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Jigsaw Numbers/French P5K

Primary 5K  were revising jigsaw numbers to 100 and learning how to jigsaw numbers to 1000.

They used plates with digits on to make 2 and 3 digit numbers before finding partners to jigsaw to 100 then 1000. They wrote their working out and answers on whiteboards.

Their practical learning was then reinforced with games on the iPad and the interactive whiteboard.

Finally they completed written work in their jotters and recited their Remember to……. acknowledging what they had learned this week.

Miss Collins worked with the class to develop their spoken French, ending the session with an interactive song and dance.

Electrical Circuits

The class were given the challenge this week to build electrical circuits using a bag full of electrical parts. Each group had to work together to create a series circuit and/or a parallel circuit, introducing switches when appropriate. Every group managed to build a working circuit as a team. They then explained how they did it, the knowledge and understanding behind each type of circuit and finally the skills required for the task.

Science Showcase




Throughout Science Week each class undertook a project based on the theme of ‘Journeys’. St.Mary’s pupils showcased their learning in the school to family and invited guests.


 P1: On Cinderella’s Coach

P1/2 & P2: Through the Rainforest

P3: From the River Nile to the Field

P3/4: Under the Ocean

P4: Over the Ocean

P4/5: Fighting as a Jacobite

P5 & P5/6: Safely over the Sea

P6: Travelling by Train

P6/7 & P7: Round the Racetrack




We know everyone  enjoyed sharing in our learning experience today. We loved Science Week and our Showcase.

Mrs. Kellas would like to take this opportunity to thank Alistair Grant, a Science lecturer at Edinburgh University for his continued support. His guidance and practical skills have enabled numerous school projects to be undertaken over the past 3 years.

Finally I would like to thank all the staff and the children for their enthusiasm and commitment throughout Science Week. It was a pleasure to see pupils and family members engaged in educational discussion and having fun.


Fair-trade Fortnight

Thank you for supporting our 90kg Rice Challenge. To date we have sold 60kg of the rice we purchased to support Fair-trade. The rice will be sold until the end of term so please continue to place an order stating which type of rice you prefer.

On Tuesday the children from the Fair-trade Group put on a wonderful assembly to promote and educate the children in the school on how chocolate gets from the bean to the customer. This highlighted the people involved in the supply chain and why we should pay a fair price for our goods. The audience were then rewarded with a sample of Divine Chocolate that was kindly donated to the school.

I would also like to say thank you to Tate and Lyle who donated some bags of Fair-trade sugar and caster sugar which we have used to bake and in general throughout the school.

A Victorian Experience

Yesterday P6 visited Scotland Street Museum in Glasgow to experience what school was like in the year 1884.

They played with Victorian toys.



They put on a Victorian uniform.


They sat in a Victorian classroom and were taught by a teacher who explained how they would be disciplined if they dared to misbehave.



They wrote on slate with chalk and on paper with ink.

The class were able to share what they had learned from this experience in their writing this morning. They were also able to tell me they appreciate our school more and the style of teaching we now have today.

Word Aware Activities

The class have enjoyed putting their Word Aware activities to good use this week.

They made ‘fortune tellers’ and chose words that were relevant to Islam, Science and Technology or the Aztecs to do the associated tasks.

They wrote descriptive lists for characters from a book or a film and played Guess Who. The better the description the easier the characters could be identified. Miss Lambert, our student from Forth Valley College, was excellent at guessing the cartoon characters from the television as she has two younger siblings so knew all the names.

There was lots of fun involved as the children developed their knowledge and understanding of words and their descriptive literacy skills.