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Cardio to Music

On Wednesday morning P5, P6 and P7 children were offered the opportunity to take part in a Cardio to Music exercise class that I ran in school from 8.30 until 9.00. The feedback was very positive and I look forward to seeing how many children will join us this Wednesday. These 2 taster sessions will determine if I shall continue this style of class after the Easter Holidays. Why not try it out?

P6M Improvised Drama

We have been learning the meaning and use of improvised Drama in class. The children are put on the spot in the role of a character in a variety of different scenarios whilst the audience watch the story unfold.

This week, we used our topic, the Titanjc as our stimulus and we watched very harrowing situations as characters boarded lifeboats.


P6M ‘I’m Ghana Share a Book’

P6M and Miss McCabe would like to thank everyone for their generosity donating books to make our World Book Day fundraiser so successful. An immense 1437 books were donated and an even more whopping £490 was raised over the 2 day event.

This event showed the true meaning of world book day as we shared reading and books around the world, all the way over to Ghana.

A massive well done to the boys and girls in P6 for their hard work in putting the entire event together.


Cross Country Results

Congratulations again to all who participated in the races on Tuesday 6th February.

Here are your race times:

P7 Girls                                                                                                                     Time

634  Kara O Neill                                   St Mary’s (RC)                               9.53

633  Sophie Murphy                            St Mary’s (RC)                               10.44

635  Aliyah Rashid                                 St Mary’s (RC)                              11.56



490  David Goodbrand                       St Mary’s (RC)                               6.56

491  Charlie Gray                                  St Mary’s (RC)                               6.57

489  Zak Abernethy                              St Mary’s (RC)                               7.35

661  Ian Fletcher                                    St Mary’s (RC)                               7.55

492  Lewis McLuskey                           St Mary’s (RC)                               8.21

493  Shaun Menzies                             St Mary’s (RC)                               11.31


P6 Girls

295  Bailey Cooper                                 St Mary’s (RC)                               8.16

297  Carmen McKeown                      St Mary’s (RC)                               8.44

296  Lara McIntosh                               St Mary’s (RC)                               9.11

P6 Boys

659  Ruairaidh Docherty                   St Mary’s (RC)                               6.5

145  Connell O Hare                              St Mary’s (RC)                              10.12