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Sharing our learning with future Primary teachers!

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On Thursday 17th March 6 of us Primary 7’s and some of the pupils from  p4  and p2 had an exciting opportunity to go to Glasgow University to share our well known I can make a difference topic infront of 150 student teachers . P2 talked about their global goal  – clean water and sanitation , p4 talked about their energy savers campaign and we as p7 talked about our hunger project. Orla , Lauren , Kerry , Nicole , Liam and Connor all shared speeches . The student teachers asked us about our campaigns and what qualities would make a good teacher . We told them about where our campaign has took us and the impact this topic has had on us. It was really exciting to stand in front of all those people who will one day be primary teachers!

Our trip to Parliament!

On Wednesday the 13th of January we went to Scottish Parliament to deliver our presentation on hunger locally and globally. Gil Paterson (MSP) and Margaret McDougall (MSP) came to see us doing our presentation. Connor, Lucas and Kevin, Lauren and Orla, Rachel and Nicole delivered their speeches, they were all really good.  Once the  presentation was over we went to the debate chamber. We also got to do a quiz which we had to find the answers to in the public area. When we listened to the debate we realised that they were discussing the same issues we have been learning about (poverty and hunger and the rise of food banks) One of the MSPs mentioned the same statistic that Connor had in his speech! It made it seem even more important because the politicians that are in charge of the country were talking about the problem and we had just said our speeches on the same problem.

Here are some of the tweets about our presentation:

‘Fab presentation by @StEunan P7s re hunger & Scottish Foodbanks’

‘Delighted @StEunan had opportunity to showcase their amazing contribution.’

‘What a fantastic presentation on ‘The Right to Food’ by the children of @StEunan Scottish Parliament Teachers Mums and Dads bound to be proud

Kiera and Jaya

Gil and class at Parliament
With our local MSP, Gil Paterson
Kevin and Lucas Parliament speeech
Kevin and Lucas delivered their speech clearly and confidently
Pr 7
At Strathclyde University with Jordan Linden, leader of the Scottish Youth Parliament


Girls Parliament speech
Passionate and powerful speech from Orla, Nicole and Rachel
Lauren's Parliament speech
#ConfidentIndividual Lauren delivers her inspiring speech
Connor delivered his No Hunger speech clearly and with passion #activecitizen

Strathclyde University Presentation!

We are really looking forward to our trip to Strathclyde University next Wednesday. We are going to present our work on Global Goal 2 – No Hunger and deliver 3 of our speeches. We voted for Lewis Byrne, Lauren, and Nicole and Kerry’s (joint speech) to be the ones that are delivered. Today Lewis, Lauren, Nicole and Kerry delivered them to Mrs Broom and the office staff. They were very impressed!

We will update you on how we got on next week!


Speech delivery lesson with our Iceland Visitors

speechesspeeches 3speeches 2

Last week we had visitors from Iceland who came to see what we are learning about in our school in Health and Wellbeing and Rights Respecting. We had a lesson about how to deliver speeches. We looked at videos of Malala Yousafzai’s speech to the UN and Barack Obama’s ‘Yes we Can’ speech. We identified Pace, Tone, Volume, Emphasis and Emotion as being the key elements of a powerfully delivered speech. We are now practising our own speeches so we can deliver them in front of different audiences.

Powerful Speech Writing

P7 have been writing speeches with S.P.T.A (St.Peter The Apostle) s1’s and s6’s 10 from each year and we have been learning how to deliver them. We are going to  be presenting them at Strathclyde university and The Scottish Parliament. We watched at Barrack Obama’s and Malala Yusafzai’s speech and we looked at how they delivered it and got inspiration. We have also been learning how to speak with pace, tone, emphasis, volume and emotion/feeling.

This is an extract from one of our speeches:

Did you know 118,000 people visited food banks in 2014 in Scotland?Also did you know the U.K is the 8th richest country in the world?

This is a blight to our country. Why should 118,000 people visit a Food bank if the U.K is the 8th richest country in the world? Did you also know 22% of children in Scotland are living below the breadline?

There are 40,000 millionaires and 7 billionaires in Scotland. Is it right that in our country we have a few with so much and many with so little? Is it right that a quarter of children are living in poverty? Is it right nearly half of the adults in Scotland are in poverty and are working? Hunger is a mean bully that won’t go away. THIS SHOULD BE STOPPED!

Inspirational talk from Amal Azzudin and Pinar Aksu #wewelcomerefugees

This morning p7, p6 and p5 had an emotional and inspiring talk about the refugee crisis from Amal Azzudin and Pinar Aksu. Both were refugees themselves.

As you might know Amal is one of the strong and passionate young Glasgow Girls and Pinar is a Human Rights Campaigner. They are just back from a trip to Greece to help the refugees who are arriving in small boats from Turkey.  They raised £6000 to buy blankets, they said it was not a big difference but right now any help is needed. The main reason they went over was not to give them money but to find out for themselves what the situation was so they could raise awareness here in Scotland.

We asked them lots of questions, here are some of them:

Do you think the UN is doing enough to help the refugees?

How did you feel when you had to leave your own country?

What can we do to help?

Do you think the government are doing enough to help?

Had you ever heard of Glasgow before you arrived here as a refugee?

What did you take with you when you left your own countries?

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By Orla and Jaya



Powerful speeches with the S1 and S6’s SPTA

On Thursday 22nd of October we partnered with the S1’s and S6’s to write powerful speeches about Global Goal no.2 No Hunger. We read Martin Luther King and Malala  Yusafzai’s speeches to inspire us to create our own speeches. We were using rhetorical devices such as Rhetorical Questions , Repetition/Triads , Metaphors , Emotive Language , Direct Address and Evidence. The speeches are part of our Topic ‘I can make a difference’. We also learned about hunger and poverty in our local area.

A S6 helping Nicole and Kerry and Kiera
An S6 helping Nicole and Kerry and Kiera
A S6 helping Lucas, Lewis and Rachel with their speeches.
An S6 helping Lucas, Lewis and Rachel with their speeches.

By Izac and Lucas