropriately for the weather.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Mrs Oliver, Mrs Harris and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 16.11.20

What a super week we had last week Primary 2!

We made poppies and wrote a persuasive piece of writing to encourage people to wear poppies to remember our soldiers and veterans. The children showed a good understanding of the importance of the day and took part in a 2 minute silence.

The children also raised money for Children in Need on Friday by participating in our dress down day, and we wore rainbow colours. Everyone looked fabulous and thank you so much for taking part!

In science we have been exploring electrical circuits. The children learned about the importance of a circuit and how it can not be broken if we want a light to remain on. In pairs they drew and created a circuit using a battery, wires and light bulb. Everyone was successful in getting the light to come on. This week we are doing something similar but we will be adding in a switch. All very exciting!

In our topic we are learning about the olden days. We have learned that transport has changed, our classrooms have become much more appealing and this week we are going to be learning how household items have changed over the years, and how they have made our lives easier. We will also be listening to 50s and 60s music and participating in some dance! We will give the Jive and the Twist a go.

In reading are still learning how to answer questions, read aloud with fluency and decode tricky words. The children came home with a list of tricky words linked to their reading book- once they are confident with these words they can colour them in. We are also looking at the alphabet and putting words into alphabetical order.

In maths we are continuing to add but this week we are adding 10, 11 and 9. We will be using the 100 square to help us and see if we can recognise patterns.


PE days- Wednesday and Thursday

Indoor shoes and filled water bottles

Reading books brought into school every day


Stay safe everyone,

Miss Rafferty, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Harris

P2 Update 9.11.20

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached homework grid for next 2 weeks.

Homework Grid – Monday 9th November

We had another busy week in Primary 2 last week! The children wrote some super descriptive Bonfire Night descriptions and used lots of adjectives to describe what they might see, hear, smell and feel.


Last week the children also worked hard to produce super Christmas Cards to be printed.  Look out for the order form if you would like to order some of your child’s design.

This Friday, (13th November) is Children in Need. We are raising money in school by:

  • Selling wristbands for a donation
  • Dress down Friday 13th November- £1 (or a donation)- Dress the Rainbow- come wearing as many different colours as you can!

In Maths this week the children will be learning to complete missing number addition e.g. 10+_  = 12.

In Reading, we are continuing our focus on reciprocal reading strategies with a focus on questioning.

Thank you for continuing support,

Mrs Oliver, Mrs Harris and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 26.10.20

Happy Monday Primary 2!

Here is your homework sheet:

Homework Sheet – Monday 26th October

Remember you have two weeks to complete the activities on the grid. We will collect the homework back in on Friday 6th November. However reading books will be issued every week and please remember to bring them to school with you every day.

We had a super trip to the woods on Friday and we are looking forward to go back on Friday 6th November. We were using our non standard measuring skills to measure different items in the woods. The children did really well!

Halloween is approaching and we are looking forward to seeing you all dressed up on Friday. We have a few Halloween crafts and activities to do this week. We will also be writing a spooky story with lots of description, using our describing bubbles to help us.

We will be putting our prediction skills to the test this week in reading. They will be listening/reading short stories and predicting what they think might happen next based on what they have already read and found out about the characters/setting.

In maths were are beginning to work on our addition and counting on skills. We are combining sets to start and then we will be using number lines to help us count on.

We are going to be using the netbooks this week to practise logging on and off (typing in usernames and passwords), practise writing our names and changing the font and size.

In science we are going to be investigating the moon and learning about why/how the moon changes every night. We will ask you to take a look at the moon every night before bed to see if you can see it changing!

We hope you all have a wonderful week and stay safe.

Miss Rafferty, Mrs Oliver and Mrs Harris

P2/1 update wc 5.10.20

It’s the start of another exciting week in primary 2 / 1 and of course our last week before the holidays.  The children have worked so hard over the past few weeks we’re sure they will be ready for the break!  We start back at school on Wednesday 21st October.


Here are the homework grids for this week. New books will be given out on Monday. Please could you return the reading book in its plastic folder to school every day. We will collect in the books every Friday.  It’s really important that we have all the books in by Friday so that we can put them in quarantine before other reading groups use them.

P1 5th Oct

P2 5th Oct


Last week we had a lot of fun doing measurement in maths – the primary 1s were measuring in the playground using their feet while the primary 2s were using metre sticks to measure themselves and also things in the classroom. This week in maths we will be covering capacity. The primary 1s will be sorting objects according to how much liquid they think they can hold and then will be checking to see if they are right. The primary 2s will be estimating and measuring using litres.


Primary 1

Our new sounds this week are ‘r’ and ‘m’.  It would be really helpful if you could help your child think of words beginning with these letters. We have started to practise ‘blending’ some of the sounds we know, for example to read words like ‘cat’ or ‘sip’.  We will continue to do this, adding in our new sounds. In reading, we are continuing to get to know the characters in our Biff, Chip and Kipper books and to use the pictures to help us understand the story.

Primary 2

The sound we are learning about this week is ‘wh’.  In reading we are continuing to build our confidence when reading unfamiliar words by using the sounds we know and clues from the text to help us. In writing we have been using a ‘describing bubble’ to help us add more detail when describing things. The bubble reminds us to use areas such as texture, size, shape, number and colour to make our writing even more interesting.


It’s really turning autumnal now and we’re going to get out and about this week to look at the signs of Autumn using our senses of sight, hearing and touch.

PE/ Outdoor activities

Outdoor PE continues to be on a Tuesday (with Mrs Muir) and a Wednesday (with Mrs Ferguson).  Thank you so much for ensuring your child is dressed in PE kit on those days. We’re also trying to get outside for learning at other times as much as we can which the children are really enjoying.

Thanks for all your support.  Have a great week!

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.



Primary 2 Homework and Update 5.10.20

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached this week’s homework with starred activities and optional activities.

Homework Sheet – Monday 5th October

Last week in Maths, we continued exploring the properties of 3d shapes and learned about their vertices, faces and edges. The children had lots of hands-on opportunities to build models using cubes, cuboids, spheres, pyramids, cones and cylinders.

In Health and Wellbeing we continued to explore the Shanarri indicators for wellbeing through our lovely characters.

We worked with Included Isabella and the children designed a playpark which would be suitable for all. They came up with super ideas including ramps for wheelchair users, adapted swings and roundabouts.

This week in Maths we will continue to practise counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and will be exploring shape and colour patterns.

In Writing we have introduced a describing bubble to children which encourages them to add detail by using adjectives to describe size, colour, shape, texture etc.

This week we look forward to speaking to many of you at our online parent’s evening on Wednesday or Thursday.


-P2 PE days are Wednesday and Thursday and where possible this will continue to be outdoors so please can your child wear appropriate clothing and shoes to school.

-We plan to use the forest adjacent to the school for further outdoor learning after the October holidays and you will have received a permission form with dates – please can you return this to school as soon as possible.

-October holidays –

All break – Friday, 9 October 2020

Pupils resume  – Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Thank you for your continuing support,

Mrs Oliver, Mrs Harris and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 Update 14.9.20

Hello Everyone,

We had another busy week in Primary 2 last week and have been continuing our Superhero topic chosen by the children. They particularly enjoyed carrying out an investigation to find out the best material to create a Super hero cape! In Writing, the children used some super adjectives to describe the view a Superhero would see from the sky. After the September break we will link out Superhero topic to ‘real life’ heroes in our People Who Help Us topic.

As part of Health and Wellbeing, we had great fun meeting our SHANARRI characters who will help us learn about the 8 well-being indicators- Safe, Healthy, Achieving, Nurtured, Active, Respected, Responsible and Included. The children loved Safe Stella the Superhero Rabbit, Health Henry the Apple, Achieving Andrew, Nurturing Nora, Active Amiir, Respected Rhya, Responsible Robbie and Included Isobel!

This week in Numeracy we will focus on counting sets and representing numbers in different ways e.g. using tens frames, in numbers, in words, building towers etc. In Writing, the children will write an acrostic poem using their ideas from our Superhero topic. Children are continuing to read in class and homework and reading books will be issued from week beginning 28th September.

Reminders: Outdoor PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please send children to school in PE kit . Please send children to school with a water bottle each day.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Mrs Oliver, Mrs Harris and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 /1 7th September 2020

It’s the start of another exciting and busy week in Primary 2/1.

In numeracy, P1 will continue to work on the numbers to 10, focusing particularly on writing the numbers 1-5. 2 and 5 are always very tricky so it would be great if you can also help your child at home with this. P2 are continuing to work with the numbers to 20 and beyond. We are getting familiar with how to make them, write them, recognise them and count backwards and forwards.

In reading, P1 will be starting with wordless books where we will talk about the detail in the pictures and relating the stories to our real life experiences.  P2 will be working on using the sounds we know to help us read unfamiliar words and we will be developing our sequencing skills by putting the parts of the stories in the correct order.

We will be reading ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ in class this week and discussing what we have learned from the story about being kind and inclusive. We also use the story as inspiration for art activities.

Thanks for all your support so far this year. The children have settled in really well and have created a fun, happy and welcoming environment in the classroom.

Please remember to send in a filled water bottle every day and gym kit on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Children should wear their gym kits (suitable for outdoors) on these days.

As always, if there is anything you would like to discuss, please telephone the office and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Mrs Muir and Mrs Steel.

Primary 2 7.920

Primary 2 had a super week last week. We learned about the Artist Picasso. We looked closely at his paintings and style of painting. We discussed how the pictures made us feel and to see if they could see anything in the paintings, because his style is very abstract. Our current topic is Superhero’s and we have learned that they sometimes wear masks to hide their identity. When Picasso painted faces, they often looked like they were wearing masks. The children drew and coloured their own faces with an abstract style. They look fantastic and are going to be displayed in our corridor for the other boys and girls to see! Super work Primary 2!!

We have been continuing to do reading in class and reading aloud in small groups. Primary 2 have been practising sounding out the letters and then blending them together to say the word. They are also following the story and contributing to our group discussions about the text.

We have been sequencing and ordering our numbers within 50, with the help of number lines and 100 squares. We will continue to work on our numbers up to 100.

In science we are working our way through our senses. So far we have learned about our sense of sight and hearing. This week we will be learning about our sense of smell. We have come to realise that superheros rely quite a lot on their senses to save others and to be successful!

P.E is on a Wednesday and Thursday. Well done to all the boys and girls for wearing their kits to school.

We have also provided every child with a resource pack that will stay in school. These will be used when completing jobs/tasks in class.


Miss Rafferty, Mrs Harris & Mrs Oliver

Primary 2 31.8.20

Primary 2 have settled very well back in to school. They have been working hard recognising numbers up to 30 and beyond. We have also been naming 2D shapes and creating shape monsters. Some have even been displayed on the wall!

We have be doing some reading aloud in class in small groups and discussing character features and personalities. The children have also been writing about themselves and wrote a short story about a superhero.

In science we are learning about our senses. Last week we put our eyes to the test and this week we are investigating our hearing. We have also been having lots of discussions about our feelings. Every day the children share their feelings by placing their name on our feelings chart. We have also been talking about SHANARRI and what it means to them.

Primary 2 have been fantastic at playing in their area and washing their hands! Let’s keep it up!

Primary 2 have P.E on a Wednesday and Thursday so please send your children to school with their P.E kit on. Please make sure the children come to school with a water bottle and names written on clothes/jumpers. Thank you.

We hope you have a super week!

Miss Rafferty, Mrs Harris and Mrs Oliver