Inspirational talk from Amal Azzudin and Pinar Aksu #wewelcomerefugees

This morning p7, p6 and p5 had an emotional and inspiring talk about the refugee crisis from Amal Azzudin and Pinar Aksu. Both were refugees themselves.

As you might know Amal is one of the strong and passionate young Glasgow Girls and Pinar is a Human Rights Campaigner. They are just back from a trip to Greece to help the refugees who are arriving in small boats from Turkey.  They raised £6000 to buy blankets, they said it was not a big difference but right now any help is needed. The main reason they went over was not to give them money but to find out for themselves what the situation was so they could raise awareness here in Scotland.

We asked them lots of questions, here are some of them:

Do you think the UN is doing enough to help the refugees?

How did you feel when you had to leave your own country?

What can we do to help?

Do you think the government are doing enough to help?

Had you ever heard of Glasgow before you arrived here as a refugee?

What did you take with you when you left your own countries?

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By Orla and Jaya



Powerful speeches with the S1 and S6’s SPTA

On Thursday 22nd of October we partnered with the S1’s and S6’s to write powerful speeches about Global Goal no.2 No Hunger. We read Martin Luther King and Malala  Yusafzai’s speeches to inspire us to create our own speeches. We were using rhetorical devices such as Rhetorical Questions , Repetition/Triads , Metaphors , Emotive Language , Direct Address and Evidence. The speeches are part of our Topic ‘I can make a difference’. We also learned about hunger and poverty in our local area.

A S6 helping Nicole and Kerry and Kiera
An S6 helping Nicole and Kerry and Kiera
A S6 helping Lucas, Lewis and Rachel with their speeches.
An S6 helping Lucas, Lewis and Rachel with their speeches.

By Izac and Lucas


filling bags

We have been learning about the reasons why more and more people in the UK are using food banks. We found out that high food prices, low wages and the new benefit cuts and sanctions are the main reasons. Before the October week we visited West Dunbartonshire Community Food Share, we found out that over 200 bags of food are given to people in the local area every week! Our teacher asked us if we were surprised at the high number, most of us were shocked. Every week, 6 of primary 7a and primary 7b will visit the distribution centre in Dumbarton to help sort the food and put it into bags.  We will be helping the local community as well as developing skills for the future.bags made upvarious good various at fb


We are the Super 7’s from St.Eunan’s Primary and we are using this blog to share our learning journey with you . We are learning about food justice and food inequality and we are focussing on no. 2 of the #Global Goals -No Hunger. We’re angry that in the 21st century people globally and even in  our own community, are suffering from hunger. We will be working in partnership with West Dunbartonshire Community Food Share, more to follow on this!

Kerry, Daniel and Connor