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National Poetry Day

For National Poetry Day P6 studied the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. We planned it out on Tuesday and wrote it on Thursday. Linda Ketchion won Star of the Week for her amazing writing.

We interviewed some pupils:

“I was interested and excited about The Highwayman,” Rachel McPhillips.

“I was overwhelmed by how sad the poem was,” Lachlan Drennan.

Post written by bloggers Mackenzie Kerr and Lucy Chambers .

P7 Snow day activities

Hi P7,

Hope you are all enjoying your snow day. Please find below some learning activities that you could do while school is closed:

  • Rehearse your lines and songs for the school show!
  • Work on your Science Projects
  • Find our more about the Scottish Parliament:
  • Log into SumDog and complete some of the activities, competitions and assessments set:
  • Complete a few World Book Day activities:
  • Complete some of our Winter Ready activities (as detailed on previous blog posts)

Hope you manage to enjoy some time in the snow. Remember to wrap up warm and to stay safe.

Mrs.Herman and Mrs. Fraser

German Day at JYHS

P7A and P7B made fantastic first impressions at their first transition event at James Young High School on Wednesday. In their teams the pupils had to complete 19 German activities in 60 minutes. Here is some pupil feedback of the day:

“It was fun learning how to speak German.” Sophie.

“I learnt how to say ‘guten Morgen’ which means ‘good morning’ in German.” Dylan.

“ I enjoyed the food tasting activity because it was decent German food.” Abi S.

“ I liked the blind car game. You had to say German words for directions to get to the finish line.” Abbie M.

“I enjoyed the photo booth activity because it was fun to dress up in the costume. I liked walking around and looking at different parts of the school.” Katie

“It was good to see the school so when we move up we know where to go and it was good to work with the S1 pupils because they already know the school.” Chloe B.

“ It was fun trying to find different parts of the school.” Gabriel


Well done to Joshua Davidson and Katie Ford who were both in the winning team that completed the most activities in the time set.

Roald Dahl Week

P7A enjoyed creating their own chocolates and sweets for Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory.


“It was really fun when we were making our own sweets and writing about them.” Jade

“I really enjoyed drawing and writing about our sweets.” Abi S

“I loved making our own sweets to put into Wonka’s factory.” Emma S.

Scottish Maths Week in P7

P7A have enjoyed completing a variety of activities and challenges during Scottish Maths Week.

“I really enjoyed it when we had to make marshmallow cubes.” Findlay

“I enjoyed making the tessellations because you had to be precise.” Ben

“I really enjoyed doing the Sumdog competition.” Cammy

“I found it very interesting when we got to create our own Pascal triangles.” Xander

Christmas Writing

In class we are writing a Christmas story for the nursery children .The story is about an unexpected visitor who tries to ruin Christmas. It is split into different sections. We had to also make a door and our character which we made out of different materials. Although this story is challenging to write it is lots fun.

By Bloggers Ben Torres and Abbie Black.


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Learning German in P5/6 & P6


This week P5/6 and P6 started learning German together.

We discussed why German might be an important language to learn.

“It’s important to learn German as you may have a German friend in the furture.” Gabriel Kaubrys.

“If you get a job and someone speaks German then you can translate for them.” Alfie Brown.

“If you decide to visit Germany then you might want to try and speak the language.” Niomi Kelly

Most of us found it quite tricky but enjoyed learning a new language.

“I found it ok but some of the words were quite hard.”  Andrew Hunter.

“I found it tricky because I am not used to it.”  Johnathan Noer.

“I found easier because my dad learnt German when he was little so I sometimes hear some of the words.” Ceana Gray.

“I enjoyed learning German.” Abbie Black.

“It enjoyed it. It was lots of fun.” Katie Ford.