Digital Learning and Data Protection

Digital tools for learning and teaching

In Stirling Council schools and nurseries, we use a variety of digital tools for learning and teaching, to share information about the life of the school, communicate with parents and carers, and to celebrate success. Use of many of these tools requires sharing some personal data about children with the providers of the services. This may include, for example, children’s names, classes, and Glow or email addresses. For some services, we will need consent of parents and carers to share this personal data.

Core digital services

Across Stirling Council, we use Glow and Google’s G Suite for Education for learning and teaching. Data is shared with these services under the legal basis of public task – use of these services is deemed essential for learning and teaching, and we have legal agreements in place with both Education Scotland and Google to ensure that personal data is kept safe (see our Privacy Notices below for our use of these services).

Privacy notice for Glow

Privacy notice for G-suite

Privacy policies for services within Glow:

Glow’s own Privacy Policy

Glow has a number of National Apps, information about which can be found here. Their privacy policies are listed below.

Books for All

Languages on Screen

Screening Shorts

SCEL framework (staff only)


RM Blogs

RM People Directory

RM Community

Likewise, Seemis is used to securely manage children and young people’s personal data, including sensitive category data (such as information about their health). This data sharing is also done under the legal basis of public task, and appropriate agreements are in place to ensure the data is securely managed.

Other digital services

For other processes involving digital tools, schools may use the legal basis of either Public Task or Consent for data sharing, depending on how much data is shared and the purposes for which this takes place. Where  necessary, they will seek consent of parents/carers and the young people themselves when they are aged 12 and over.



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