Handball Champions


Carmondean Primary School’s handball team were crowned Champions today after completing the last leg of the West Lothian Schools Handball League and finishing as league-leaders (after a very close run thing with Livingston Village P.S.).  Our team of P6 boys played magnificently and, to many compliments and much cheering, lifted the trophy. Congratulations to all team members and to Mrs Ferguson, who trained the team in an after school club. Well done, boys – we’re proud of you!

Hosanna, Hosanna!

I have just returned from the afternoon performance of our Primary 6 and 7 school show, ‘Hosanna’. Never before have I seen such professionalism and commitment to a project from staff and pupils alike. If you were there, you will, like me, undoubtedly feel really privileged to have been part of it – it was an outstanding and magical experience!  Words cannot express how proud we are of everyone who had anything to do with ‘Hosanna!’ The quality of the acting, speaking and singing was way beyond what most people think primary school children are capable of – they now stand corrected!  A huge well-done to everyone involved in something that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Children Sharing Images via Social Networking and the Internet

Parents who are concerned about their children sharing images of themselves and others online may be interested in this news item from Child Protection:

Selfie Cop is an app that can be installed on the phones/tablets of children (targeted at 8-13 year olds) and their parents to help children learn to think more about images they share.  Every time the camera is activated on the phone/tablet, SelfieCop pops up and asks the child if they are sure about sharing this image – the image will also be available for the parent carer to view.  The app is installed with the child’s awareness and permission – it’s not about spying on their activity, it’s about trying to instill good habits around thinking twice before sharing images.

Selfie Cop Website

Views on Parking Sought

The Parent Council is trying to find out people’s views on parking around the school and the difficulties it causes. If you have a comment about parking, please go to the Parent Council Tab on the Blog home page, scroll to the bottom, where you’ll find the ‘Reply’ box. Type your comment there and it will be added to the conversation. Please make your views known, as this is a thorny issue.

Benmore – Last Day

Good morning from a dry (at the moment) Benmore. Everyone had a great time at the disco last night and are now slightly worried the pictures might find their way onto an assembly presentation. Everyone was asleep by 9.45 and slept soundly all night long. However, there were a few Bed-Heads at breakfast this morning and plentiful yawns and nodding heads. Looks like the bus journey home will be very quiet! The children were very pleased to get your messages (even the bits I made up – sorry Ryan), so thanks for sending them. It really does add to the experience knowing the people at home are following their adventures. To answer some questions, Imane – the fish and chips were absolutely delicious, possibly the best we’ve ever tasted. Gregor – some people found the nightline scary, but everyone enjoyed it. We were very interested to hear about the knights, armour and weapons challenge you were doing and we’re looking forward to seeing these when we get home. The plan is to arrive at Carmondean at approximately 4.00, depending on availability of ferry spaces. See you then.

Bed heads at breakfast
Bed heads at breakfast

Benmore Day 2

A quiet night was spent by all with everyone getting a great night’s sleep. After a nice breakfast of cereal, sausages, beans, toast and fresh fruit if we wanted it, we’ve been abseiling, climbing, orienteering and biking. Throughout the day or tomorrow morning, we’ll all have a go at these. Everyone’s having a great time as you will see from the pictures. Disco to come tonight and then a night of blissful peace as everyone is very tired after the day’s exertions. As ever, send us a message to share with the children – they really look forward to them.

Benmore – First Contact

Greetings from sunny (some of the time) Benmore. Primary 5 children have well and truly arrived and guess what was waiting for them? A group of pupils from Deans Primary, just along the road! They’re having a residential at Benmore too!

Already the programme has been action-packed with a forest walk this afternoon and a nightline activity after a lovely dinner of fish and chips. Now it’s time for bed for a good night’s sleep to prepare us for a full day of exciting activities tomorrow.

Everyone has settled well and is enjoying themselves immensely. Why not drop us a message to share with the children. Just reply to this post and we’ll get it and share it.

Goodnight all!

Parent Teacher Interviews Feedback


Parents and carers who attended the Parent/Teacher Interviews on Wednesday and Thursday of this week were invited to complete a short questionnaire about their experiences. One hundred and seventy responses were recorded anonymously. The results were overwhelmingly positive and can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Parent Teacher Interviews Questionnaire

Superb Scots Afternoon

It was our annual Scots Afternoon today at Carmondean Primary School and what an outstanding success it turned out to be. We welcomed Ben and Ryan, pipers from Deans Community High School, to kick the afternoon off in front of our audience of invited guests. Special Guest, Mr Coulter, addressed the haggis before everyone sat down to a meal of soup, stovies and a choice of dessert. The food was either made by members of staff or donated by Morrison’s Supermarket, so a huge thank you to everyone who provided food. Of course, having the food is no good unless you have people to serve it, so a huge thank you to Eveleyn and Karen, our lunch ladies, who stayed on after their usual duties to serve up the goodies. Naturally, our Pupil Support Workers and Primary 7 pupils did a great job of decorating and serving tables, etc, so another thank you to them.

Then it was ‘on with the show’. Every child in the Primary School and a group from the Nursery performed songs, poems and dances to entertain our audience, who were delighted with the quality and variety of the talent on offer. The afternoon finished on a high note as Rebekah Douglas sang a solo version of ‘Ae Fond Kiss’.

The whole event was organised and run (with very little help from any adults) by our Senior Challenge Group under the leadership of Ms Smith. Sam and Sophia compéred the show, Andrew and Cameron videoed the whole affair for posterity, Jennifer operated the computer and many others worked away in the background welcoming guests and doing ‘runners’ to collect the classes and organise them for their performances – all did a stupendous job. The afternoon finished when all of our invited guests were presented with the now famous ‘Carmondean Bag’ and a limited edition calendar produced by children in the school.


Safe Arrival in Poland


Ms Smith and Mrs Tartaglia have arrived safely in Poland for the next International visit of our F.L.A.G. Project. Today, they will begin work on learning about the Polish education system and begin preparing to lead a workshop with our European partners near the end of the week. We wish them luck. Why not follow their progress and the progress of the project by clicking the ‘F.L.A.G.’ tab at the top of the Blog home page? That’s where you’ll find further updates.

Police Warning


Road Safety Warning Following Recent Collisions


Police in the Lothians and Scottish Borders are issuing a road safety message to the public following a number of recent incidents throughout the region.
On Tuesday 5th January, officers responded along with the Scottish Ambulance service to Andrew Avenue in Bathgate after an 11-year-old boy was involved a collision with a car at around 2.30 p.m.  He was taken to hospital where it was established he had suffered a broken leg. The following day police in West Lothian were again contacted after a 12-year-old girl was struck by a Transit van at around 8.15 a.m. in Redhouse Road, Bathgate. The child sustained minor injuries to her back and torso and was taken to hospital as a precaution.

Police in Peebles then received a report of a 14-year-old boy requiring medical attention after being stuck by a Peugeot 207 in Springwood Road at around 8.35 a.m.
After being taken to the Border General Hospital it was established he had a broken ankle. On the same day an 8-year-old boy was then involved in a collision with a Toyota Avensis at around 4.30 p.m. on Thursday 7th January within Mansfield Road, but only suffered a minor ankle injury.

Road Policing Inspector Richard Latto said: “Any road collision where a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle is a concern, and this in only magnified when a young child is involved where the risk of serious of injury is so much higher. “Drivers are reminded to exercise caution, and park considerately, when travelling on routes close to schools and other built-up and busy areas. “Schools across the region are now back following the Christmas holidays, but the hours of daylight remain short and so all children and young people need to ensure they are taking responsibility for their own safety when crossing busy roads.

“This means paying attention to your surroundings, finding a safe place to cross away from parked cars and where provided using dedicated school crossing patrols.

Next week Road Policing officers will be on school routes where they carry out speed checks to ensure motorists are driving at a safe speed”.

Happy New Year



The Management and Staff at Carmondean Primary School wish all our stakeholders and anyone connected with our school a happy, successful and fulfilling New Year in 2016. We sincerely hope to continue the good work being done already in the school, improving some aspects of it, and, we are looking forward to the building of the new gym hall. It’s going to be an exciting year at Carmondean for us and all our partners.  Have a good one and we’ll see staff back on Tuesday, 05 January and pupils back on Wednesday, 06.