Strathclyde University Presentation!

We are really looking forward to our trip to Strathclyde University next Wednesday. We are going to present our work on Global Goal 2 – No Hunger and deliver 3 of our speeches. We voted for Lewis Byrne, Lauren, and Nicole and Kerry’s (joint speech) to be the ones that are delivered. Today Lewis, Lauren, Nicole and Kerry delivered them to Mrs Broom and the office staff. They were very impressed!

We will update you on how we got on next week!


4 thoughts on “Strathclyde University Presentation!”

  1. Fantastic presentation from P7. I was really impressed by your knowledge and by your passion. Good luck at the Scottish Parliament….I have a feeling many of you will be working there in a few years.
    Thank you so much for coming along to the university and sharing your work with us.

  2. Hello Boys and Girls,

    I wanted to send you all a short message on your FAN-TASTIC Glow Blog on your Learning Journey throughout the Investigations and the process you’ve been taking part in.

    You were all absolutely incredible at today’s visit to Strathclyde University. I was blown away by how talented each of you were and our Speakers who delivered Speeches were incredible!

    You should all be so very proud of yourselves. I have taken lots of notes on the special work you are doing and I will continue to be supportive of your message.

    Remember what I said? “Young People are often a beacon of hope, the lighthouse in the storm, in a world filled with Darkness”.

    Continue being that beacon, having your voices heard and making a difference!

    All the very best,


    Jordan Linden MSYP
    Chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament

  3. Dear Primary 7,

    I saw your presentation at the University of Strathclyde yesterday and I was really, really impressed. You were all very confident and worked very well as a team. You delivered your presentation with real passion and conviction. As well as learning a lot, it made me think.

    I am sure that the MSPs will be impressed and challenged when you go to the Scottish Parliament.

  4. Great idea to promote awareness of the serious issues facing many people in our country and around the world.

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