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Literacy/Computing Science

This week the class were learning how to play games such as Countdown and Scrabble as part of our Literacy carousel.

Mr. Grant met the class for the first time. He will be working with myself and P5K to develop our computer programming skills. This began this week with a discussion on computers and programming and ended with them trying to identify the steps on how to make a cup of tea.

Programming starts without a computer!

Jigsaw Numbers/French P5K

Primary 5K  were revising jigsaw numbers to 100 and learning how to jigsaw numbers to 1000.

They used plates with digits on to make 2 and 3 digit numbers before finding partners to jigsaw to 100 then 1000. They wrote their working out and answers on whiteboards.

Their practical learning was then reinforced with games on the iPad and the interactive whiteboard.

Finally they completed written work in their jotters and recited their Remember to……. acknowledging what they had learned this week.

Miss Collins worked with the class to develop their spoken French, ending the session with an interactive song and dance.

First Week in P5K

Primary 5 have enjoyed being back at school this week.

We had our first big discussion on our new topic, Malawi. The children made a mind map, in their groups, of what they knew about this country before forming big questions.

During our Numeracy sessions this morning the groups completed sessions including CLIC , Beat That and interactive math games. The children were ale to discuss the strategies they used to solve the CLIC problems, identify challenging questions in the Beat That and explain why they chose their math game and the skills they were developing.

Primary 6 Graduates

Primary 6 had an enjoyable last few days in school as they participated in another outdoor learning opportunity with Primary 1 and attended the end of year Mass at Our Lady and St.Ninian with Fr. Kevin.

To recognise their achievements all the class of P6 were presented with a certificate and  enjoyed an outdoor picnic in the quadrangle.

All the best for Primary 7 boys and girls!

Measuring a Tree

Primary 6 continued their outdoor learning by finding out how to measure the height of a tree and the circumference of the trunk.

They watched a video clip on the procedure, that I had made with the assistance of Miss Collins, we discussed the resources and skills required then we made our way outside.

It was interesting to see which role each child in the group undertook. The most flexible pupil as discussed in class used the upside down method, the most observant used the metre stick, someone with patience and focus used the trundle wheel, 2 pupils worked together to put the string  around the trunk and as a team they recorded their measurements.


Sports Day: Thank You

Thank you to all the staff, pupils and parents for making St. Mary’s Sports Day a success. The weather was even kind to us on the day!

I would also like to say a big thank you to the St. Modan’s Sports Leaders for their support at each of the activities and the work experience students who distributed the stickers at the end of the competitive races.

Literacy Skills

This week the class have been continuing to develop their Literacy skills.

Working in groups we:

  • looked at persuasive language to aid our writing of an advert for our chosen places of pilgrimage
  • discussed inferential reading skills, using pictures, statements and paragraphs
  • summarised chapters from our current reading books

We shall complete our adverts on i-Pads using Book Creator.

STEM Presentation to Headteachers

This morning 5 pupils from P6 and P7 accompanied Mrs. Kellas and Mrs. Gourdie to the Albert Hall in Stirling.

Farah and Keira presented a talk on our recent Science Showcase and their winning train project. Ava and Hugh reflected on the role of being a Digital Leader in the school and how Digital Technology is being used. James concluded with an overview of the Coding Club he attended after school and how the group completed the Lego into Orbit Challenge.

The children were a credit to the school and impressed the 60 Headteachers that were their audience! Well done.