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Collecting work using Google Classroom

So you’ve set up a Google classroom (see this post for a link to a handy video showing you how to do that). How do you go about setting work for pupils and collecting it in?

The second video in the series by Google classroom guru Dean Stokes explains all sorts of things you can do with Classroom. This includes Read & Write, a Chrome extension that is free for teachers and which can be bought as a subscription for pupils.

Introducing G-Suite

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed two new Glow tiles appearing on your school’s Launchpad recently.






These allow all staff and pupils in Stirling primary and secondary schools access to Google’s suite of educational apps. If you click on one of these tiles, or alternatively go to the regular Google Drive page,  you can log in using your normal Glow username, but with @stirlingschools.net on the end.

For example:


…using your regular Glow password. If you sign on through Glow, you will only need to do this once, and your Google login will then be linked to your Glow account.

More information and training about these tools will follow, but for a taster have a look at Google’s own information about Classroom and G-Suite for Education.


Glow 101: The App Library

There are hundreds of apps available on Glow, some of which are simple links, while others allow you to access services that are only available through Glow. Still others allow you to link your logins, so once you are logged into Glow you no longer need to log in to services such as Scholar or Google Classroom separately.

If you click on “Add” (at the end of your Launchpad – see Glow 101: The Launchpad) and then select “App from Library” you should see something like this:


You can search or browse the apps available, and add them to your Launchpad so you have quick access to them every time you log into Glow.

If you want to add a link that is not already available on Glow, you can instead select “Personal Tile” and create your own.

Need more help? Tweet us at @stirdigilearn or email stirlingdigital@glow.sch.uk.

Glow 101: The Launchpad

When you log into Glow, you see a Launchpad with various Tiles. These Tiles act as links to other sites, or applications within Glow (such as your Outlook email).

The four icons on the left-hand side link to your own personal Launchpad, as well as those of your school, Stirling Council, and Scotland as a whole. Click on these to toggle between the different Launchpads.

Did you know? You can personalise your own launchpad by adding tiles, moving them around and even creating new tiles if you want to link to a site you use frequently.

For more information on customising your launchpad, see this introductory page on Glow Connect.

Need more help? Tweet us at @stirdigilearn or email stirlingdigital@glow.sch.uk.