Primary 6

Welcome back! It is great to be back in school and to see everyone again. Everyone seems to have settled back into the school routine.

At the moment we are continuing the Space topic that we begun during lock down. This week we learned about the 1969 moon landing and Neil Armstrong. To finish off the topic, next week we will be making models of either the International Space Station or the Saturn v rocket. We can’t wait to see the amazing models !

In science we have been looking at the solar system. The pupils have been divided into groups and are each researching a different planet. Once this is completed, each group is going to make a wall display to show their findings to the others.

In Numeracy we are learning about fractions. Some of the class have been working out the fraction of an amount and others have begun work on simplifying fractions. A knowledge of the multiplication tables makes fraction work so much easier, so any work done on this at home would be of great benefit.

A quick reminder that gym is on Wednesday and Thursday. This will normally take place outside.

Please feel free to contact us if we can help in any way,

The Primary 6 teachers



Primary 6 Update 20 November

This week Primary 6 began our new interdisciplinary topic ‘Who do you think you are?’ The main focus of this topic will be Europe but we will also be finding out about different countries around the world. Last week for homework the children were asked to find out if anyone in their family was born in a country other than Scotland and we can’t wait to find out where all our families are from.

In Numeracy we have been improving our multiplication skills and have been multiplying 2,3 and 4 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers. The class picked this up well. To aid with the instant recall of the times tables, homework on the Education City web site was set.  These games are a lot of fun and we would strongly encourage the children to use the games throughout the year.

This week both classes had their last tennis lessons with Mrs Ferguson for this block of time. Even though it was very windy on Wednesday the children were able to control the ball and hit targets of varying distances. On Thursday the children worked hard when completing circuit training. What fit classes they are!

A quick reminder that homework continues to be issued on TEAMS.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Jamieson, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson

Primary 6 Week beginning 28 September

Primary 6 are continuing to work hard.

We have just  finished our mini-topic about Ancient Greece. We listened to, and read, a variety of Greek myths, including Medusa and Icarus. The paintings of Medusa are brilliant, with green snakes writhing on her head! We researched the origin of the Olympics and learned that some of the events are still included in the Olympics today. We even learned to write numbers using the Ancient Greek number system. It has been a very enjoyable short topic.

Our next topic is going to be about Scottish inventors. As a class we spoke about what we want to learn. Some of the ideas include researching who the main inventors are and what they made and even becoming inventors ourselves! It should be an interesting topic too.

In Numeracy  we are learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and in Mathematics we are continuing our work on measuring angles.

This week homework has been issued. This year it will be issued through TEAMS. If your child needs a paper copy of the homework please let us know. There is a maths, spelling and reading activity to complete. The work will be uploaded to TEAMS on Monday and should be completed by Friday.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Mrs Jameson, Mrs Smith and Ms Matheson

Primary 6 Update Week beginning 23 September

Primary 6 are continuing to learn about ‘The Industrial Revolution’. This week we will be learning about Robert Owen, how concerned he was about factory working conditions and what he did to improve them. We will also be going on our class trip to New Lanark on Thursday 26 September. This will be fantastic as we will get to see a real mill town, the factory and also the cotton making machines.

The ‘Inventors Challenge’ homework was given out last week. As you will have seen, by Friday the children should have a rough plan of their idea and be ready to share it with the rest of the class. We can’t wait to hear about all the fantastic inventions primary 6 think of. When the challenge is completed, all parents and carers will be invited in to school to see and hear about the inventions too.

In gym we have been training for the cross-country run in October. The children are all becoming much fitter and faster. Letters about the event were sent home last week.

Please remind your child to bring suitable gym kit to school.

Have a great week.

The primary 6 teachers




Update Primary 3

Primary 3 have had a busy week. We have been continuing to learn about life in medieval times and what it would be like to live in a castle. A ‘Big Homework’ task has been issued. The children are to make a poster or a model of a castle which includes the main features of a castle. Any material can be used (paper, cardboard. clay or plasticine, for example.) Once the models or posters have been brought into school, the children will tell the rest of the class all about their model.

On Thursday there will be a Valentine’s Dress Down Day. If the children would like to take part in this a donation of 50p is asked for.

As I am sure you know Parent’s Evening is on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The bookings can be made on-line or alternatively appointments can be made by contacting the school office.

The first Primary 3 ‘Shared Finish’ will be on Wednesday 20 February at 2.50pm. It will be a time for you to see how we are teaching mental calculatons at this stage. We look forward to seeing you then.

Have a great week.

The primary 3 teachers

Primary 3 – Update 12 January

Happy New Year.

Primary 3 are glad to be back at school and ready to learn about our new topic, which is called ‘Knights and Castles.’ This week we will be looking at how we imagine castles look like and then comparing our drawings with pictures of real castles, looking at the key features. It should be a lot of fun.

Soon a Scots poem will be coming home for homework. All children are expected to learn their chosen poem and then to recite it in class. We will be working on the poems in school as well, so that the children can recite their poem with confidence and expression. Two children from each class will then be chosen to recite their poem at the school  Burns Assembly.

Please could the children remember to bring appropriate gym kit to school? The days that outdoor/ indoor gym kit is required are written in the homework diaries.

Have a great week,

The primary 3 teachers

Primary 3 Update 16 November

Primary 3 have had a very busy week.  On Friday it was a Children in Need  Dress Down Day and we all enjoyed seeing and wearing spotty outfits and Pudsey costumes.

Last week we continued practising our Nativity. The songs are coming on really well and we are pleased some of the children have been using the blog to have a go at home. Most of the children who have a speaking part have been working hard to learn their words too. It will be a brilliant performance!

We have also been learning ‘Bonnie Wee Jeannie McColl’ for our Scottish Assembly and children have taken words home to practise.

In our topic work we have been looking at how areas around us can be made more accessible for disabled people. We have made people who will live on our ‘Inclusion Street’ and we are beginning to think of adaptions that might be needed for them. We will be continuing with this next week.

Have a great week.

The Primary 3 teachers

Primary 4 Snow Day

Good morning primary 4. I hope you are all keeping warm and safe.

I hope you tried some of the activities I posted yesterday. I can’t wait to see what you have done when we are back at school. Here a few more things you might like to try.

1. Go on a winter walk  looking for animal or bird tracks. When you get home try to find what they were made by.

2. Use books or the computer to find out about countries where it is snowy like this for most of the year. Make a poster with 6 or more interesting facts about this country.

3. Use a ruler or tape measure to measure the depth of snow in different parts of your garden.

4. Make up a 6 or 8 times table quiz for someone else to complete. Mark their answers once they have completed it.

5. Today is World Book Day. You might like to read on of your favourite books and design a new book cover for it. Perhaps you could write a different ending for your favourite book. Alternatively you could turn part of your book into a cartoon strip with speech bubbles. Finally you could even make a snowman like one of the characters.

6. Yesterday I suggested you might like to make up a song with the answers to the 6 or 8 times table in it. You might like to try making up a song to help learn another one.

I hope you are all having fun. Remember we would all like to see what you have done once school is reopened.

Ms Matheson and Miss Donaldson

Primary 4M Snow Day

Good morning everyone. I hope you are having fun in the snow. Here are a few things you might like to do today.

  1. Watch the weather forecast and find out what the weather is like in the cities we have looked at so far – Glasgow, Inverness and Dundee. How cold is it? Which place is the snowiest? Maybe you could draw a map of Scotland and draw symbols for the weather there today.
  2. Write a story about the fun things you have done in the snow today. Did you make a snowman or an igloo? Perhaps you could take some photos and show them to us when we are back at school.
  3. You could write the 6 or 8 times table in the snow- a stick is your pen and the snow is your paper!
  4. Listen to the 6 or 8 times table songs on your computer or tablet. Maybe you can make up your own song to help learn these times tables. We will hear any new songs when we are back at school.
  5. Complete your reading and spelling homework.
  6. Draw or paint a picture of your house and garden in the snow.
  7. Mr Shanks has a list of some other things you might like to do as well.

Keep safe and have fun.

Ms Matheson

Primary 4 – Update 15 January

Happy New Year!

Everyone is back at school after the festive season fully rested and ready to learn! Last week we wrote stories and drew pictures about our Christmas holiday. Miss Donaldson and Ms Matheson were  surprised how busy some of the children had been.

On Monday this week we had a visit from Craig who is a real Polar Explorer. He told us about his trips to the North and South Poles. On his trips he has to pull a sledge with everything he would need for the entire 2 month journey. We were able to see photograhs of his sledge and skis and to try on some of warm clothing. He also told us that he does not need to wash on his trips as it is too cold for bacteria to survive. Some of us got to taste the special food he takes and Ms Matheson got to taste some dried seal meat. It tasted just like old shoes, chewy and salty!

We will be learning more about the Polar regions in science this week. One of the activities planned, for example, is to design and make a boat looking at the relationship between the shape of boat and the number of passengers it holds.

All the children have now chosen their Scots poem to learn. Your help in learning them would be greatly appreciated.

Indoor gym is now on Wednesday. Outdoor gym will be on Monday, weather permitting. Please could children bring suitable gym kit on these days.

Have a great week.

Ms Matheson and Miss Donaldson


Primary 4 Update 5 November

Last week was another busy week for primary 4.

On Tuesday it was Halloween. We all wrote spooky stories in our writing lesson. The stories had a variety of scary adjectives in them, which frightened our friends and teachers.  Also on Tuesday, Karen from the Youth Choir of Scotland taught us some scary Halloween songs and rhythms.

On Wednesday morning we went to Craigswood Sports Centre for a handball festival. There were teams from four other Livingston schools. We were divided into teams and played 4 matches against them. A lot of fun was had by all.

We have now finished our Viking topic. This has proved to be a highly enjoyable topic. A lot of learning took place about Viking travel, weapons, homes and clothing. Our ‘real’ Viking visitors that came in October were a particular highlight. Our Viking homework is due on Monday. We can’t wait to see the fantastic models and pictures!

This week we will be beginning to learn about electricity. As part of this topic we intend to make a room of a house that includes a light switch. To make this we will need boxes, about the size of a shoe box. It would be great if the children bring these in.

Have a great week.

Ms Matheson and Miss Donaldson

Primary 4

The children have now all settled into their new classes after the summer holiday.

Both classes have recently made up Class Charters that we have all agreed to follow. These will be coming home soon for you to see. We would appreciate it if you could discuss them with your child before signing and returning them.

Spelling homework was given out on Monday. As you will have seen, the sheet has 4 weeks work on it and lists the activity to be completed each night. Please try to complete this, wherever possible, each night. This term Reading homework will largely consist of the children reading a library book of their choice. We would ask you to hear and discuss at least 10 pages of the book with your child every week. These books will be changed weekly.

Due to timetabling issues outdoor gym will take place on Monday and not Tuesday as was stated in the newsletter. Indoor gym will continue to be on Thursday. Please could the children bring appropriate clothing and footwear for this.

We have just begun our Viking topic by writing a description of a Viking and tomorrow we will be drawing and painting Vikings to make a large Viking freize. The children are already very enthusiastic about the topic.

It was great to meet so many of you at our recent ‘Meet the Teacher’ session. If you have any questions or queries do not hesitate to contact us.

Ms Matheson and Miss Donaldson

Primary 2 Update 29 May


Primary 2 have been really busy making things for our garden centre and cafe role play area. We have decorated flags, designed flower pots and even made flowers from tissue paper and art straws. By the end of the week we will have a fantastic garden centre to play in. We will also be using it to develop our money skills.

Last week, as part of our ‘garden centre’ topic, we all planted a bean seed. We planted them in clear cups so we can see the root system as it develops. We will be measuring them every week to see how tall they grow.

Now, as the weather is warmer, please could you send your child to school with water every day. Last week there were a few children who came to school with nothing to drink.

As mentioned in the newsletter, outdoor gym is on Tuesday (weather permitting) and indoor gym is on Thursday. Please could the children bring appropriate clothing to school on these days?

Have a great week.

Ms Matheson and Mrs Muir


Primary 2 Update 6 March

Well done to everyone who has brought in their animal model homework. The children have made models of ‘cold country’ animals including penguins, polar bears and seals. They are all fantastic and the children have enjoyed sharing the interesting facts they found out with the rest of the class. If your child has not brought their homework into school yet, please could they do so as soon as possible.

Last week, as part of world book day, we had a shared reading session with primary 4. Both primary 2 and primary 4 remarked on how enjoyable this was. We hope to do more linked activities with primary 4 at a later stage.

The children have all been given details of a class talk they will be giving in two weeks time. The talk will be about an animal, either a pet or a favourite animal. The talk should last about one minute and the children will be asked questions by their peers at the end. The children could write their talk down if they will find it easier. The children should practise their talk at home so they know what they are going to say. Your help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Please ensure indoor gym kit is brought to school on Wednesday and outdoor kit on Thursday.


Have a great week.

Ms Matheson and Mrs Muir

Primary 2 update 27 February

Primary 2 had a very busy week last week and our visitors were really impressed by the hard work and good behaviour.

In maths we were using grid references to position items from cold counrtries. We also made posters with a partner to teach primary 1 about 2D shapes. In writing we all wrote imaginative stories about a snow monster. They were fantastic stories with describing words in them. In art we made cold collage pictures in the style of French artist Matisse. The children worked very hard to cut all the squares the correct size to make the pattern.

On Thursday it is World Book Day. It would be great if the children could bring in their favourite book to share with the class. We will also be doing shared reading with primary 4.

Have a great week.

Ms Matheson and Mrs Muir

Primary 2 week beginning 6 February

On Friday last week we all had a wonderful surprise when some fire-fighters arrived in Primary 2. First the fire-fighters showed us their uniform, including their helmets and breathing apparatus. Then they were able to answer all our questions about what it is like to be a fire-fighter. Finally, and best of all, we all went outside to see a real fire-engine. We were all surprised by the number of hoses a fire-engine has and how big their special scissors are. We were even allowed to climb into the fire-engine. It really was a lot of fun.

Our work on hot and cold countries is going well. We have learned that Barney Bear is going to a very cold place, Norway. We spoke about the kind of clothes you would need in a very cold place and even designed our own suitcases. Barney Bear will be writing to us to tell us about his trip.

Parent’s Evening is on Tuesday 7 February at 5.00 pm and on Wednesday 8 February at 4.00 pm. We look forward to seeing you then.

As I am sure you remember, this coming weekend is a long holiday weekend. The children will not be at school on Friday 10 February,  Monday 13 February or Tuesday 14 February.

Have a fantastic long weekend.

Ms Matheson and Mrs Muir

P2 Week beginning 9 January

We hope Santa was good to you and you all had a great holiday.

This week the children will be learning a little about Scotland. We will be making and drawing Loch Ness monsters and learning a poem about Nessie. We will also be designing and making our own tartan. Finally, the children will be choosing a poem to learn as part of our Burns celebrations. The poems will be coming home for homework on Tuesday and it would be great if you could help your child to learn it. The poems should be learned by Thursday 19 January.

Indoor gym for both classes is now on a Wednesday, before playtime. It would help us (and the children would get longer taking part in gym activities) if children could come to school on Wednesday with their indoor gym kit on. Outdoor gym continues to be on Thursday, weather permitting.

Ms Matheson’s class will be performing their class assembly on Monday 23 January. Words to learn will be coming home soon and, again, your help in learning the script would be appreciated. Mrs Muir’s class will be doing an assembly in February.


Have a great week.

Ms Matheson and Mrs Muir


Week beginning 20 June

Primary 2 all had great fun at North Berwick beach and last week we all wrote fantastic personal stories about our time there.

Both classes made bird houses from junk as part of our ‘Garden Centre’ topic. It was quite tricky cutting the hole for the entrance but luckily we had 2 primary 7 helpers.

We have another busy week ahead. On Monday the children will be meeting their new teachers. I am sure they will all be excited about this. On Friday the Open Day will take place. Your child will show the work in their Learning Journal and then parents will get the opportunity to see the new technology equipment. We look forward to seeing you then.

Ms Matheson and Mrs Oliver


Week beginning 6 June

Primary 2 are busy with our Garden Centre topic. The role play cafe and shop have been very busy! Both classes have made fantastic plant collages and owl paintings. Last week we all planted a seed. We chose if we wanted to plant a bean, a sunflower or a nasturtium. The first plants have begun to grow already. Tomorrow in writing we are going to write instructions about how to plant a seed.

The beach trip is on Wednesday. Hopefully the good weather will continue until then. Please remember to put suntan cream on your child before they come to school, as teachers and support assistants are not allowed to put it on.

Outdoor gym continues to be on Tuesday and indoor gym on Thursday. Please remind your child to bring appropriate clothing.

Both classes hope  to make junk models. P2M are going to make model bird boxes. Please send your child in with any boxes or cartons that might be useful.

Have a great week.

Ms Matheson and Mrs Oliver

Primary 2 Week beginning 16 May

Primary 2  have begun the Garden Centre topic. We made some fantastic paper flowers, flower pots and flags for the garden centre and on Friday our role-play garden centre was opened. We will be able to have lots of fun buying plants and tools. There is even a cafe where we will be able to buy snacks!

Weather permitting it will be sports day on Thursday. Primary 2 sports will start at 1.30 pm. We look forward to seeing you there. Children should try to wear house colours. The colours are:

Sutherland- yellow

Waverley- red

Deer Park- blue

Raeburn -green

Both classes are doing class talks about their favourite animal.  The date the talk is to be completed is written in the homework diary. We look forward to hearing them all.

Have a great week.

Ms Matheson and Mrs Oliver