Nursery Snow Day ⛄️

Good morning,

Please see below for some tasks that you may wish to complete during the snow day. Please upload any photos to your child’s learning journal and we will use the iPads to discuss their activities during group time.

1. We have been exploring castles in Nursery. Can you make your own Castle using snow? It could include a moat!

2. Make a snowman family – compare sizes using the words ‘smallest’, ‘largest’, ‘tallest’ and ‘shortest’.

3. Using a ruler or measuring tape measure how deep the snow is in your garden/outdoors.

4. Draw a detailed picture of what you can see from your window. Encourage children to add detail to these drawings.

5. Go sledging, allowing your child to pull the sledge (even when empty) is a good way of developing their strength and coordination.

6. Make footprints in the snow and compare the different sizes.

7. Share your child’s online learning journal with them and discuss what they were doing in each picture/video.

8. Enjoy one of your child’s big bedtime read books and make a note letting us know their thoughts (we will share these with their P5 reading buddies)

9. Go a walk together and discuss what you see (birds – how many? Icicles, footprints, animal footprints)

10.  Encourage your child to write their name in the snow.

11. Make some bird food. A simple recipe can be found at:

12. Investigate the melting snow. How long does it take to melt? What makes it melt faster?

13. Have fun! We look forward to sharing your photos with you all on our return to Nursery.

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