VIE- Very Important Eggs

P5/6A and P5 have been busy designing a safe method of transport for a very important egg whose mission would be to fly over and active volcano.

Their mode of transport will be tested by Mr Brown or Mrs Abraham dropping Eggy in his carriage from the  top of a ladder.

Each design will be scored on safety, design, VIP decoration and comfort.

Starting to create our designs below.

Stay tuned for the results to follow later….will Eggy be able to complete his mission….

P6 Active Learning

Another busy week in P6.

Outdoor learning continued with a joint nature walk with P1 to explore the plants and flowers in Bluebell Wood .

Learning angles and how to use a protractor aided our measuring of the speed of wind using our home made anemometers.

At the end of the week a circuit ensured the class became more confident in speaking and writing in French.


Working Together in P2

Primary 2 R/D and the P2 children from P1/2 joined together to work on Venn diagrams. They looked at where they thought some fruit and vegetables came from and wondered if some of our imported food could be grown here in the UK.                                          Next week they will use their home learning to support their ideas.                                                                             .









Maths: Transferable Skills

Mrs. Collington has been teaching the class coordinates, in particular 4 point grid references, to both plot and describe the location of a point on a grid.

Using a map of the world the class identified grid references for different countries, played grid reference games on the i-Pads, identified letters on given grid references to spell a message and at the whiteboard identified a grid reference for a symbol or placed a symbol on a given grid reference. Some children even managed to look at 6 point grid references.

The class are working hard on their mapping skills in preparation for their forthcoming walk up Dumyat and to aid us as we venture out in our local area and explore the ‘great outdoors’.