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More Sclingoshorts Fun

This week in P7H, the pupils continued their work on their French animation and website. They have a busy few weeks ahead and have been working extremely hard to ensure that everything is completed on time.

On Friday afternoon, the pupils began recording videos for the website using a green screen which enabled them to input the backgrounds they had chosen. They also continued their work on the animation using a wide range of digital resources.  As well as this, some pupils continued their work on sound effects, recording and gathering information on the subject they have chosen for the website. It was all very exciting



The pupils in P7H have been very busy working on their French animation over the last few weeks. The pupils have enjoyed a wide range of learning experiences.

They have developed their literacy skills and understanding of the French language when working with Ronan to write the script for their animation.

They have developed their ICT skills when working with Rory to create sound effects and digital images.

They have also developed their art and design skills by working to create both 2D and 3D characters for their animation. They also worked to create bold prints after carrying out research to ensure that their designs were culturally accurate.

The pupils are very excited to continue with this excellent project over the coming weeks.


Over the next 10 weeks P7H will be taking part in a very exciting project called SCLINGOSHORTS. This project will help the pupils to develop their understanding of French language and culture in a very interesting and unique way. The pupils will work on creating their own French animation and also designing a pupils friendly website which will help other pupils with their language learning.

On Friday, the pupils were joined by Rory, Miriam and Naomi for their first session. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed this session where they worked on sound and recording with Rory, animation with Miriam and experienced story telling with Naomi. The pupils also worked to evaluate an existing language website to help them to generate ideas for their own webpage.

They are already very excited for the next session.


The pupils in P7H are thoroughly enjoying their new topic on WW2. We have already learned about The Road to War and Evacuation. We have been using the i-pads to carry out research and  have worked in groups to use what we have learned to create informative displays around the school.




The class also experienced their first Air Raid this afternoon


Back to school.

The pupils in P7H are already hard at work and relishing the responsibilities that come with being  senior pupils.

Here they are taking part in a music lesson with our music specialist, Miss White. The pupils were challenged to create music using simple objects they were able to find around the classroom. Some groups were very creative and made some fantastic sounds.

The P7 pupils at St Mary’s have worked closely with Dr Higgins to raise funds for the Let Us Shine school in Ghana. The funds were used to buy much needed resources for the school, such as mattresses, benches, mosquito nets, pin boards where the girls can display their work and food bowls for the dining room.

For the past few years, St Mary’s have sponsored a girl named Clara to enable her to go to school. This year, St Patrick’s, St Margaret’s and Our Lady’s schools have also sponsored children. You can see all of the girls the schools have sponsored below.