360 Degree Safe Scotland

If your school is looking at E-Safety, the 360 Degree Tool might be useful as part of your self-evaluation. It was launched in 2013 and is due to be updated in the coming months to reflect recent legislative and policy developments.

The website www.360safeScotland.org.uk provides a user friendly and interactive means for schools to build on existing e-safety and anti-bullying policies.

The 360 degree safe self review tool is free to use and is intended to help schools review their e-safety policy and practice. It provides:

  • Information that can influence the production or review of e-safety policies and develop good practice.
  • A process for identifying strengths and weaknesses.
  • Opportunities for commitment and involvement from the whole school.
  • A continuum for schools to discuss how they might move from a basic level provision for e-safety to practice that is aspirational and innovative.

Benefit for schools using 360 degree safe:

  • Encourages collaborative online use within  schools.
  • Receive immediate feedback and suggested actions to help progression.
  • Log sources of evidence, comments and action points.
  • Easily compile and print a wide range of reports.
  • Compare and benchmark responses with other users of the online tool.

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