Primary 2 – 07.06.21

Good morning everyone,

We had a busy week in P2 last week and have been working very hard. We made the most of the nice weather and enjoyed our PE outside where we have been learning cricket skills. Our P2 sports day is on Thursday 10 June so please come to school wearing PE clothes and your house colours if possible. We can provide coloured bibs if you do not have anything so please do not buy anything new. Unfortunately parents/carers are not able to attend but we will make sure we take lots of photos and upload these to SeeSaw.

We have looked at Deserts as part of our social studies and have been researching Desert animals and plants. We are going to progress on to looking at other hot countries such as Australia.

In numeracy we are revising what we have learnt over the course of the year. This week we are focusing on addition and subtraction.

In Phonics we are looking at the ss/ll phonemes this week.

Last week we had great fun making up our own similies in Literacy. This week we are progressing on to explore metaphors.

Miss Rafferty, Miss Pringle and Mrs Oliver

Primary 2 – 10 May 2021

Good morning everyone,

Despite the fact we had a short week last week we were still very busy! We consolidated our number knowledge of division by 5. This can be a tricky concept so lots of practise at home would help.

We have made excellent progress with telling the time and it would be beneficial to refer to the time throughout the day at home. We have learnt o’clock, quarter past and half past on analogue and digital clocks. This week we will be looking at ‘quarter to’ on digital clocks.

Your homework sheet for the week is now live on Seesaw. We are focussing on the Arctic Fox this week and will be learning about them, writing about them and doing a fun art activity!

We are so impressed with how many people are using Seesaw and uploading their homework regularly. Please continue to do this!

Miss Pringle, Mrs Oliver and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 – 22 June 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

Did you all have a nice weekend? We can’t quite believe it is the last week of term. Hopefully our beach theme will make the last week a little bit more fun! Your photos have been fabulous so far and we have enjoyed seeing how creative you have all been. Please continue to upload photos in this last week if you can.

We have attached the Week 2 Beach themed Learning Grid and any resources you will need. We hope you enjoy taking part!

As we approach the end of Primary 2 we were wondering what your favourite memory of Primary 2 was. It was possibly your class assembly, or maybe when the fire service came to visit? Remember when we went outside to see the fire engine? You might have enjoyed our Pirate topic and learning the Pirate songs and dances. Or maybe it was learning dances from the past like the jive?! We would love to hear what your favourite memory was. You could draw a picture of this memory and write a few sentences.

Have a lovely day everyone,

Miss Rafferty

P2 – week beginning 22.06.20

P2 Beach Craft Ideas

Primary 2 – Friday 19 June 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

How is everyone today? It is Miss Pringle here. Today is my last day before I go off to have my baby so I just wanted to say that I hope you all have a lovely summer and I will bring baby in to see you all as soon as I can. Keep an eye on your Learning Journal as I will send a message and a photo once baby is born. Lots of you were guessing whether it was a boy or a girl before the school closed and very soon we will find out who was right! I have been so proud of how you have all coped over this period of closure and seeing your photos on the Learning Journals has really cheered me up. Well done to you all and to your families too. Have a lovely, safe summer!

Today is a half day so remember to take some time to relax this afternoon and over the weekend. How have you found the beach themed activities this week? We have been so impressed with the colourful patterned picnic blankets and have had rumbling tummies looking at what you would buy from the ice cream van. All we need is a little sunshine and we can hopefully get to a real beach soon!

Remember to take your Free Time Friday today. Around 30 minutes is what we usually do in class – hopefully you have earned all your time this week through hard work and good behaviour. We are sure you have!

Please remember to upload your Sport’s Day scores to Mrs Ferguson’s document before 12 noon. You can find it on the blog home page. We have loved seeing your photos of you taking part in Sport’s Day on your journals.

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 – Monday 15 June 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

Did you all have a nice weekend? The weather was not great but it was a good excuse to relax and watch some good movies. What did you do over the weekend?

We can’t quite believe the end of term is so close! This week it is Sport’s Week so keep an eye on the blog as Mrs Ferguson will be uploading your task grid and our staff video. We had lots of fun making it and hope you enjoy watching it! Complete as many of the tasks as you can over this week and keep your scores – you can then send your scores in and win points for your house. I wonder who the winning house will be this year?!

As it is the second last week of term and we would usually be going on our beach trip we have decided to do a slightly different learning grid for this week and next. We are going to plan our very own beach trip and all the activities are related to the beach. You can ‘go’ to any beach you wish for your virtual trip and for once the weather does not matter! We usually go to Silversands in Aberdour with the school but you might want to try Portobello, Elie, Gullane or maybe even further afield! We cannot wait to hear where you plan to go! We absolutely love seeing you and your work on your Learning Journal so please continue to upload photos as and when you can. You could also comment on this post if you prefer.

Have a lovely day everyone,

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

P2 – week beginning 15.06.20

15.06.20 Ice Cream Van Price List

Primary 2 – Monday 8 June 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

How was your weekend? Unfortunately the weather was not as nice as it has been but we hope you still managed to have fun! Comment below and let us know what you got up to.

We have attached this week’s Learning Grids and any resources you may need to complete them. We were really impressed with last week’s work, particularly the work on Rainforests. There were some amazing drawings of the different layers of a Rainforest.

Today is National Best Friends Day! We are sure you are missing your friends from school and it is hard being apart. Have you managed to keep in touch at all? Why not write a recipe for a good best friend. If you could make your very own best friend what values would you include? Is trust and honesty important to you? Or fun and respect? Or maybe all four and more! We would love to see your ‘recipes’.

As the roads are becoming busier again it may be worthwhile considering road safety and what we can do to keep ourselves safe if we are out and about. Click on the link below and discuss with an adult the safe and unsafe places to cross.

Enjoy your day!

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Across the curric 08.06.20

01.06.20 – Onomatopeia Matching

Rex and Mufasa – 08.06.20

Woody Pumba Buzz Simba – 08.06.20

Primary 2 – 05 June 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

How is everyone today? Did you enjoy seeing photos of your friends in our blog gallery yesterday? Remember to upload photos to your Learning Journal when you can. The photos could show you taking part in learning activities or may just be you having fun – either way we love to see them. We have also been keeping track of who is using Education City and it is lovely to see so many of you engaging with this. Keep up the good work!

With today being Friday we suggest you do a short spelling quiz – ask an older sibling or parent/carer to read out your spelling words and see if you can remember how to spell them. We usually do handwriting on a Friday so make sure all those letter formations are correct! Remember some letters have tails that go under the line, others are tall letters – take your time and see if you can get the sizes correct.

Friday’s usually mean a little French too – we have already explored the weather and have definitely seen a wide range of weather this week! Can you listen to and learn the song below? Do you remember what each phrase means? if not, use the internet to help you.

Most importantly – Friday means FREE TIME FRIDAY! We are sure you have all earnt your time this week so take time to play!

Have a lovely weekend everyone,

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 – 1 June 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

Did you all have a nice weekend? The weather was so hot it didn’t feel much like Scotland did it?! Did you do anything nice at the weekend? We would love to hear about it if you did. We miss hearing your weekend news each Monday morning.

We hope you enjoyed Mrs Fox’s introduction to Mount Everest on Friday. We have attached Part 2 of her video but feel free to go back and watch Part 1 again if you like. Did anyone find out any other facts about Mount Everest?

The teaching audio Powerpoints received several positive comments so we have tried to include more of these this week. You should find our Learning Grids and any required resources below. Remember you can use the messaging system on the Learning Journals to ask any questions and please continue to upload your photos – you could feature on our blog at the end of the week!

Today is the 1st of June which means it is officially Summer, although it has felt quite summery for a number of weeks now! It is also National Say Something Nice Day. Why don’t you take some time today to write a short note to someone in your household and say something nice? You have been working so hard but sometimes we forget to say thank you to our grown-ups who have been working so hard to keep us amused and learning through this difficult time. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of you at home, including the grown-ups. This is not an easy time but seeing your faces and all the fabulous things you have been doing has brightened up the teacher’s days. Keep up the hard work but remember to relax and have fun too!

Have a lovely day and we look forward to seeing your photos soon!

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Across the curric 1.06.20

Rex and Mufasa fortnight beginning 1.6.20

Woody Pumba Buzz Simba Fortnight Beginning 1.6.20


Primary 2 – 29 May 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

How lovely has the weather been this week!? How did you all get on with the work on sun safety yesterday? Hopefully you managed to enjoy the weather while understanding how to stay safe in the sun.

Today is a shorter half day so don’t let those grown-ups work you too hard! Make sure you take at least 30 minutes for Free Time Friday and choose something to play with that makes you happy.

Mrs Fox has very kindly made up videos to support your learning in Art. She has split the videos into 3 parts and we have attached part 1 today. She will be supporting you to draw Mount Everest but the first video teaches you a little bit about Mount Everest before you begin drawing. This ties in with our work on hot and cold countries. We will upload the second and third instalments next week where you will be using wavy lines to draw the summit. You may also wish to use a search engine to find out even more about Mount Everest.

On a Friday we usually assess how we have got on with our spelling words. Ask a sibling or grown-up to read out your spelling words and see if you can write them correctly. Don’t worry if you make a mistake, look at what your mistake is and see if you can correct it.

Miss Pringle uploaded a storytelling session to your Learning Journals last night. Have a little look and let us know what you think. Miss Rafferty is poised with her book ready to record hers next week!

We have also included a small gallery of some of our favourite photos from the week. Do you see any faces you recognise?

Have a lovely weekend everyone and stay safe.

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 – 28 May 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

How is everyone today? Hopefully you are all still happy and healthy – we would love to hear from you. Comment below to say hi!

It is set to be another sunny day and therefore let’s look at sun safety and how we can enjoy the sun in a safe way. There are several good things about the sun. It gives us vitamin D, it is good for our minds to learn and play outdoors, it keeps us warm and it helps plants grow. We do need to be very careful though. The sun’s UV rays can harm our skin. Have you ever been sunburnt before? If so you will know how painful it can be. You can be safe in the sun by wearing adequate clothing for example shorts and t-shirt and putting sun cream on any areas of skin that are not covered. A hat is also very important to protect the top of your head from the sun. Playing in the shade where possible is also a good idea and remember to drink lots to stop you getting dehydrated.

We have included an additional sun safety task for those of you who wish to do it. You will find a sun safety poster challenge attached. Can you design a poster that can be displayed at the beach to remind people to stay safe in the sun? Remember to use a title and attractive colours to make the reader want to look at your poster. Check out this short video to help give you ideas –

We hope you are all managing to complete some of the Learning Grid activities. Remember we are here to help – just comment below or message us through the Learning Journals system with any questions.

sun safety – 28.05.20

Have a lovely day everyone!

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 – 26 May 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

How are you all today? It looks like it is set to be another beautiful day. On the whole we have been very lucky with the weather during lockdown. On Thursday’s blog we are going to explore sun safety as hopefully this good weather is set to continue throughout June and July.

You may not know but today is National Paper Airplane day! We hadn’t even realised there was such a day but thought it might be fun to include it in today’s post. Paper airplanes have fascinated children and adults alike around the globe for generations. The day is usually celebrated with contests in two basic flight categories: distance and time in air. We have included instructions on how to make a basic paper airplane. Your grown-ups may have a better way of making one so ask them! See if you can persuade your siblings or adults to make one too and take them outside to race! As stated above there are two options – the winner could be the one that travels the furthest or the one that stays in the air the longest. You decide! Take lots of photos as we would love to see them! You could name and decorate your airplane too.

This week’s article was on yesterday’s blog. It has been lovely to see some photos of you working on the articles at home. Mrs Gilmour is compiling all your photos as evidence to put forward to Unicef to that Carmondean can be re-awarded our Rights Respecting School status so keep them coming!

Remember your Learning Grids are there to support your literacy, numeracy and learning across the curriculum. Choose a few tasks to complete each day and let us know how you are doing. We are here to help so either comment below or message us through the Learning Journal system and we will reply as soon as possible.

Have a lovely day and have fun with those paper airplanes!

paper airplane 26.5.20

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 – 22 May 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

It is Friday! We all love a Friday at school as this means FREE TIME FRIDAY! Have you been earning all your minutes this week?! If so, remember to take at least 30 minutes of time to play with something of your choice (with your parents’ permission of course!).

The weather has been lovely this week and you have all been very busy. You will see a small selection of some of the photos uploaded to the Learning Journals below. We absolutely love seeing your photos so please keep them coming.

On a Friday in class we also go over our spelling words and do a short, informal test. Ask your grown up to read out your spelling words and see if you can remember how to spell them correctly. Can they make up a sentence containing a few of your spelling words for you to write too? Remember your capital letters, finger spaces and full stop.

Tomorrow (Saturday 23rd May) is National Elmer Day. We have read some of the Elmer stories in class before. Elmer makes the world a much brighter place. So for this year’s Elmer Day we are encouraged to spread the positivity of Elmer.

How you can get involved:

  • Get creative and play with colour – make a rainbow, a jungle collage or a milk bottle Elmer.
  • Share Elmer stories and colourful pictures to spread some happiness.
  • Wear your brightest colours on 23rd May to celebrate Elmer Day.
  • Share your photos on social media with #ElmerDay

Find more information and resources at:

You can also listen to David McKee, the author, read Elmer at

We hope you have a lovely weekend and we will re-post next week’s Learning Grids for you on Monday morning. Remember to take lots of time to rest and have fun!

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 – Tuesday 19 May 2020

Good Morning Primary 2,

How is everyone today? Did you have a nice long weekend? Miss Pringle managed out some long walks with her dog and Miss Rafferty kept up her running and virtual keep fit classes. Did you do any exercise you could add to our Travel to Tokyo challenge? The instructions are attached below if you did – every little helps!

Travel to Tokyo Challenge

This week the Rights Respecting School Article we are focusing on is Article 28 – the right to education. This Article states that:

  • Every child has the right to an education.
  • Primary education must be free and different forms of secondary education must be available to every child.
  • Discipline in schools must respect children’s dignity and their rights.
  • Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.

What do you think makes a good teacher? This video might give you some ideas! Draw an outline of your ideal teacher and surround it with words that describe what that teacher is like. Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle would love to see these and we look forward to seeing photos on your Learning Journal. The full powerpoint with activity ideas is attached below.

Article 28

Please find below the Learning Grids for the next fortnight. As a Primary 2 stage we have tried to increase our ICT skills (!) and have recorded some audio powerpoints to support your learning. We would love to hear your feedback about if these are worthwhile or not.

Comment below and let us know how you are. Please continue to upload your photos to your Learning Journal too – it is so lovely to see you all.

Have a great day,

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

18.05.20 Learning Across the Curriculum

P2 desert animals 18.05.20

Rex and Mufasa fortnight beginning 18.5.20

Woody Pumba Buzz Simba Fortnight Beginning 18.5.20


Primary 2 – 12.05.20

Good Morning Primary 2,

How is everyone today? We hope you are managing to work through your learning grid activities. There were some lovely uploads over the weekend and we enjoyed catching up on those yesterday.

There are some fabulous lessons available on BBC Bitesize if you are looking for more ideas. Click the link below to take you to the correct page:

This week our Rights Respecting School article is Article 14 – Freedom of thought, belief and religion. This article guarantees every child’s right to think and believe what they choose and to practice their religion, as long as they are not stopping others from enjoying their rights.

Click below for the powerpoint that supports Article 14. Once you have explored the powerpoint complete the following task:

Imagine you have discovered a new planet to live on. What ideas do you have about how you would want all the people who live there to treat each other and their planet?

Please continue to send photos of you working on the articles – we collate all of these as evidence which will go towards our school accreditation.

West Lothian Council have also asked all our parents/carers to complete a short questionnaire about school lunches. We would really appreciate if you could take 5 minutes to complete the survey to support the council in improving our catering service:

As always, please upload a few photos to your Learning Journal letting us know what you have been doing. Comment below or email the school if you need your username/password reset.

Have a lovely day,

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 – 11.05.20

Good morning Primary 2,

We hope you all had a lovely and restful weekend. Did anyone do anything nice to celebrate VE day on Friday?

We have included this week’s Learning Grids for you to remind you of the possible activities you could do at home. Remember, although we give lots of ideas there should be plenty time for rest and relaxation. You are all doing such a good job staying home, staying safe and protecting the NHS and this is the main thing. Any learning you do at home is a bonus and is much appreciated in this difficult time.

This week in social studies we are beginning to look at Antarctica. Do you know anything about Antarctica before you start learning more? Note down what you do know and over the week find out if you were right or wrong!

You have also been asked to create a healthy sandwich. We are keen to see what you put into your sandwich and please put some photos of your ‘delicious’ creation on your Learning Journal! There is a fabulous story about a disgusting sandwich – it is one of our favourites. If you don’t have this book you can listen to it on YouTube. Click this link to listen –

You might even want to use this story to do your ‘move and dance’ to as part of this week’s Health and Wellbeing. See the grid for more information!

You may have had an email or have seen on our new app that we have registered for ‘Travel to Tokyo’. Although the Olympics has been postponed we can still get active and stay connected. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions attached in pdf format below and log any activity you and your family do. It doesn’t matter if it is a 5 minute walk or a half hour Joe Wicks. Every little counts and there are prizes up for grabs! Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle will certainly be taking part!

Did you make our gallery last week? We have been selecting a few photos from the Learning Journal updates to share on the school blog for everyone to see! Keep uploading and you could feature on Friday.

Stay safe,

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

P2 LAC 11.5.20

Rex and Mufasa 11.5.20

Travel to Tokyo Challenge

Woody Pumba Buzz Simba 11.5.20

Primary 2 – 27.04.20

Hello Primary 2,

How was your weekend? The weather was beautiful so we hope you managed to get outside and enjoy it. The forecast says the nice weather isn’t going to last unfortunately. You can check out the weeks weather forecast on

Last week we posted two weeks’ worth of learning grids so you should now be looking at the grids beginning 27.04.20. We have also attached them to make it easier for you to find them. As always, please choose one literacy, one numeracy and one learning across the curriculum activity each day. We have loved seeing photos of you completing your tasks on your online learning journals. If you need your password reset either email the school office or comment below and we will be able to help.

Amazon audible have also made all their audio stories free while the schools are closed. There are so many stories to choose from. Visit and let us know what you pick!

If you are looking for more number work check out There are lots of great online and offline resources you could use to further develop your number and mathematical skills.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please comment below to say hello or upload photos to your learning journal.

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Rex and Mufasa week beginning 27.04.20

Woody Pumba Buzz Simba week beginning 27.04.20

P2 – 20.04.20

Hi Primary 2,
We hope you all had a lovely holiday. The weather was nice most of the time and meant that we could get out and about. Miss Rafferty did lots of walking and running with her mum’s dog Storm, Miss Pringle took her dog Dave on some long walks and Mrs Oliver spent time outdoors with Aaron and celebrated her special birthday! All 3 of us ate lots of Easter eggs too! We would love to hear what you have been doing. Please put photos on your Learning Journal or comment below to let us know what you did over the fortnight.
If you click on your groups link below you will see learning grids for the next fortnight. Please do one literacy, one numeracy and one learning across the curriculum activity each day. You may choose to adapt these and we love to see your creative activity ideas!
Joe Wicks is still doing his 9am workout on YouTube. You can find his channel on YouTube – The Body Coach TV.
We are planning to learn about animals in hot and cold countries this term. Edinburgh Zoo have live cameras in with the pandas, penguins, tigers and koalas. You can watch them at – let us know what you see!
We hope you are all keeping well and are remembering to continue to wash your hands regularly. We look forward to seeing your photos on your Learning Journals.
Miss Rafferty and Miss Pringle

Primary 2 – 31.03.20

Good morning Primary 2,

We hope everyone is well today? A big thank you to those who posted photos on their online learning journals yesterday. It was so lovely to see what you have all been up to and the fabulous learning you have been doing. We reset all P2 parent passwords so please check your inbox. If you did not receive one just comment on this post and we will do our best to rectify that. Scroll down in this post to see some of the lovely photos!

As today is usually our reading day we have made up some comprehension activities for you to do at home. Please select your group below and post photos of your completed work on your journal. You can complete the questions in your jotter. Remember your title and date!

Buzz and Simba

Rex and Mufasa

Woody and Pumba

Newsround have a daily episode each day to keep you up to date with what is going on in the world. Go on to to watch the current episode and let us know what you think. You could even practise your note writing and take some notes.

Miss Rafferty noticed lots of bears in windows when she was out her morning jog. Can you put a teddy bear in your window? If possible, go out a ‘bear hunt’ and count how many you can see around your neighbourhood!

Have a lovely day everyone and we look forward to seeing your photos on your online journals.

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty


Primary 2 – 27.03.20

Good morning Primary 2,

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty here today. We hope you all had a nice day yesterday despite the weather being a little miserable. Did any of you manage to take part in the round of applause for our fabulous NHS staff at 8pm last night? We both did and it was lovely to hear everyone coming together to celebrate our hard working NHS staff.

You should have a few activities left on your week 1 sheets to choose from. Thanks to those who have let us know what they have been doing. We love to hear from you all so please continue to comment regularly.

Fridays usually include a handwriting lesson so please ensure any writing you do today is neat, with letters formed correctly.

Blair Drummond Safari Park are doing a live session on their Facebook page at 12pm each day where one of the keepers will tell you all about an animal. You can post questions for them to answer too. We watched it yesterday and it was fabulous! Let us know if you manage to tune in.

David Walliams is also reading 30 minutes from one of his books at 11am each day. You can find this on

We have both been trying Joe Wickes each day – it is hard work but we both feel great afterwards. Miss Rafferty has also been out running each day. It is so important to try and keep our fitness levels up – what are you doing to keep yourself fit?

Remember today is a half day – we are sure you wont forget!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to hearing about what activities you choose from your week 2 sheet next week.

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty

Primary 2 – 24.03.20

Good morning everyone,

Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty here. We hope you had a productive first day working from home. Again, look at your packs and choose another literacy, numeracy and learning across the curriculum activity. We would love to hear from you so please comment on this post and let us know what you have been doing.

Make sure you are listening to your parents/carers and helping out around the house. Parents/carers feel free to comment and let us know how well they are all doing!

Remember your Education City log ins, daily Joe Wicks workouts at 9am on YouTube, Glasgow Science Centre (you can find them on Facebook) are bringing a little bit of science into your home at 10am each day. Twinkl have also made a lot of resources free for you to use.

Today we would have been visiting the Tall Ship in Glasgow. Why not visit their website and draw a picture of you at the Tall Ship? You could also write a question you would’ve asked – remember your question marks!

Stay safe and remember to wash your hands!

Love Miss Pringle and Miss Rafferty