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Pedagoo Stirling

On Friday we held our first ever Pedagoo Stirling event. We were kindly hosted by the lovely Allan’s Primary School.

The event started with refreshments and a “getting to know you” activity involving chucking a ball of wool around the room.

Getting to know each other with a game of Connect.

The main part of the event consisted of 4 different sessions, each involving a choice of learning conversation. These were really informal and generated some excellent discussion on themes such as growth mindset and Teach Like a Champion.  There were three workshops on a digital theme. Alan Hamilton led a discussion on how Stirling High School is creating a digital culture. John McMahon spoke about the impact of Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP) on behaviour in his class. And finally Mary Jalland told us about how she had been using Twitter and Skype with her class.

Enjoying a great discussion about growth mindset.


We finished up with a “snowball” activity to share some of the new ideas we had discovered.

Somehow I don’t think you’ve heard the last of Pedagoo Stirling!

Thanks very much to Mrs Lochore and Mrs Pert for organising,  Allan’s Primary School for hosting us, and all the people who led and took part in learning conversations!